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Youth For Seva works with Sewa International which has a long history of rehabilitation work after natural disasters, right from Latur Earthquake, Orissa Cyclone, Gujarat Earthquake, Tsunami and AP floods. Typically we recommend our donors to contribute of their fund 20% towards relief and 80% towards rehabilitation.
Attached a PPT on our previous work after Gujarat Earthquake, Tsunami and AP Floods and what we are doing it the present Uttarakhand disaster. Your timely help may save a life, provide food to the hungry or shelter to people who have been displaced due to floods. We audit your existing earthquake safety preparations if any, recommend risk mitigation options and include cost estimates. An seismic safety audit is a practical planning document that facilitates informed decisions about your emergency planning. After returning from the Peace Corps, Heather Brown wanted to combine her passion for travel with her love of knitting.
Because Global Knit donates to different locations, volunteers are able to knit or crochet a variety of projects to suit their interests. To aid victims of the Haitian earthquake, Global Knit is partnering with Food for the Poor to make bath kits.

All our HICS Kits are the only kits that are shipped ready to deploy as soon as you receive them. In Wellington, 80 kilometres from the earthquake epicentre, buildings swayed an Earthquake and War Damage Commission.
Jul 22, 2013 The Wellington earthquakes will create further impetus for lawyers and "legal Insurance issues have already been.
Concrete footings are the portion of a foundation that hold the whole weight of the building. Many sources pour in their support during relief work and not much comes out for the longer term rehabilitation. GNS Science, corporates and medical facilities have used our seismic safety audits as part of their seismic safety programs.
In 2009, she founded the nonprofit organization Global Knit to give back both at home and abroad.
Not just a bag of vests, every position vest is shipped with position responsibility sheets on clipboards with pens and ready to roll. Either there are some extreme issues, possibly an earthquake zone, soil conditions, OR this is a multi-story building.

Global Knit has donated to children in the United States, Afghanistan, Mongolia, and Haiti so far with plans to expand to even more locations.
These can be knitted or crocheted from any pattern using any yarn with 70% wool content or higher. Here, the forms for the main slab are being stripped so crews can pour back the garage concrete.
Items distributed in these countries keep homeless and orphaned children warm all year long.
These kits are already being distributed within the country, but there is still a large need for completed bath kits. Yarns like Fishermen's Wool, LB Collection Superwash Merino, and Lion Wool are perfect for these projects.

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