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An earthquake is one of natures most destructive phenomena, it can strike at any time without warning.
Although there will be no prior warning to an earthquake there are several things you can do right now to better you and your families chances of survival. Create an emergency disaster plan with your family: make a list of important phone numbers, addresses and contact information for family, friends, and emergency services. Cache food, water, gear, and other important supplies in and around your city: By caching supplies in waterproof containers in various locations you no longer have to be dependent on home supplies.
Stockpile a month’s worth of food, gear, and supplies: the store shelved will be picked clean soon after an earthquake leaving those unprepared to grow hungry and desperate. If you’re inside, forget what you’ve been taught in schools, do not get under a table or desk! If you’re in a moving vehicle, stop by the side of the road as fast as safety permits and remain there until the earthquake stops. All these models are made with wood and some simple mechanical and battery operated devices. This product proposes an IT enabled approach towards locating Immediate Focus Region (IFRs). Online above selected quiz which asks questions on the IS 1893, IS 456, Seismology and WInd. Each of these parts contains a total of around 100 questions and the user can attempt number of questions. After selection, questions start appearing on the monitor in random order and user has to select the correct answer from the choices. In addition to this, some more detailed explanation that is relevant to question will also appear.
Earthquakes have been all over the news for the last few days, after several countries including Japan, the Philippines, Maynmar and Ecuador were hit with quakes that together claimed hundreds of lives.
Earthquakes are one of the most difficult natural disasters to predict, and that’s what makes them so dangerous. Most disaster preparedness experts recommend a technique called Drop, Cover and Hold On during an earthquake. It’s also important to keep an earthquake preparedness kit close by in case disaster strikes.
For a full list of supplies for your earthquake preparedness kit, check out the video below from SoCals Preps on Youtube. And be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest survival tips and news.

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September 8, 2010 -- Comparisons must be made between the impact of the September 5 earthquake on Christchurch, New Zealand, and the quake that hit Haiti in January.
When an earthquake strikes, it is extremely important to take appropriate action without panicking. To achieve this, it is essential that we understand the danger of earthquakes and prepare properly in our daily lives.
It may never happen in your life time, or it can occur right now while reading this article. By doing the following items now, you’ll have mitigated the many problems that would be faced by those unprepared. By having an ample savings of food and urban survival supplies, you protect you and your family from having to fight other for food and other essentials. The idea that it’s safer under your desk is a myth and has been disproved countless times by tests and observations from disaster relief specialist. Before exiting the vehicle, check to see if any power lines have fallen on or around your vehicle and observe the integrity of the structures around you. It’s important to know what actions to take as soon as an earthquake strikes in order to decrease the chance of injury or death.
Most earthquake deaths occur due to flying or falling debris (not collapsing buildings, as is commonly believed.) So, staying safe in an earthquake is much like staying safe during a tornado. Growing up on a farm in West Texas, she's always had a passion for the outdoors and a self-sustaining lifestyle.
We will take a logical and no nonsense approach to survival without bias in hopes of dispelling the myth that anyone who prepares themselves is crazy or paranoid. We strive to maintain a truthful and unbiased compendium of knowledge, both in original content, product reviews and survival tips, as well as curated articles from other top survival websites. The nature of a global system that maintains these inequalities should be exposed over and over again. Earthquakes are the result of friction from tectonic plates as they shift and release tension along their fault lines. Also discuss signs you can leave at locations so that other family members will be able to find you.

You can have a year’s supply of food stockpiled away in your house but it would be useless if the earthquake collapses the structure around it. While others are out searching food, you can set up defenses, and be thankful your family has food to eat. Instead of getting under a desk, you’ll want to get in between two heavy objects that are close to each that won’t compress under heavy weight, or get up against a heavy object.
Falling glass and other falling debris can be deadly and must be considered when looking for safe ground. When she's not writing and editing for Survival Life, she can be found outside hiking, swimming, fishing, camping and kayaking. Earthquakes can happen anywhere in the world but are most common along the edges of the Pacific ocean. When caching your supplies be sure that no one is around, and that no one will be able to find it.
Ideal common objects would be strong counter tops, sturdy cabinets, heavy furniture, and etc. If no open ground is nearby, you may consider getting under a tree, or heavy parked vehicle as they’ll break the fall of broken glass and other objects. Avoid screaming and use it only as a last resort as you breathe in dangerous amounts of particles in the process.
Instead, drop to the ground, cover your head by taking cover under a sturdy piece of furniture (such as a table or desk), and hold on to it for stability.
You should not rely solely on information contained in this email to evaluate the product or service being endorsed. If you live along the coast of the Pacific Ocean it would be wise to plan and prepare a kit for an earthquake as the chances of it occurring in your locality is significantly higher. Be sure to also bury the cache in a location that will be easy to remember, have markers or systems to know exactly where each cache is buried taking into account that the surrounding area could be altered after a disaster. After an earthquake, proceed with extreme caution until you absolutely know it’s safe. If you’re near an exit, leave the building but consider that most injuries during an earthquake occur when people rush to leave an exit.
Earthquakes can last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes, so it’s usually best to just stay in the first safe place you find and remain there.

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