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Once you have the essentials covered, add personal hygiene and sanitation items to the kit — large trash bags and cans, toilet paper and household liquid chlorine laundry bleach. An Earthquake Survival Kit List According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, 45 U. Earthquake emergency supplies should be kept in an easily accessible photocopies of birth certificates, deeds, social.
If you have ever experienced an earthquake before, you are all too familiar with the chaos that ensues in its immediate aftermath.
If you live in an area with cold weather you may also need to stock additional items in your kit such as jackets, sleeping bags or other items to stay warm.
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Freeze dried and dehydrated emergency food, 72 Hour emergency survival kits, water storage and filtration and more.
Preparing for an earthquake or other disaster can be challenging; it takes time, research and lots of preparation. The Premium 1 Week Earthquake Kit for two people is equipped with enough food, water storage and purification, shelter and survival tools to last a week, all neatly packed in Grab & Go backpacks for speedy evacuation. These kits are made with high quality gear, yet are still affordable and convenient. Don’t get caught unprepared should an earthquake or other disaster hit your area.

Designed to provide emergency supplies for 2 people for one week, the Premium 1 Week Earthquake Kit is made to last long-term, be affordable, and to help simplify your disaster preparations. Total Prepare Inc., has exclusive Canadian Distributorships for a variety of product lines.
See the full-page poster version that appeared in the Winter 2012-2013 print edition of the newspaper.
The California Emergency Management Agency advises that the first 72 hours after a disaster are critical.
Your kit should be easily accessible and have enough supplies for you, your family and pets to survive for at least three days.
The American Red Cross advises using 16 drops of bleach per gallon to sterilize any water that’s not bottled.
The American Red Cross distributes an iPhone app called Shelter View, for finding out when and where shelters have been opened in your area during disasters. In the wake of a particularly intense earthquake, you might have to wait for stores to re-open or for emergency help for some time.
If you live in an especially remote area, you may want to include maps, compasses or even hiking gear.
A few features include a box of 68 Servings of Relief Freeze Dried Food (has a 25 year shelf life!), a 15-in pry bar, safety goggles, a 4-in-1 emergency tool and a folding shovel with pick.

We specialize in providing a complete line of preparedness products with an emphasis on quality, innovation and the best value available for the consumer. Electricity, gas and water may be unavailable and first responders will be busy focusing emergency services on the most serious crises.
The California Emergency Management Agency breaks down kits into: essentials, sanitation, safety and comfort, cooking and tools and supplies.
Use a strong, durable bag, case or backpack for your kit in case you need to leave your home and can easily carry it with you. By appropriately preparing your earthquake safety kit, you put yourself in a much better situation of getting through a major earthquake in one piece.
By stocking your kit with the right supplies, you will have everything you need to survive for an extended period of time.

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