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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Many of our employees and clients living in and around Toronto are dealing with the effects of flooding and power outages from the recent torrential rainfall.
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September is National Preparedness Month, so are you prepared?  Prepared for what, you might ask?  Problem is, with how unpredictable the weather has been all over the US and all over the world the past few years, and depending on where you live, it could be a hurricane, flood, earthquake, forest fire or any extreme weather resulting in a power outage over a long period of time.
We’re prone to power outages in my neighborhood, and let me tell you how extremely annoying and inconvenient it is!  We now have a large container full or emergency-related supplies, with batteries, flashlights, first-aid kit, etc. Jacquie Ross is a professional organizer, a Certified Life and Family Coach and award winning owner of CastAway the Clutter!
This entry was posted in Organization and tagged emergency preparedness kit, emergency preparedness tips, how to prepare for an emergency, ready kits, storm preparedness. Hi Janet, Although it would be a very last resort, it is suggested that we use unscented bleach to purify contaminated water if we had nothing else.

You never know when a disaster will hit and your disaster preparedness kits will come in handy for your survival. If you have never considered building your emergency food storage in Utah or around the country we want you know know the reasons why it is so important.

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