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David is a wonderful person to work with,he is always very responsive to our request and is prompt on delivery.We reccomend him anytime. David is an outstanding owner who is very responsible, Knowledgeable, and prompt in responding to customers.
I highly recommend David from Deep Blue Smarthouse for people looking for steel framed housing solutions that can be shipped anywhere in the world. DeepBlue earthquake proof prefabricated bungalow is based on light gauge steel frame system with high performance finishing materials.
Only Need You To Provide Us:house area,how many floor and bedrooms,luxury or normally,or low cost configuation. Committed to providing you and your family with the best survival knowledge, skills and equipment.
This survival kit was designed using advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry. All items are packed securely in our Deluxe Hikers Backpack for Children which contains extra space available for personal items. This Classroom Lockdown Kit includes all of the essentials to allow a class of 30 people to get through an emergency lockdown situation. This classroom lockdown kit was designed using advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry. This 2 Shelf First Aid Cabinet was designed by leaders in the Emergency Preparedness Industry.
This Classroom Lockdown Kit includes everything you would need to allow a class of 30 people to get through an emergency lockdown situation for an extended period of time.

The popularity of this kit stems from its powerful component package, lightweight, organized design, and affordable price. Freeze dried and dehydrated emergency food, 72 Hour emergency survival kits, water storage and filtration and more.
These kits are made with high quality gear, yet are still affordable and convenient. Don’t get caught unprepared should an earthquake or other disaster hit your area.
Designed to provide emergency supplies for 4 people for one week, the Premium 1 Week Earthquake Kit is made to last long-term, be affordable, and to help simplify your disaster preparations. Total Prepare Inc., has exclusive Canadian Distributorships for a variety of product lines. Being prepared can help you during those critical hours or days after a catastrophic earthquake, hurricane, tsunamis, tornado, fire, car breakdown or terrorist attack. Having the right bug out bag, survival kit, earthquake kit, survival gear, emergency food and water can make the difference between life and death. Earthquakestore also guides you in creating your own emergency handbook that offer life-saving tips for surviving earthquakes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, power outages, snow storms, fires, tornadoes, floods, and even terrorist attacks. According to FEMA have two weeks supply of food and water, and other survival gear to survive a catastrophic event like a hurricane, earthquake or other natural or man-made disaster. It follows guidelines given by government agencies and non-profit preparedness organizations. This kit contains 656 pieces that are packaged neatly into a white steel case that can be mounted on a wall for easy access. This kit has everything that a backcountry guide, outfitter or trip leader would want in a medical kit for a short outing.

The Premium 1 Week Earthquake Kit for four people is equipped with enough food, water storage and purification, shelter and survival tools to last a week, all neatly packed in Grab & Go backpacks for speedy evacuation.
A few features include Relief Foods 130 Essential Combo Freeze Dried Food, a 15-in pry bar, safety goggles, a 4-in-1 emergency tool and a folding shovel with pick. We specialize in providing a complete line of preparedness products with an emphasis on quality, innovation and the best value available for the consumer.
Geological Survey is reporting that a strong magnitude-7.4 earthquake has struck off the coast of El Salvador and a tsunami warning has been issued.
We offer individuals, communities, governments, and businesses with ready-to-use emergency supplies for surviving a catastrophic event like the recent earthquake in Chile or the disaster in Japan..
The experts at Earthquakestore have ready made survival supplies, disaster supplies, and emergency gear to help you survive.. Our disaster preparedeness survival guide will help you protect your family, pets, personal property and home when disaster strikes.
Upgrades from the Weekender include increased quantities of components to care for a larger group, and a SAM® splint.

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