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Hazard Fiel Trip Video The video below we had to create a 3 stop map sets and describe each location with its 3 hazards in earth's spheres. Sumatra-Andaman Islands earthquake that occurred on December 26, 2004 What conditions affect the timing, duration, and intensity of an earthquake? 40 - Pages of Triage forms: (Patient Evaluation, Body Identification, Injury Assessment etc), Triage Instructions, ICS Instruction. 4 Legend Safety Vests:These versatile safety vests have a clear legend on the front for name tag and the back area for assignment or design your own inserts. 1 Triage Book (37 Page):This in-depth book offers tips on how to set up your triage unit as well as an explanation of what triage is, how to perform triage and the pitfalls of a triage operation. 2 paramedic blankets (also doubles as pillows), triage tags, solar blankets and latex gloves. It's a reminder we've heard before, but may be ignoring -- we need to be prepared for the next big earthquake. Giving a better understanding with close captioning, visually and hearing about this hazards in each location.

Also included are the following forms: Triage Treatment Log - Head-to-Toe Patient Evaluation - Injury Assessment - Body Identification Sheet. A local family has put together an emergency kit that has the hit show "The Walking Dead" taking notice.The kit is designed to help you survive any disaster. This assignment includes a picture of the hazard, and a small paragraphs describing the patterns behind each stop.
Purchases also help support developmentally disabled employees who, thanks to a local non-profit and a Bay Area company, have jobs.Whether you're trying to survive zombies or a major earthquake, you'll want to have an emergency preparedness kit on hand. Also, we examine some history views of fires, and we explain how we can prevent those fires. Can be preceded by earthquakes and elevated gas levels however Mt St Helens' Earthquakes are measured by seismometers. Throughout time I realized that If I kept it up being organized i was going to be able to pass this class. Professor  Presiado made all lectures and assignments very clear, I liked how everything was organized in the modules.

It's a spin-off of the cable television series."We believe in being very prepared for when the zombie apocalypse does come, so to celebrate our return everyone in our studio audience is going home with one of these," Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick said. The kit is licensed by the program and was recently promoted on The Talking Dead, the talk show that follows episodes of The Walking Dead.It was just a year ago that Torres heard the folks on The Talking Dead talk about emergency preparedness in the event of the apocalypse. Communicate any information that the authorities have given you.DO NOT TALK WITH THE MEDIA.
A new one person kit goes for $70.Each kit is assembled by employees of the non-profit Hope Services, a program for the developmentally disabled.
In the recent San Simeon earthquake, two people were crushed by falling debris when they exited the building.Studies of the 1979 El Centro, 1987 Whittier, 1989 Loma Prieta and 1994 Northridge earthquakes confirm this pattern of injuries, and that use of the Duck Cover and Hold procedure reduces the likelihood of serious injury from a collapsed building and falling objects. Also, I liked all of our discussions because we were able to learn and search about something  new avery week.

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