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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Fury of Nature, of Ocean unleashed: earthquake and tsunami swallow entire cities and towns in Japan, decimating entire infrastructures at astonishing speed. According to reports, Japanese jets have been ordered to fly over the Fukushima Nuclear plant.
11 reactors around the country have been successfully switched off, but there is one power station with reactors struggling to enter the cool down period. All power stations across the country are being pulled down, and the news of this one reactor not being able to reach its cool down period has come as a shock to the Japanese. The earthquake that hit the northeast coast of Japan early Friday morning was the fifth largest recorded earthquake since 1900. Woodward said the quake may soon be upgraded to 9.0 as the multiple agencies tracking it coordinate their data. The 8.9-magnitude earthquake that shook Japan early March 11 blew out the cooling systems of two nuclear reactors there. Mark Hibbs, a nuclear expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, told Reuters that there is serious concern in Japan whether the cooling of the core and removal of residual heat could be assured. The power plants are trying to restore power to its emergency power system in order to be able to pump water inside the reactors, a Tokyo Electric Power Co. Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) said Friday that a fire broke out at the Onagawa nuclear power plant but was later extinguished.
The plant is about 45 miles north of the city of Sengai, which was badly damaged by the deadly earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan Friday afternoon. The key buildings in the Onagawa plant are about 15 meters above sea level, according to the Web site of Tohoku Electric Power, owner of the plant.
Just hours after the quake, NISA also declared a heightened state of alert at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency.
A group called Beyond Nuclear, devoted to highlighting the perils of nuclear power, said it received an e-mail from Philip White of the Citizens Nuclear Information Center in Tokyo saying that the Fukushima nuclear power plants lost power and that all the backup diesel generators were also "out of action." The group said that in order to provide power to cool the reactors, emergency generators were being trucked there by the plant's owner, Tokyo Electric Power Co. Japanese authorities told the IAEA that that the Onagawa, Fukushima-Daini and Tokai nuclear power plants shut down automatically, and no radiation release has been detected. The IAEA said it is seeking details on Fukushima Daiichi and other nuclear power plants and research reactors, including information on off-site and on-site electrical power supplies, cooling systems and the condition of the reactor buildings.
While geologists, climatologists, disaster managers and a host of other experts scramble to determine the scope of the damage, those from less orthodox schools of thought are weighing in on the cause. Those who believe in astrology claim supermoons result in strong earthquakes and extreme weather patterns, and point out that the catastrophic Indonesian tsunami occurred two weeks before the last supermoon in 2005. On March 19, the moon's orbit will make its closest approach to Earth in 18 years while at the same time be in full phase. So the questions that emerge are: 1) Is there any legitimate science linking the Supermoon and extreme natural hazards?
He noted that one of his readers pointed out that the last extreme supermoon occurred on January 10, 2005, right around the time of the 9.0 Indonesia earthquake.
A workplace emergency is defined as an unforeseen scenario that directly threatens the employees, clients, customers, and the property in the office.
Whether you’re a casual employee, utility worker, or the office manager, you have the responsibility of protecting yourself and everyone else in case of a disaster or emergency.
Earthquake Structural Damage Structural damage can cause electrical faults or damage electrical equipment.

