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Tools such as a crowbar, hammer & nails, staple gun, adjustable wrench and bungee cords.
On January 12 Haiti, was rocked by a major earthquake that measured 7.3 on the Richter Scale. It's smaller in size than California, but Japan houses more than three times the population. Once you have the essentials covered, add personal hygiene and sanitation items to the kit — large trash bags and cans, toilet paper and household liquid chlorine laundry bleach. So remember to DROP to the floor and get under something for COVER and HOLD ON during the shaking. If you prepare yourself an Emergency Supply Kit, you may be able to save your family from serious complications.

There is a chance that many people will be without water for days and if you know how to purify dirty water, you may save someone’s life. See the full-page poster version that appeared in the Winter 2012-2013 print edition of the newspaper. The California Emergency Management Agency advises that the first 72 hours after a disaster are critical. Your kit should be easily accessible and have enough supplies for you, your family and pets to survive for at least three days. The American Red Cross advises using 16 drops of bleach per gallon to sterilize any water that’s not bottled. The American Red Cross distributes an iPhone app called Shelter View, for finding out when and where shelters have been opened in your area during disasters.

Kidzworld wants you to know some of the basic safety procedures just in case you ever find yourself in the middle of an Earthquake.
Electricity, gas and water may be unavailable and first responders will be busy focusing emergency services on the most serious crises. The California Emergency Management Agency breaks down kits into: essentials, sanitation, safety and comfort, cooking and tools and supplies.

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