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Just remember that you may be carrying this bag for several miles so don’t overpack it.
In this particular situation, you probably don’t want to look too high-speed or military. If you end up getting something that looks expensive, you might want to consider beating it up a bit or doing something to make it look less expensive. The last thing you want is for someone to notice your expensive bag and then want all the expensive stuff you have in it. If you find yourself without a bag, just up what you can find in a blanket or sheet and wrap it with belts, cordage, wires; whatever. I used to carry flashlights that took CR123A batteries because they’re powerful and I could get batteries from the Army. If you have an iPhone, you won’t be able to use a generic USB cable to charge your phone (obviously). Obviously, a USB cable doesn’t pull in electrons out of the air to shove into your device, so you need something that will. If the towers are even working at first, you won’t be able to get through because EVERYONE will be trying. This happened to thousands of people during Katrina and Sandy, and cell phone companies aren’t likely to change any time soon. Once some semblance of security and immediate medical care is established, some forward-thinkers will have generators running, which will mean lines of people trying to use it, just like they did after Hurricane Sandy and every other major US disaster (or steal it in the middle of the night).
Jumper boxes used to be huge, heavy things you only threw in your car to help someone out who needed a jump. A kit like this will also allow you to charge the jump starter using either generated power you come across or batteries from abandoned cars (which would be WAY too heavy for you to lug around with you instead.
Keep in mind that you’ll want to also have some kind of either USB battery, or preferably a car jump starter as mentioned above, so you can charge that instead of directly charging your electronics. If you switch to having only flashlights and other things that take batteries to ones that only use AA, it makes things TONS easier. After a large earthquake, you can be pretty sure you won’t be able to use your cell phone, at least any time soon. To be able to charge the radio with either my jump starter battery or a vehicle (or my solar panel with the 12v plug adapter if I really needed to), I got the additional Yaesu 12v DC charger. Now every time I mention something about ham radios, some idiot wants to sound all experty and says that you don’t need a ham radio license during an emergency.
If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, Baofeng has a few really inexpensive ones that would work in a pinch. If you wear high heels or anything that you wouldn’t be able to walk in for a few miles, you may need to toss in something else. A good poncho can be a lifesaver if you’re stuck outside overnight, which is why we got them in the Army. One of my favorite things, and something that many Soldiers still own and speak quite fondly of if they’ve ever been deployed, is a poncho liner.
A hat can help keep you a lot warmer if you find yourself sleeping without heat during a cold night.
Don’t believe the hype going on about how dangerous it is to leave water in your car. In case you do run out of water you’ve carried, you should have some kind of water filter as a backup. With the Mini, you can either drink out of the included collapsible bag or use the included straw. The other nice thing about the Mini is that it has a backflush plunger that will allow you to keep using the same filter for 10’s of thousands of gallons, which is WAY more than pretty much anything out there. With a compact stove and pot, you can boil water to either make it safe or to use in emergency food pouches. Another great solution is to go even smaller and lighter and use a collapsible wood stove like the Emberlit Titanium stove. I was motocamping up in Flagstaff for a while a couple weeks ago and these two other motorcycles pulled up next to me.
The easiest can opener to carry would be the old military standby: a P38 can opener (also called a John Wayne by some of my friends). A better option would be to carry some homemade (or at least store-bought) trail mix – sometimes called GORP. A whistle is not only a LOT louder than you can yell, it requires much less effort so you can do it for much longer. Instead, get a real emergency blanket. I have this one in my bag or behind the passenger seat of my Harley at all times. Unless you live in a small town and never leave, you may have to walk several miles to get where you need to go. Either seal the map in laminate or put it in some kind of waterproof container that can get banged around a bit without breaking.
A GPS is even better if you have it and it works but make sure you have a cable that you can charge it or it’ll be dead weight. In addition to the map, write down the addresses and phone numbers of emergency contacts and friends you have in town. As mentioned above, try to locate each address and mark it on your map so you can find them easier. It’s obviously nice to have them programmed into your radio but keep a written backup as well. If you have the room, throw in some toilet paper into your bag and make sure it’s in something that will keep it dry.

If you have anything that might become a problem, see what your doctor recommends you carry with you because they might be able to give you something or some better ideas. In the immediate aftermath of a devastating quake, things will go back to a kind of barter system for a while so prices and values will be whatever the market will bear, and skills can sometimes be more valuable than stuff.
