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The US Geological Survey's Twitter Earthquake Detection Program gathers real-time, earthquake-related messages from Twitter and applies place, time, and keyword filtering to gather geo-located accounts of shaking. This approach provides rapid first-impression narratives and, potentially, photos from citizens at the hazard’s location. Data from the project will support other earthquake projects that rapidly detect and report earthquake locations and magnitudes in the United States and globally.
Photoshop any earthquake detection devices that would warn you about earthquake shakeups one way or another. Barack Obama's Earthquake Detection DeviceElegary birds always know when they are in danger-5 commentsfull view I like how you showed the motion effects here. Funny High Tech Etch-A-Sketch Earthquake Detectors Member reactions: I never could make anything creative with that thing but, blank always looked good to me.
Funny Haiti After the Earthquake New York Times Haiti story There is not 1 day without the Haiti disaster at news, which made me so sad so i made this to remember everybody to appreciate what we have. Funny Queen Elizabeth in an EarthQuake EARTHQUAKE ROCKS UK London Bridge is falling down, Falling down, Falling down.
Funny Seismic Earthquake Waves In an ironic twist of fate, the Maui Geographical quake sheet showed an unusual pattern.

Funny George Bush Earthquake Detection Device Giant Bobblehead please view in Hi-Res Member reactions: Hahaha, great idea and chop.
Photoshop more earthquake detection devices that would warn you about earthquake shakeups one way or another. Natural disasters like earthquakes come without warning and leave behind irreparable damage.
The potential for earthquake detection in regions that are populated but where seismic instruments are sparse is also being investigated. The Program will also determine the best way to broadcast scientifically confirmed earthquake alerts via Twitter. I see you showed Obama quite open-minded too Awesome chop. RIP.-4 commentsfull view Please replace poor animal by one of the politician from Crimea. Member reactions: Well their not Dems or they would have their heads up their ,,, uh, never mind. Early warning systems like SASMEX receivers cost over $300 which can be a costly affair for most of us.

LOL This is the most funniest and naughty device to get them awake during the tremors Of course, cold water and ice would be a good way to wake up, but the glass would not. That is why an early warning system that costs just $59 is the thing most of us would want. This comes just before the third anniversary of the devastating Tohoku earthquake in 2011 which caused massive tsunami and triggered the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant meltdown. Grillo Active is an early earthquake detection device designed by Andres Meira from Mexico which taps into the SASMEX frequencies and relays any alarm about earthquake that might be just about to strike.
Earthquakes can hardly be predicted, so it's important to detect them as soon as they happen to react and minimize possible damages and injuries. A good detection device spots an earthquake that happened thousands of kilometers away, giving you time to get away from any buildings or structures that may fall.

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