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Information for preppers on all aspects of emergency preparedness, prepping and food storage. A simple piece of one by four secured to the front of your shelves will help keep your jars in place during a earthquake.
This entry was posted in earthquake, food storage and tagged earthquakes, food storage, Howard. Yep preppers who are supposedly prepping for earthquakes and polar shifts which will have earthquakes with glass jars all over the place and 2 story buildings with no insulation even though they think Texas will be the new canada and 4 mths of dehy food with no water etc etc etc I cant watch it it anymore because it’s causing my BP to rise.
I do believe it will cause these people problems down the road if indeed their lifestyle is in the prepping mode for real. Critique the program with an attitude that you are glad you don’t know or live near them and that you know more than they do. Yep preppers who are prepping for earthquakes and polar shifts which will have earthquakes with glass jars all over the place and 2 story buildings with no insulation even though they think Texas will be the new canada and 4 mths of dehy food with no water etc etc etc I cant watch it it anymore because it’s causing my BP to rise. Chicas, Stylish gals!  Put down your Chris Brown voodoo dolls and set aside the miniature ice picks and glocks… We complete our dry shampoo reviews this Earthquake Thursday with Oscar Blandi and John Frieda.
I like to think 10 days with Oscar Blandi and John Frieda would be like  kicking off Mardi Gras in N’orleans with a fist full of beads, a new set of fake titties and your best gay. Today’s dry shampoo reviews are decidedly less exciting than last Thursday’s reviews, but less painful than a sucker punch to the eye. Perhaps the romantic among you will find a euphemism for the boulevard of broken dreams and life in Hollywood in that statement, but I was actually just referring to my unwashed hair.
Anyone joining us for the first time here for Earthquake Thursday’s Dry Shampoo reviews should first read this post, because it sets out all the parameters, caveats and protocols of the testing.  And its hilarious, according to me.
For those of you too busy to click over to last week’s reviews, the products were tested in conditions as close to surviving the Big One as I could manage.
In other words, the stylish girl will have a good dry shampoo product in her earthquake kit.

Review: The Oscar Blandi sprays on like white spray paint (see first picture above), which I found hilarious. The directions say you could use this product all through out the day, but I could not stand the weight. It left a film all over my bathroom counter and I had to wash my hairbrushes and counters after using it. And that wraps up our dry shampoo reviews for earthquake preparedness – UNLESS you have a product you would like me to review on the 5 day Earthquake Prep Water Rationing Challenge for you.
No use, theft, plagiarism, homage, reproduction, copy, sampling or free basing without express written permission of LA Juice and its ownership. Thanks to the link you provided I watched a few of the prepper shows and was shocked at a lack of understanding of the gestalt.
Nat Geo went out of there way to show newbies, fringers, idiots and skill lackers who do not understand OPSEC and want 5mins of fame and can’t teach much of anything because even though they prep they do not actually do as is apparent by gear falling off of packs on the first hike in which the time was missed by hours when things are good and fingers blown off from safety violations 10 year olds learn with BB guns. Unless you like looking at my skunk striped trailer root and snickering about how bizarre it is to go 4-5 days without washing your hair. Sigh.  Its like the light of creativity that once burned so brightly from this silken mane of spun gold has been smothered by filth and power.
Also you might want to check it out to read my reviews of the TRESemme Fresh Start line and the Klorane Extra Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk. They were my favorite totally inexpensive, but double the amount of product and they worked incredibly well on days 4 and 5.
I’m sure an aerosol will be easier than messing with a brush and whatnot in the aftermath of the Biggun’!
I’ve seen 2 that I could be near and they showed basically nothing useful that they are doing that could actually help someone. Someone who stores gallons of liquor for barter but doesn’t do the same with water,a fireman who thinks he will be able to run back and forth in SHTF scenario in NYC to retrieve MREs from a location 4 blocks away, I guess the message here from Nat Geo is that preppers are all idiots.

If you like to mock the idiocy of others, then you- my perfect precious pita- have come to the right place.
Even after a quick blow out, I was not convinced that I had gotten all the weird white streaks out. I can’t imagine that this would work, since a blow out took a while to get the white streaks out.
No way your best gay is going to N’orleans with you and your gaggle of hens to watch you flash your tittays at puking-drunk frat boys for plastic baubles. But what else can I do, we must know what product to loot store in our Earthquake Kits, in advance.
And because she is a saucy brunette with luxurious long locks, I am dying to know if she likes it. Ok, anyway, it’s just the powder, and you get more product that way (rather than an aerosol can). Definitely take care of that blood pressure,meds are the first things to run out when there is no more being supplied! That busted weave glorious mane of extensions and over-priced Brazilian blow out will not survive 5,6,7 days without shampoo, this much I know. My hair felt like it had a pound of hair spray in it, and my head itched.  My head itched like crazy by Day 4 and I want very badly to wash my hair. I tested it, but not as many days as you, and I used a large kabuki brush to dust it into my roots. This does not seem like a product that can go the 5 day distance, but should be fine under normal use conditions (A second day wash replacement).

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