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EarthCalm Scalar Home Protection System Symptoms such as chronic headaches, asthma attacks, arthritic pain, high blood pressure and old injuries have improved due to the effectiveness of the EarthCalm Scalar Home Protection System to protect the nervous system from the effects of home electricity and microwave radiation.
Well, I just got through cleaning the condo from stem to sternif THAT isnt an endorsement of the effectiveness of the Home Protection System, I dont know what is!
Well, l after watching the awesome documentary on Youtube called, Resonance, Beings of frequency, we decided to rid our home of much EMR as we could, especially while sleeping. We plugged in the first module and when no one in our home experienced any of the cleansing symptoms that they said could occur we plugged in the other. I’m sold on the system but my one big disappointment was the packaging (too big of a box) and no instructions on what the third module is for if even for anything. Went surfing Amazon for EMF solutions and didn’t want to pop down all the money for this, but with the return policy I gave it a shot out of total desperation. Second night, I thought I’d try another plug just to see what it would do, and immediately remove it if i felt anything adverse. Simply plug it into any outlet in your home and it will protect you in every room equally, regardless of square footage.
If You have a Chronic Illness: Because EMFs weaken the immune system, EMF protection is especially essential for those suffering from chronic illnesses or an immune system disorder. EarthCalm products use revolutionary Living Earth Technology to protect you from EMF exposure. As for my daughter, within just a few weeks, and especially after she started wearing the Scalar Resonator, her grades turned around and she found renewed enthusiasm for her schoolwork.
I recently received the Scalar Resonator Pendant, and I will say, that this is the smoothest, and deepest energy I have felt so far from any of the products. The other products seemed to give a sense of relief, but with no ‘direction’ in that they gave some alleviation of agitation, but then a sense of blankness, and the rest was up to me. Your products, from what I am experiencing so far, have structure, direction, and boundless capacity, since they are based on harmonics, and universal algorithms that are based on the evolution of the earth. I now sleep much sounder, the brain fog is almost gone completely, and zero heaches, no colds, etc. I’ve been test-driving a Scalar Resonator for about two months now, and am quite impressed. I have had no asthma all day, no headache and most of all…it is miraculous…no sinus congestion of any kind.
Many clients have shared that they feel an immediate sense of calmness when they begin to wear the pendant. I am so electro-sensitive that I don’t need a meter of any kind to test your products, because I feel energetic shifts immediately. I have tried many other EMF-related products for personal, home and cell phone protection, including ones that plug into the wall. I am also a Reiki Master and have studied other forms of natural healing, including Healing Touch, nutrition, EFT and TFT. When I put the Quantum Cell on my phone, I found that the radiation is actually transformed into beneficial energy which surrounds me like a cocoon. The Scalar Resonator does what your website says it will do (it’s also much prettier than it looks on the website). I had cataract surgery a year and a half ago and my right eye developed scar tissue over the lens.
I have been suffering from fist sized hives that covered me from my neck to my knees for over a year. I have started to lose weight also which I have not been able to do for years due to stress and gout which was triggered by the uric acid entering the blood stream from the breaking down of fat cells even while taking medicine to handle uric acid. I really wasn’t expecting anything, but much to my surprise, as soon as I plugged just the first plug in, a calm came over me, a sense of gentle well-being, as tension just drained from my body…I had no idea that tension was even in my body. Due to my line of work I was forced for the last 14 months to work on my computer 10 to 12 hours a day. Well Jean, all that instantly stopped 10 to 15 minutes after I plugged in my Home Protection System. Within twelve hours the sensitivity and vertigo I experienced since teenage years literally disappeared and my heart beat is stable. We purchased the Home Protection System a while ago, and I wanted to let you know what I noticed. The hour before receiving and plugging the EarthCalm in, our area had been heavily chemtrailed and I was feeling the effects. As my health went from bad to worse, I started to wonder if the cell phone tower could possibly have anything to do with my symptoms. At 2:30 on a Saturday afternoon, I plugged in my Home Protection System and sat down at the kitchen table to make a grocery list.
