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EarthCalm Scalar Home Protection System Symptoms such as chronic headaches, asthma attacks, arthritic pain, high blood pressure and old injuries have improved due to the effectiveness of the EarthCalm Scalar Home Protection System to protect the nervous system from the effects of home electricity and microwave radiation. Well, I just got through cleaning the condo from stem to sternif THAT isnt an endorsement of the effectiveness of the Home Protection System, I dont know what is! Well, l after watching the awesome documentary on Youtube called, Resonance, Beings of frequency, we decided to rid our home of much EMR as we could, especially while sleeping. We plugged in the first module and when no one in our home experienced any of the cleansing symptoms that they said could occur we plugged in the other. I’m sold on the system but my one big disappointment was the packaging (too big of a box) and no instructions on what the third module is for if even for anything. Went surfing Amazon for EMF solutions and didn’t want to pop down all the money for this, but with the return policy I gave it a shot out of total desperation. Second night, I thought I’d try another plug just to see what it would do, and immediately remove it if i felt anything adverse. Click here for info and ordering of the EarthCalm Home EMF Protection System pictured here. Dona€™t wait till your immune system has been seriously compromised to add EMF radiation protectiona€”protect yourself today, reduce EMFs in your environment, and help prevent illness down the line! Earthcalm is an emf protection product invented by Jean Gallick and while the science sounds reasonable we did find some concerns about how the products worked to provide emf protection. Under the section of the website “What earthcalm products do” we found this statement that had us wondering is earthcalm the right way to get protection from electromagnetic frequencies?
The next thing that concerned us was that some eathcalm products actually contributed to the problem of excess EMF radiation simply because the products used electricity to be able to function.  This idea seemed counter intuitive to us at best. That being said we have asked earthcalm to provide some of their products for a proper independent review however they were non responsive unless we paid for all of their products, which we noted are very expensive. Other emf protection products that we have reviewed do an excellent job of cleaning up the negative excess EMF’s using natural processes that balance energy naturally while at the same time help your body to remain in balance with the natural earths magnetic field as nature intended. Use on Battery-Operated Devices:Can also be used on cordless phones, power tools, and battery-operated devices.

Q: Do you have studies that show that this protects a person from the cell phone radiation?
EarthCalm products never need recharging and are offered with a 90 day money back guarantee to afford you the time to monitor the effectiveness yourself.
We first got rid of all CFL bulbs and moved our cell phones downstairs for charging during the night and then installed the Earthcalm system.
Not one symptom and we did wondered at first if the system was actually working but after about two weeks I noticed better sleep easier and slept longer. Was expecting a blissful sleep in the new dead quiet wonderful master bedroom the first night – but no. And our new wi-fi router was grilling me alive (along with all the other wifi routers near by). I still had the headache, but i could feel some peripheral calmness that I didn’t feel before and actually slept the night. I called our local utility company BG&E to start what I figured was a years long fruitless fight to get rid of the smart meter. It was assumed previously that… »Big Insurance Company Concerned About EMF RiskIt is repeatedly claimed that electromagnetic pollution from mobile phone systems was not harmful to health. The Child Band is not adjustable.These bands are made from American para-cord and are colorfast. Only for use with EarthCalm Scalar Home Systems purchased January 1, 2012 to May 15, 2013 . Note and jot down your specific symptoms now as well as those of your family, and then compare them after using our Scalar Home Protection System for several weeks. I guess I’m electrically sensitive since I always tense up when the wifi router is on in the house.
A powerful EMF protector that grounds you into the earth’s electromagnetic field-creating a sense of calm and peace throughout your home.
This continued the 2nd, 3rd and 4th night even though I was dead tired from all the missed sleep.

It's amazing how much more grounded I feel, now that I've been using my Quantum Cell on my phone. Reevaluate your symptoms after a few weeks to validate for yourself the effectiveness of our products. I have also found I am physically in better shape and being in touch with friends and family more as now that I feel positively connected to my cell phone, not like its working against me, I am talking with friends and family on long walks. I put in plug #2 last night and felt a bit of energy that seemed like it might make it hard to sleep, so I removed it just in case. Using an iPhone, in both standby and receiving modes, the study showed that when a Quantum Cell was attached to the phone, the radiation no longer inhibited the electrical conductivity of DNA, as it had without the Quantum Cell, indicating a complete and statistically-significant reversal of the harmful effect of the cell phone.
The results also indicated that placing the Quantum Cell on the cell phone, in standby mode, not only brought conductivity values back to control values, but further increased them by nearly 40% above normal. I am experiencing how technology and living in harmony with my body and the earth-energies need not be in conflict. Tully is the founder of the Energy Medicine Research Institute (EMRI), whose primary mission is to assess the efficacy and validity of vibrational medicine technologies through clinical trials. Tully conducted a 2-part study on the effects of the EarthCalm Quantum Cell on Heart Rate Variability and the Biofield."Results of this study indicate that the EarthCalm Quantum Cell produces a less stressed (as measured by HRV) and thus healthier state when using a cell phone. All subjects experienced a full or partial reversal of the negative effects of cell phone EMR. These results are a dramatic demonstration of the ability of Earthcalm Quantum Cell to eliminate the harmful effects of cell phone exposure.

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