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Thanks to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Department of Homeland Security, September is National Preparedness Month. Earthquakes, also known as rapid tremors or trembles, are caused by the shifting and breaking of the ground. Now we know this isn’t exactly the type of subject you would choose to discuss with your four year-old niece or nephew at their birthday party, but the best way to be protected, is to be prepared. Having a plan of action and being equipped with knowledge is crucial in dealing with a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, and families should take the time to establish priorities and practice safety procedures together.
Practicing to accommodate various scenarios, with family and friends, also helps provide additional exposure to potential threats and appropriate responses. IDEAL FOR: Businesses interested in educating their employees regarding earthquake emergencies. With the recent earthquake that shook parts of Visayas and Mindanao last Friday, August 31, we are reminded once again how important it is to know what to do during an earthquake.
We need to take note that the Marikina Fault Line runs all the way through the major parts of Metro Manila.

Knowing the location of the fault lines in the country and informing the people is also key in helping people prepare for the reality of earthquakes. PHIVOLCS personnel who have been interviewed on TV stress that with the reality of these fault lines in Metro Manila and the country, we do need to be prepared in the event that an earthquake does take place.
During this month, the goal is to help spread awareness about the importance of having a plan in case of an emergency and making sure to put safety first. They can vary between medium and high risk and can occur in all regions of the United States, at any given time. And although earthquakes are no light matter, you can feel better, knowing that you are more suited to handle an earthquake now than you were at the start of today.
It outlines the steps involved during and after such an occurrence as well as provide guidance on helpful tools.
From news on TV, we learn that had the 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck Metro Manila, there would be more damage and peril there since there are more people located and more buildings in the Metro.
Perhaps even as of now, people in Metro Manila do not even know that their properties are that near to the marikina fault line exact location.

If there is a strong movement in this fault line, we can foresee how many people and structures would be affected.
They need to know so that all concerned could prepare well should an earthquake strike in their midst. Intentionally placed the AFTER earthquake guide as most accidents happened after earthquake.
We've got what you need to celebrate Earth Day (and prep for the summer) by keeping your lawn green! We can almost wish that there is no fault line along these places so that we don’t have to worry about an earthquake.
The Marikina Fault Line has 2 segments: the East Valley Fault Line and the West Valley Fault Line.

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