I can’t begin to tell you what a relief it was to feel the pain, the depression, the anxiety and nervousness, the mental fog just being drawn downward out of my mind and body. So I literally couldn’t bear to wait for weeks for your system to start working full strength, so we gave each stage a day or so and now 4 days after getting it, it’s already working full force (sorry!). I have suffered from systemic Candida for 30 years and medical doctors have not able to do anything to help me. Presently, in my home I have Scalar Home Protection System engaged at the first two levels. Am doing great with the Resonator – don’t know if I told you that I have Lyme’s disease, so have had a lot of body pain, especially when tired, but must say that I can definitely feel improvement! Before hearing about EarthCalm products, I had been dealing with symptoms of fibromyalgia for many years: exhaustion, weakness, broken sleep, digestive disorders, mind-fog, muscle and joint pain.
I had tried so many things over the years to try to improve my health, and I really didn’t think that protecting myself from EMFs was going to do a whole lot for me.
A couple of days later I notice that my right, ring finger is no longer in pain due to arthritis. I purchased EarthCalm in order to obtain some protection from electromagnetic bombardment and took with a grain of salt some of the possible relief from maladies listed in your brochure.
For the past 20 years, I have had chronic fatigue and heart symptoms (erratic pulse, chest pain).
I felt an immediate sense of well being as soon as I put the Resonator on … some of my patients had relief of a specific joint pain while others noted more energy and less overall pain.
In the near future I hope I can persuade my son with moderate ADHD to purchase EarthCalm room plug and the pendant. I am a nurse practitioner and had to go on disability due to the severity of my symptoms…(now) my life force and creativity are returning and my passion is once again awakening. When I first put on my Scalar Resonator, I noticed a heavy grounded feeling in my feet, and then a slight rush of elation. At approximately the same time that I installed my radar shield at work, I decided to purchase an EarthCalm Resonator Pendant. The EarthCalm pendant was harmonious to my body and did not overload it with too much subtle energy, unlike most devices I had tried before. The protection from the radar in combination with the EarthCalm pendant began a period of rapidly increasing health. You may be wondering why the EarthCalm pendant worked for me and the other devices I tried previously did not help much.
I had been so concerned about using my cell phone, because I have been hearing about the link that scientists are making between brain tumors and cell phones.
I woke up this morning from the best sleep I’ve had in ages filled with gratitude for the earthcalm around my neck! Well, I just got through cleaning the condo from stem to stern….if THAT isn’t an endorsement (and proof) of the efficaciousness of the Home Protection System, I don’t know what is!
My 14 year-old niece wore a Resonator for a week and at first thought she didn’t notice much…she’s a normal ‘healthy’ kid. Given the electromagnetic chaos we live in today…the technology behind this type of product is one of the most important endeavors there could be now and in coming years.
According to your website, all those cell phones, computers, power-lines are really screwing up our natural magnetism and our natural grounding within the electromagnetic field of the earth.

My acupuncturist also commented on how much more quickly I reacted to the treatments than before. Whenever I take my EarthCalm Ankle Bracelet off, it is as if I am removing a part of my body, so you see how much it does have an effect on me. I will never forget the first time I felt the protective and healing relief of the “crown shield” Atlas Band!
EarthCalm products never need recharging and are offered with a 90 day money back guarantee to afford you the time to monitor the effectiveness yourself. We first got rid of all CFL bulbs and moved our cell phones downstairs for charging during the night and then installed the Earthcalm system.
Not one symptom and we did wondered at first if the system was actually working but after about two weeks I noticed better sleep easier and slept longer. Was expecting a blissful sleep in the new dead quiet wonderful master bedroom the first night – but no. And our new wi-fi router was grilling me alive (along with all the other wifi routers near by). I still had the headache, but i could feel some peripheral calmness that I didn’t feel before and actually slept the night.