SOFTAC Systems Ltd., a well known leader in the field of industrial control systems has launched a unique seismic activated electrical power shutdown device (QuakeTrip).
This new seismic product, designed and manufactured in our Surrey B.C facility is capable of providing the highest level of automatic property protection from the dangerous electrical fires that inevitably follow major earthquakes. Powered by a sensitive 3-axis accelerometer, on detection of specific earthquake shockwaves,the QuakeTrip will automatically turn off the main breaker of the building’s electrical supply.
The 3-axis accelerometer has been designed to distinguish between typical vibrations from traffic, industrial equipment or jack-hammers and genuine earthquake "P" waves and "G-Force" seismic shockwaves. An internal battery assures that earthquakes will be detected even during usual power outages. Everyday, thousands of people visit shopping malls to spend quality time with their loved ones. In partnership with the Bureau of Fire Protection, SM City Baliwag joins the nation in the observance of Fire Prevention Month with a Fire and Earthquake Drill happening on March10, 2012.
An earlier Seminar on Fire Safety Measures was likewise conducted on March 6 which educated mall tenants, agency personnel, security force and staff on evacuation procedures and their roles in emergency situations. Unlike the previous drills where the participants were pre-informed, this year’s exercise will be conducted in a real-life scenario where the building occupants and employees are unaware when the emergency drill will occur. Expected to observe and assess the exercise are guests from the Provincial Disaster Coordinating Council (PDCC) led by Ms.
Located along DRT Highway in Baliwag town, the mall’s 61,000 square meter building houses more than 300 shops. 1 nuclear plant reported an abnormality Friday following a powerful earthquake which hit a wide area in northeastern Japan including Fukushima Prefecture, the industry ministry said. According to Reuters, a Dam has broken in the same region as the at-risk nuclear power plant.
Other worries include the many nuclear power stations across the country being at risk of nuclear emergency. Due to the powerful tsunami currently happening in Japan, the nuclear power stations have been put on hold and shut down until it is safe to open them up again. By Japanese law, if a power station doesn't reach the cool down period, a state of Nuclear Emergency should be declared. Everybody in a 10km radius of the failing nuclear power station are being prepared to be evacuated so we don't see a remake of the Soviet Union's 'Chernobyl' disaster.
The energy from the quake, said Woodward, "caused the planet to ring like a bell." It will continue to ring for months as the full impact of the tragedy becomes clear. An inability to cool the reactors could cause radiation leaks, and both power plants are "bracing for the worst,” according to government officials. Sendai is the population center nearest the epicenter of the quake, and Japan's Kyodo News agency said that more than 200 bodies had been found so far near the city.
NISA later told the energy agency that the plant has been shut down and that no release of radiation has been detected.
Air Force planes in Japan had delivered coolant to a nuclear power plant affected by the quake.
According to ABC News, believers of the “supermoon” phenomenon theorize the 8.9-magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami may have been caused by the moon’s position in its orbit.
This year’s supermoon has been called an “extreme” supermoon because not only will the moon be full, it will make its closest approach to the earth in 18 years.
That’s why in most places there are preventative measures seen like fire hydrant systems Sydney, earthquake-designated areas, bomb shelters, and underground tunnels for keeping everyone safe whenever a disaster strikes.

It is a situation that can either disrupt or even shut down operations and causes major damage.
In cases involving fire, it’s good news if your workplace has fire hydrant systems Sydney to quickly prevent the spread of fire.
The ideal action plan for emergencies must cover designated actions employees and everyone else must perform in order to make sure that they are safe whenever a fire or other emergencies happen. The following presentation "The Great British Columbia ShakeOut" tells us where we live, what our risks are and what we should do to be ready. In the events of emergency situations like earthquake and fire, customer safety is a top priority. Held at the Event Center of the mall, points discussed include Nature of Fire and Earthquake and its Prevention, What to do during Emergency Situations, Roles and Duties of Emergency Response Group and First Aid Treatment. The owner of the plant, TEPCO, says the reactor pressure is rising, and there are risks of a radiation leak, according to Reuters.
It has not yet updated its list of the world's worst earthquakes to reflect the latest one in Japan. Coming from the opposite direction, a second set of waves from the east hit the array 2 hours after the quake.
The non-working backup generators at the plant were damaged by water from the tsunami, according to Glenn L. The supermoon, expected on March 19, refers to the point in the moon’s elliptical path when it is closest to the earth. As entertainingly chronicled by John Metcalfe over at TBD, Nolle predicts all kinds of weather and natural hazard mayhem, including strong earthquakes, around the time of the Supermoon.
Some of the most common workplace emergencies are fires, hurricanes, chemical spills, radiological leak, toxic gas release, floods, tornado, explosion, and even civil disturbances. For the other types of disasters or emergencies, you need to prepare to respond to them right before they happen. Know that coming up with a comprehensive emergency action plan dealing with mostly all issues or disasters aren’t as difficult as one would think.
Extending 600 km from Oregon to the north end of Vancouver Island this region experiences nearly 1200 small earthquakes every year. McCullough Jr., former head of the Tennessee Valley Authority who has been in touch with government experts in Japan. Word is, Japanese authorities will release a small amount of radioactive vapor into the air to ease pressure. Being ready in this case means knowing the aspects of fire maintenance, participating in earthquake drills, and others. Will the fire maintenance system at the office prevent a fire which started in the boiler room? The kind of response you make after it strikes is crucial in everyone else’s survival.

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