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An Earthquake Survival Kit List According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, 45 U. Earthquake emergency supplies should be kept in an easily accessible photocopies of birth certificates, deeds, social. You’ve probably heard that the rash of recent earthquakes is just a coincidence, according to experts. This weekend I put together a disaster kit for less than $22 – and it has 49 items in it! Clothing: extra pair of shoes, socks, t-shirt, light sweater, underwear, old towel, large wraparound cloth that can be used as a blanket or skirt, and a very sturdy reusable bag to hold everything.
Toiletries: extra toothbrush, tube of toothpaste, period supplies, chap stick, bar of soap, lotion, an elastic bandage, ear plugs, rubbing alcohol, and medicines I most often rely on (aspirin, Tylenol, ibuprofen, an OTC sleep aid, generic Zyrtec, generic Excedrin).

Misc: gallon of water, a chocolate bar, three plastic bags, my old pair of eyeglasses and a Frisbee, which can be used as a plate, sunshield, and water collector. August 22, 2012 By Caroline Moassessi 2 Comments Have you heard of either of these before?? I had never heard of Earthquake or Shelter In Place Kits before but am grateful for that teacher who first brought it up when my son was in preschool in California and asked me to replace unsafe foods.
I also learned the hard way about carrying safe foods when my son was two years old and he spent 8 hours at Children’s Hospital Oakland without a drop of food at age two.
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One of the hardest things I find about managing both life threatening food allergies and asthma is talking to others. But the scary news motivated me to put together an emergency disaster kit, which you should have even if you don’t live in earthquake country! My emergency kit is missing a spare pair of pants, more water, additional first aid bandages, a flashlight and batteries, a whistle, copies of important documents and phone numbers, and a can opener.

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