I called our local utility company BG&E to start what I figured was a years long fruitless fight to get rid of the smart meter. As the constriction of your nervous system releases, you may also become aware of new energy flowing through your body. There’s often a sense of stimulation or tingling that occurs as the injury or tense area receives more blood and nerve energy.
As time goes on, you will likely experience even greater energy and relaxation than ever before. In our home we have the Scalar Home Protection System and my daughter and I wear the Scalar Resonator.
All of her grades were brought up to either and “As” and “Bs” from “Fs” and she made a decision about what to do for her career!
Through biofeedback testing called ‘Autonomic Response Testing’, many of these clients present with various forms of radiation sensitivities that are significantly disturbing their nervous system and in turn their ability to reach their health goals. If I’m in the front yard I can tell when someone in the house hangs up from a cell phone call, so I am an EMF meter myself. So I’ve tried those in addition to acupuncture, orgonite and orgonium products, scalar energy pendants, a zero point energy wand, crystal healing, a BioDisk from a quantum physicist and anything out there I could find. Last night I took the Scalar Resonator off when I went to bed, because I didn’t want to overdo it. It caused me to be practically blind in that eye as far as being able to read was concerned. I just wanted to let you know that, with the addition of your device, my phone not only does not hurt my hand anymore, but it also seems to provide 3 to 4 times the battery life! I can say that the Home Protection Unit did lower my blood pressure and pulse when I got the second plug in. Due to some severe spinal injuries in my youth, whether I am walking, running or sitting, I have a tendency to constantly slump. I am a chiropractor in California and personally have had amazing results using the EarthCalm Scalar Resonator. The pain, anxiety, depression and mental fog had increased so dramatically with the installation of this monster, that it couldn’t be mere coincidence. I wasn’t expecting anything, but literally within minutes, I felt the pain begin to drain out of my body. All I know is that, after all these years of suffering and being afraid of the future and feeling like I was going to die, your products have given me my life back!!!!!! I honestly feel like I used to when I was a little kid, and there was no blanket of harmful EMF fields surrounding everything. The field in our house had become so bad for me (I am electrosensitive, getting steadily worse in the last 5 years to where I can’t do anything involving electricity now, and just sitting there in my house gave me splitting headaches, constant brain-itch, clogged ears, numb parts of my head) that I had taken to curling in a sleeping bag on the lawn to get some sleep. I am very very impressed (I’ve tried every orgone pyramid and tesla pendant, every charged feng shui plate and celestial grid imprint in the country, including all q-link products, (their powered nimbus seemed to further fry my brain) and this is by far the strongest I’ve felt, and a real real relief. The first day my sinuses drained, and the right ear (which is the cell phone ear and is pierced) drained for 12 hours. To a certain extent, I had learned to live with these symptoms through the help of a strict diet, taking many supplements and drugs, and going through numerous health programs. I can now say that I finally feel like I am recovering from fibromyalgia – something I never imagined I could say.
I had not really noticed too much other than my irregular heartbeats seemed to slow way down while wearing it, until I had to take it to the jeweler yesterday to get the chain fixed.
My cardiologist had assured me that nothing was physically wrong with my heart; my doctor had assured me that all my tests were normal.
Lately I’ve been troubled to note that I am hunching over slightly, and it’s been an effort to straighten up. When I talk to people I can honestly say I more or less listen to every word they say which I never used to.
After wearing the Resonator for about 20 minutes, he was noticeably calmer and more focused. I had tried many EMF protection devices before, but most of them were either harmful or did not offer adequate protection from electromagnetic fields.
