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On April 21, The Asia Foundation’s field advisor in Nepal Ashray Pande will join local experts and development practitioners for a Give2Asia webinar discussion on the progress and challenges facing Nepal after the devastating 2015 earthquakes. The meeting room in the Guangzhou Academy of Governance is packed with 20 government officials. The above is a scene from an exercise simulation designed and conducted by participants as part of a two-week intensive training workshop. Major disasters over the past several years, including the 2003 SARS epidemic and tragic 2008 Sichuan earthquake that took at least 69,000 lives, have prompted the government to take serious measures to improve its regulatory and institutional structures to better manage emergencies. Major disasters over the past several years, including the tragic 2008 Sichuan earthquake that took at least 69,000 lives, have prompted the government to take serious measures to improve its regulatory and institutional structures to better manage emergencies. Since its establishment, NIEM has shown great enthusiasm in learning from its counterparts in other countries, including the U.S. As China develops the capacity of its own disaster management system, it will be able to provide valuable insights for developing response and mitigation strategies across the region.
There have been a number of disasters that happen in Japan, quite a few of them being earthquakes.
Due to the movement of the land and thus the shaking of buildings, a certain roof of a swimming pool in Sendai City collapse. These officials are in charge of emergency management in Guangzhou, a city of over 12 million located in the Pearl River Delta of southern China. Since 2010, The Asia Foundation has been supporting the Chinese government’s efforts to improve emergency response through its Strengthening Disaster Management Leadership and Coordination (DMLC) program. For example, China recently introduced a series of laws and regulations requiring the development of hazard-specific contingency plans from national to local levels; and in 2010, the National Institute of Emergency Management (NIEM) was established as the designated disaster management training institute for government officials. Responding to this, the DMLC project has facilitated experience-sharing between NIEM and U.S.

To support China in this regard, The Asia Foundation is currently expanding its cooperation with NIEM to strengthen China’s role in foreign disaster assistance and coordination.
Relatively speaking, Japan is often hit with this specific calamity but sadly, it doesn’t make the constituents of its great nation any number to the damage that an earthquake can cause. Of course we all mourn for the loss of the families of those killed because of the pool roof collapse.
For the longest time Japan has been developing innovative ways and procedures to receive early warning for earthquakes. Also this week, Edward Anderson and Nandita Baruah blog from Kathmandu on where recovery efforts stand today, and the societal issues that are often unmentioned. Through simulation exercises like this one, the program fosters a more collaborative and hands-on approach to disaster management, and enables practitioners to identify where coordination and response mechanisms fall short. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the individual author and not those of The Asia Foundation. Every time that an earthquake occurs on this specific country, people are a little bit more scared. In their account they reported that the powerful earthquake that hit Japan on that day has a magnitude of 7.2 and injured at least forty people. There have been researchers and developers that long since have been studying these ways and honing them to perfection. The officials have just learned that unexpected heavy rain fall has interrupted the operation of the city metro system and has caused serious traffic accidents, virtually paralyzing major traffic arteries in China’s third largest city.
This initiative will further encourage the sharing of knowledge and best practices among training institutes across ASEAN countries.
According to their report, the epicenter was thought to have been somewhere below the ocean off the Miyagi prefecture.

They only categorized one person that was seriously hurt while all else were declared slightly injured. This incident showed a step forward as some of the people in the city of Sendai were testing the new earthquake warning system, and were given a heads up from the Meteorological Agency 16 seconds before the earthquake reached the city. Furthermore, it has been reported that one of the traffic accidents has involved the spill of an unknown hazardous chemical, posing immediate personal safety and health risks to the city’s residents.
These U.S-China partnerships have not only benefited Chinese disaster management practitioners, but have also fostered deeper understanding between the two countries through the examination and sharing of similar challenges. There were also power outages in a lot of homes, affecting a whopping number of seventeen thousand people, but this was standard procedure in the country and done merely as a safety precaution.
Due to the humanitarian nature of emergency management, bilateral exchange on this issue has been less sensitive and more constructive than on some other issues. One earthquake that may have contributed to this fear would be the one that tore through the east coast of the Japanese island Honshu in the year 2005.
This was just enough time for people to take cover and prepare for what they thought was the worst. The officials work in a coordinated manner to field calls, process updates, and give instruction to emergency response personnel on the ground.
Recognizing this, disaster risk reduction was included for the first time in the China-U.S.

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