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The following information has been compiled from the US Embassy and Tokyo Metropolitan Government websites. Every household should keep a survival kit with a flashlight, a radio, a first aid kit and enough food and water to last for a few days. Falling objects, toppling furniture and panic present the greatest dangers during an earthquake. Register with Google Person Finder to help reconnect with loved ones after the events of a natural disaster.

Avoid placing heavy objects in places where they could easily fall during an earthquake and cause injury or block exits. While many are small, those that are strong and close to centres of population can cause great damage and sometimes loss of life. Have a fire extinguisher and familiarize yourself with the designated evacuation area in your neighborhood.
In coastal areas beware of possible tidal waves (tsunami) while in mountainous areas beware of possible land slides.

If you are in the streets, try to find protection from glass and other objects that may fall from surrounding buildings.

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