Without the protection from radar, the gains from the EarthCalm pendant would have been lost and my health would not have improved. The answer seems to be that EarthCalm devices ground the body into the Earth’s electromagnetic field, and the other devices I tried did not do that. I work in the printing industry with all the toxic smells and noisy equipment and sit in front of a computer all day with a headset on all day and listen to satellite radio too. The headaches I still get but NOT with the frequency I was and I don’t take really anything for my headaches. When I received the necklace earlier this year I was very skeptical that it would do anything for me, but it has and really changed my life. Coincidentaly, it was my tai chi and qigong day and I asked my Chinese tai chi master to wear my scalar resonator for a few minutes. Then she realized she was waking up earlier than usual, not tired for the whole day at school. We really need it because my husband and I both work from home and our offices are on different floors. At first it seemed like nothing much happened when I plugged those puppies in (EarthCalm Home Protection System), but one day I went to my acupuncturist, and for the first time, I felt the acupuncture rush that people had always been telling me about. For this alone, the EarthCalm is totally worth it, to be feeling groovy while getting acupuncture instead of just feeling like a pincushion.
With a medical diagnosis of schizo-affective disorder about ten years back, I was not in the best of shape mentally. Only for use with EarthCalm Scalar Home Systems purchased January 1, 2012 to May 15, 2013 .
Note and jot down your specific symptoms now as well as those of your family, and then compare them after using our Scalar Home Protection System for several weeks. I guess I’m electrically sensitive since I always tense up when the wifi router is on in the house. They may be plugged in anywhere in the home to protect the entire household (and all electrified buildings under the same electrical meter). Before we started using these products, I was suffering with chronic, deep hip socket pain that kept me awake at night. I do believe that her lack of concentration was due to the fact that her school has a cell phone tower right on the premises. I found the combination of the pendant with the Home Protection System the most powerful healing modality I have yet experienced ever over the last 20 years I have been working on this.
I am thrilled to see such clinical success with the EarthCalm products (and this after having tried many, many others).

I have seen highly respected practitioners in various areas of natural healing, but no one I’ve tried understands electromagnetic sensitivity the way you do, and their methods usually caused me to get worse due to the detox, or possibly feel better for a day.
I no longer have panic attacks; so I was able to slash my beta blocker medicine in half and still have 118-60 and lower, with 75 pulse rate. Despite my tendency to gout, the additional uric acid that is entering my blood from the breakdown of fat cells and the fact that my diet is 85-90% uric acid producing foods, I not only have not had a gout attack but am actually losing weight in the form of fat along with water without trying to diet. I was fully aware of the fact that the electromagnetic energy from the computer and the additional office equipment were to blame.
I am very interested in sharing your products with my practice members, and would like information on being a distributor or making them easily available in my practice. From the first night with the EarthCalm, I have been sleeping a minimum of 8 hours a night.
As I researched the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the internet, I found your website and decided to try your invention. And yet, nothing completely alleviated my symptoms – especially my lack of energy and sense of weakness. It is a very subtle thing of course, but shows me that I’m sleeping better and not so stressed out! Within two hours of wearing an EarthCalm Scalar Resonator the fatigue simply dropped away and the heart symptoms were greatly reduced. I took a risk and spent the money, and to my surprise, it was an extremely good investment, perhaps one of the best I have ever made in my life.
But because I was protected most of the time at work, I was making rapid gains in my health with the help of the EarthCalm pendant. Because man-made electromagnetic radiation is extremely high in comparison to the natural levels (Robert Becker claims that it is at least 100 million to 200 million times the natural level), the Earth’s magnetic field is almost completely overwhelmed and lost in the noise of EMF pollution. I used to be sick all the time with chronic sinus infections and bad headaches ALL THE TIME. Where I was getting 6 or more a month now I only get maybe 2 or 3 tops and they are not as debilitating when I do get them. The problem before was that my limbs were getting weak and just wouldn’t “go” when I wanted them to.
Last week her drama exam came, she outdid herself and the teacher had to single her out as a sterling performance.
To give you some perspective: my late father was an acupuncturist, so I’ve been getting acupuncture all my life, and I never thought it worked…until now.
