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The Deluxe Earthquake Kit for Home keeps you and your family ready for natural and manmade disasters of all kinds. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer.
At the PADF office, I meet with a World Bank officer who was asked by the finance ministry to investigate their buildings.
This earthquake has wiped out many governmental buildings and its functionality is reduced significantly. The World Bank officer takes me to the building that belongs to one of the financial ministry agencies. While I celebrate with high fives together with my Haitian team, the director says, “Well, Kit.
I advise the owner to close the pool bar because of the potential falling hazard from the collapsed roof. To find out what happened in the next journal entry, subscribe by filling in your name and email in the sidebar at the top of the page and read Journal Entry 3 – The Haiti Spirit. Store this 72 hour kit at home and one at work, to provide you and your loved ones with enough food, water and emergency survival items for up to 3 days. Surprisingly, I am not afraid, nor worried and almost comforted by the feeling of the motion. A refuse camp with a pile of rubbish, cars squashed under buildings with victims still inside, people digging through piles of concrete for missing family and friends with little or no tools, twisted metal and concrete is everywhere, a distant hillside slum turned into total devastation.
I have seen the same exact failures at recent earthquakes in L’Aquila, Italy and Sichuan, China. As we enter the crowded hospital, I see a little boy of about five with half of his leg lost wrapped in bloodstained cloth laying in the hall way with his mom. One hotel has only several minor cracks in the concrete block walls, but the owner decided to close down. They have been busy all day preparing the logistics and office to receive the relief supply.
You can learn about the earthquake.Body and reproduce the subduction-zone earthquake, earthquake faults, folds, shear building, earthquake occurrence principle, pitching and rolling, all kinds of things that you can learn in addition to the. Guilaine, is a human rights attorney who volunteers as a translator—she is a quick thinking and witty Haitian.

I see blown up buildings, smashed concrete, a collapsed national symbol and a lost presidential palace. Soft soil amplifies ground motions and higher, amplified ground motions have a destructive effect on weak buildings. Our National Budget is in the hard drive on the second floor of this building.” I ask a stupid question, “How important is it?” He just looks at me with a wide smile and says “extremely!” Again, I carefully find a safe path through the blown up structure and lead a quickly assembled special documents retrieval team to rescue the National budget. If this earthquake had happened in the US or Japan, thousands of engineers with green, yellow, and red tags would have descended upon the scene to evaluate structural safety. With an effective tracking system and insurance program, EMS is able to offer a secure delivery worldwide. Eric, an ex-Haitian cabinet member, is a PADF consultant who is well connected with the local community.
These buildings are typically made of non-ductile concrete with unreinforced concrete blocks; a lethal combination for earthquakes. If the building code and engineering practices addressed earthquakes, then the magnitude of the death toll would be much less. A section of the roof is totally unsupported because of the failure, but somehow it has not yet collapsed. Without the national budget, it would be very difficult for the government to conduct the fast recovery effort needed in this unprecedented disaster. You can track your package with the tracking code provided and it will be delivered within a week.
These survival food bars taste great and feature enough energy to sustain a person for as much as three days.
I would estimate that 50% of the buildings have collapsed or are heavily damaged in this heartbroken area. He shows me a 10 foot by 10 foot waiting room where he and a couple of his colleagues sleep.
This owner shut down most of the damaged area, but the pool bar right next to the collapsed roof is still open. Every country with any natural hazard risk should adopt this type of emergency inspection system. I meet a finance director who asks me, “Can our staff go into the basement to retrieve very important IT information?” I say “Well, I need to go to the basement to see the damaged level.” So I put my headlamp on and take off with his IT staff to the basement.

He says, “We still have a shortage of medical supplies and I had to go to the airport this morning to scavenge for supplies.” I ask, “What happened? It is an amazing scene of a tranquil pool bar filled with journalists and guests typing away on their laptop just 20 feet away from incredible destruction. As I fall asleep again, I begin thinking about the 4000 criminals who have escaped from the damaged jail. This earthquake struck one week ago and the collapsed buildings remain fresh and untouched, as if the event just occurred. If we had been able to seismically strengthen these critical structures, such as the emergency command centers, key government buildings, hospitals, schools, jails, port, airport, and the UN headquarters, the post-earthquake response would be totally different. My Haitian teammates are reliable men and they carry the large and heavy units on their heads.
Why are they not distributing the supplies?” He simply says, “Bureaucracy.” I am depressed and begin walking towards the door. We have to maneuver around crushed cars, and a pile of concrete just to enter the building. One guy almost trips and the hard drive slips from his hands while he is climbing down the stairs over broken bricks and wood beams.
Why not have the best from Mayday Industries, makers of emergency survival supplies since 1995. Since the main steel door to the basement vault is locked from the inside, we have to climb through a window to enter the building.
Earthquakes not only kill, but shatter the lives of countless people, including children, who are often maimed and gravely injured. The basement is in total darkness, but my headlamp illuminates the undamaged equipment and structural area. After looking through the basement quickly, we trace our steps back to the surface where the sun is bright.

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