As you can see, the list of things to carry in a bug out bag or get home bag in case of an earthquake is pretty similar to most other bags. After you have everything you think you need, put it on your back and actually carry it for a while.
My goal is to help families to understand how to intelligently protect their family and their way of life against real threats, without all the end-of-the-world doomsday crap. For me here where I live if I were within the city limits my survival items will be much different than if I were in Seward or Homer fishing.
We believe the PrepPac Emergency Survival Kit is a time and hassle saver and a great value.
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Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. You could keep this bag in your car but just make sure you have it where you could get to it if you get more than just some rumblings. Not only is it good for foot fungus, it’s immensely helpful for crotch rot if you find yourself several days in a wet environment, which, as I found in Central America, can make you combat ineffective (or able to walk). I realized two things while I was there: Hollywood does actually have some pretty cool people, and people in the Los Angeles area drive like dicks. Josh has a new talk show coming out soon on CMT that you should check out if your humor’s anything like mine. As with all other kinds of emergency preparedness, you have to analyze the threats you could face, the risks those threats present, your vulnerabilities, and what mitigation strategies you should implement for your most likely circumstances.
You should only be carrying it for a few days plus whatever hiking time you take with it to get used to it. If your battery jumper box (or equivalent) doesn’t have a cable for your phone, get one and keep it in your bag.
A small USB AC adapter (a good one, not the crappy ones) won’t hurt to carry but you might not have AC available so the next few items will give you a LOT more flexibility.
If the local power grid isn’t working, those towers will lose emergency power somewhere within a few hours to a couple of days. At least China has started addressing the problem with portable charging stations at relief centers to be used after earthquakes but I wouldn’t expect to find anything like that any time soon.
They’re now down to about the size of a USB hard drive and can charge your cell phone or even your laptop in most cases. Solar panel technology is now to the point where you can easily pack a collapsible solar panel that you can lay out on the ground or on the roof to charge your stuff. Some things like iPhones will cut off charging if a cloud or shadow comes over and not kick back on unless you either reconnect the solar panel or have really bright, direct sunlight to kick it back on.
It has the jump starter box as well as a folding 12v solar panel that fits in my rear pack document folder thingy.
A little device like this Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus will allow you to charge rechargeable AA batteries with the output from a solar panel or portable battery.
Flashlights are extremely useful but they’re not so good for covering an area like a room or picnic bench-sized area. So much so that I’ve gotten a few of them now and all my neighbors got some and gave them out as gifts this past Christmas. There are certainly other radios you can use but this one can handle being out in a rainstorm or dropped in the water. You’re gonna feel like an idiot if your friend is bleeding out while you try to figure out how to adjust your offset freqs to hit the repeater so you can call in for rescue. You can get thick ones if you’re expecting it to be cold or thin ones for chilly weather.
Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually lose 80% from the top of your head, but you do lose a lot. Earthquakes can taint the water in the area so ALL of it that’s not in sealed containers is now suspect.
You can also get an adapter kit to put inline with some other kind of water system like a Camelbak. It fits down inside the solo stove, which not only makes it easy to carry, it makes it more efficient when using it.
You can also use it to fit an AAA battery into an AA slot or as a fire starter with an AA battery and some of your toilet paper. The girl (gorgeous, btw), was just learning to camp and apparently so was the guy showing her.
Apparently, according to this finding in 2013, it IS acceptable to carry a fixed-blade knife in your backpack. It’s the more portable version of the SOG Seal I carried in Africa, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
Just keep whistling 3 times every so often as a distress signal if you’re lost or buried. It’s durable, large enough to be used as a REAL blanket, and has both a reflective side and a colored side.
I’ve done enough foot surveillance to know that things on foot look completely different than things in a car. In most cases, you’d want to head home but that may not make sense if your work is pretty far. I highly doubt you’d have an extra GPS that you could toss in the bag but grab the one out of your car if you can. What a repeater does is take your tiny handheld signal and blast it across the city, and take that signal from across the city and send it back to you. There are many places on the internet to start your search but the Amateur Radio Repeater database is a good place to start. You may run into a situation where people are asking for ID in order to get back into your neighborhood, for instance. Not only can it double as very good tinder to help get a fire started, you’re a rockstar if you bring toilet paper.