Using EarthCalm equipment has helped me to eliminate my formerly frequent bouts of anxiety, my thinking is much clearer and I have a substantially deeper feeling of the presence of Myself which has helped me to feel calm, peaceful, and centered much more of the time. Within two hours of wearing an EarthCalm Resonator the fatigue simply dropped away and the heart symptoms were greatly reduced. A powerful EMF protector that grounds you into the earth’s electromagnetic field-creating a sense of calm and peace throughout your home.
This continued the 2nd, 3rd and 4th night even though I was dead tired from all the missed sleep. My daughter had a terrible time focusing on her classes and was actually failing several of them.
We are fortunate to now have a company that not only foresaw the electrosmog connection to illness, but has created high quality products to remedy these interferences!
I’ve been recording measurements daily since then, under different circumstances and times of day, and they are all similar.
I couldn’t afford the surgery to go back and have it corrected though and had to just live with it. Anytime a person has a healing, it makes me feel so happy that in some small way l was part of it by introducing the amazing products that you have invented. Before the Home Protection Unit, my blood pressure with full medication was 120-140 over 75-85 with 80-85 pulse rate. When I left the office at night and sat in my Laz-y-boy to read my paper, I often did not get any further than the obituaries and I fell deep asleep. After just plugging in the first plug of the Home Protection System, for the first time in probably 30 years, I actually slept for 7 hours straight! Believe me, within a few minutes, I could feel my nervous system relax, and the meridians opening, the energy flowing better.
This is extremely significant because the body cannot operate optimally unless it is “tuned in” to the Earth’s electromagnetic field. So I am so grateful to you for developing such a great product that has helped me and protects my body and keeps me balanced.!!!! Within ten hours of using the Scalar Home Protection System the pain in my hip joints completely disappeared. With this personal experience I am enthusiastic enough to design and perform clinical trials to see if these results can be reproduced.
I am no longer looking for a chair after I bend over to pick up something or exert myself for some reason. I should also mention that I have two adorable little Poodles under two years old and I was worried about the EMF effects on their tiny bodies, as well.
I noticed, accidentally, that on the fourth day of wearing this lovely piece of jewelry, I have not experienced bug bites. Within a few days of having the Scalar Protection unit in her home, her systolic was down to 150 and has stayed there. Apparently when you initially start with the pendant you are detoxing heavily which produces a general weakness as reflected with the muscle testing. When I started wearing the EarthCalm pendant, my life force was greatly stimulated because my body was again able to use the Earth’s electromagnetic field to normalize the functions within the body. Now we both have your EarthCalm cell devices on our phones, and his headaches have almost disappeared. I now know that I have an electrical sensitivity and suffered with many illnesses when I was younger. I put in plug #2 last night and felt a bit of energy that seemed like it might make it hard to sleep, so I removed it just in case.
I find myself getting up from a chair without thinking about it before hand – just automatically doing it.
Since then, my energy has increased to such an extent that I can now easily work 8 hours a day and I don’t need a nap. I have children, I can’t have been a nice person to to be around I was always so miserable.
After you wear it a few days, as is the case with me, you muscle test strong indicating that it is helpful for you.
Yesterday he even recalled that I had brought the Qlink to him to check…he remarked that “this one better than last one”! Thank you for your wonderful dedication to the well-being of all of us, and thank you for addressing a problem which the United States health community has yet to give more than cursory attention. I’ve also noticed my wife unconsciously reaches (lovingly) for hers once in a while, just to check it’s still there, I’ve caught myself doing that! I assume that I will soon be able to discontinue the high blood pressure medicine completely. Both of these events happened at times when I was not thinking at all about the effectiveness of the device.
They raced around the house, played tug of war with toys, ran up and down the stairs happy as could be. They had been acting like little old men before the Earth Calm Home Protection System was installed. We felt tingling through our bodies, and a sensation of energy flowing up and down the spinal column.

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