Just clean it with some soap and water and bandage it to keep it from bleeding everywhere and from getting dirty. Walking through the aftermath of an earthquake can present a lot of mechanical injury or cut dangers and your glasses may break at some point. Keep that in mind if you need something from someone and you know something they don’t.
It’s not the end of the world so most people will realize that they can sell an extra can of chili (maybe for $20) and use that cash next week or soon thereafter. There are tons of other things you could pack that I didn’t mention, such as paracord. I think people who live in Earthquake prone areas should evaluate what is necessary for them to get home and from where you are getting home from and the time of the year.
This would also work during other types of disasters like when you get stuck in a place because of floods or storms.
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It has been designed as an all-purpose first aid solution and is good for the home, outdoor use and the car. Also, there are many, many things you could substitute that would be equally as good, if not better. If you’re not gonna start, throw in a spare in your bag for each of those items, preferably not an identical spare. It would also help quite a bit if it were the kind of bag that was both a duffel bag and a backpack, but if I had my druthers, I’d choose a backpack over a duffel bag. Because cell towers also go down during events like this, your cell may repeatedly try to connect, which will kill your cell battery even quicker. They also sent me out a charge controller, which allows me to charge my motorcycle battery directly from the solar panel.
This means that as long as you don’t lose your batteries, you should never run out of light. It collapses to about the size of a CD case, is waterproof, and charges by just laying it out in the sun. Pretty much any radio you get is going to need an upgraded antenna because the stock ones suck. You can make them out of old sweatpants legs if you really want to but they make several different types. I carry one of the fleece watch caps I was issued because it packs small, keeps my head toasty, and looks hella sexy. You can only go a couple days without water and things get pretty uncomfortable way before that point.
Something like the Sawyer Mini is a very compact and effective solutions, which is why I keep one in each vehicle and each pack I carry. You can get the steel version for less but not only is it a little heavier, it’s not as strong. I also carry an Ontario Knives Model II folder in my pocket that I use at least once a day if I’m wearing dress pants or my Gerber 06 S30V tactical that I was issued in Afghanistan for normal pants. During an emergency, sometimes all you need is one friendly contact to make a huge difference.
You don’t need a repeater in the area to talk to someone on the same frequency as you (which is called simplex) but it increases your range immensely. In the summer a flashlight for me would be a waste since we have 16 or more hours of daylight.
You can literally talk around the world with little power if you get your license high enough to use those frequencies. The problem with this is, where the hell can I put them with any reasonable hope they won’t be buried too? Our kits have been chosen to protect staff and students in more than 4,800 classrooms in 42 different school districts.
But if you're not satisfied for any reason within 60 days, we'll replace it or refund your full purchase price. I keep one on my motorcycle along with a pair of swimming googles in case I get caught in a haboob.
There are many on Amazon or ebay like this one that would still work but they’re not quite as good. Not as sexy as my awesome outback hat I wear everywhere, but just the right amount of sexy for this kind of situation.
The likelihood that you’d die of dehydration because you decided not to carry it is MUCH higher.
That’s pretty much a dating faux pas, especially when the guy in the next site is eating steak and corn on the cob, sipping on vodka with a Guinness chaser and has everything necessary for a comfortable weekend, even in the woods. They’re named from the number of punctures they make around the cans they open (obviously the P-51 was designed for large cans).
You may need to plug your ears with something as you blow, and then take them out to listen. All cities, counties, and states use ham radio for emergency communication and practice with them during large scale practice events. If you’re really all that concerned with it, then just bring a couple gallons and refill them every few days.
If you have a few of the other things listed in this article, this will be more than sufficient and a much better solution than one of these.
With the gangs in almost every large city or town what’s yours is theirs and some gangs will have no problems killing you for what you have. I don’t live in communistfornia and never will so I have my everyday carry in a caliber that is very common.
I will help those that I can to the ability that I have and will send to hell those that in a crisis try to steal or take other advantages on the weak. When I attended Arctic Survival School at Eilson A F B we had one minute in 10 below zero weather to use flint and steel to build a fire. I could go on but as with any of these expert blogs adjust for your needs and desires after all one man’s opinion is just that his opinion.

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