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Se existe algo em comum nos finalistas da edicao deste ano dos Online Journalism Awards (OJA) – alem da altissima qualidade do conteudo de todos os projetos selecionados -, e o uso quase universal de alguma forma de visualizacao, seja com um simples grafico de barras ou um mapa interativo, seja integrando elementos de interatividade em narrativas multimidias mais complexas, ou ate mesmo criando um aplicativo completo, totalmente exploravel e com varias camadas de informacao a disposicao do internauta. Para quem nao conhece, os OJAs foram lancados em 2000 pela Online News Association (ONA), a principal associacao de jornalistas online do mundo. Nos selecionamos alguns dos projetos finalistas que fizeram uso de elementos de visualizacao de dados. Ainda assim, esperamos que aprecie a selecao que preparamos – e boa sorte a todos os finalistas! Uma vez mais, recomendamos que visite a lista completa, ja que sao varios os projetos de jornalismo investigativo que vale a pena conhecer, e que nao mencionamos neste post. For all the attention generated by the massive earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, experts in California remain skeptical that residents of this quake-prone region are any better prepared for the inevitable Big One.
The Elijah dilemma: How do you welcome the stranger when you can’t stand your neighbor? If Los Angeles’ Jewish day schools are prepared for a major earthquake, they have the accreditation requirements of BJE-Builders of Jewish Education, an umbrella organization for local Jewish education, in large part to thank. For example, at Sinai Akiba Academy, the school for Sinai Temple in Westwood, which has both a preschool and kindergarten through eighth grade in the day school and is located at the busy intersection of Wilshire and Beverly Glen boulevards, approximately 1,000 students and staff are on campus on any given weekday. BJE, for instance, recommends that schools have advance communication technology, which can take many forms, such as auto-dial messaging, Hess said. Meanwhile, at Ilan Ramon, educators don’t need to worry about alarming their students. Shawn Kyles, chief building safety inspector at Julian Construction, stated: “Thirty years ago California adopted a law to encourage earthquake retrofitting of old buildings. Julian De La Torre, founder and owner of Julian Construction, stated: “The reason we are working on this campaign is to bring about more home safety.

Julian Construction owns its own company and is built on a “no middlemen” model – no salesmen, no subcontractors.
O objetivo dos premios e inspirar e estimular os jornalistas a desenvolverem habilidades e competencias que lhes permitam fazer uso das ferramentas digitais para melhor contar as suas historias. E uma selecao que inclui trabalhos mais conhecidos, que ja conquistaram outros reconhecimentos internacionais, e outros que so conhecemos agora. Although certain states, such as California, are more prone to experience earthquakes than other states are, the fact is that no one is safe from their devastation. Serving approximately 150 students, the Agoura Hills school is located in a community of mountains, urban sprawl and stables.
We want everyone to be secure and safe in their homes and know that their home’s structure will remain stable. When you work with Julian Construction you get the principals of the company and workers of Julian Construction under your home.
Para isso, um painel de jurados reconhece anualmente os melhores projetos de jornalismo investigativo, gracas ao apoio da John S. Apenas sentimos falta de finalistas aqui do Brasil, sobretudo porque temos consciencia que existem trabalhos de alta qualidade que poderiam muito bem estar entre os finalistas. An earthquake may occur anywhere in the United States at any time, and the most effective way to minimize the destruction they can cause is to be prepared and to understand what to do when they occur.Earthquakes are the result of the movement of the tectonic plates and the shifting of enormous masses of matter in and under the earth’s crust. Despite the school’s smaller size and quieter suburban setting, its students participate in earthquake drills every few weeks. The way we do this is by helping people find the home’s foundation problems and find out what needs to be done to repair them.
The tectonic plates form the surface of the planet, and they have been shifting for many, many years.

The school also takes part every year in the Great California ShakeOut, a statewide earthquake drill that draws the participation of millions of people from schools, workplaces and elsewhere, according to
Knight Foundation, da Gannett Foundation e da Faculdade de Jornalismo e Comunicacao da Universidade da Florida . Este ano, serao cerca de US$52,500 em premios que serao distribuidos pelos vencedores das varias categorias, na cerimonia que vai decorrer no dia 27 de setembro, no jantar de gala da conferencia anual da ONA. When this energy grows stronger than the matter locking the plates together, it is released and has the potential to cause massive damage.Have an Earthquake Preparedness PlanBy having an earthquake preparedness plan, you can minimize the damage to your property and belongings, reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities, and shorten the time it takes to recover and restore your life to normal.
Secure Your Home for EarthquakesThe shaking and rattling of an earthquake can easily rearrange all of your furniture and decor into a mass of broken, overturned pieces.
In a study conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles, approximately 55 percent of earthquake injuries are caused by falling objects.The easiest way to start is by moving tall and top-heavy furniture away from beds, couches and anywhere people may be sitting, sleeping or otherwise off their feet.
If your request is refused, you may want to consider moving into a home that is more secure.2. Gather Emergency SuppliesEmergency supplies are essential to staying safe and healthy after a major earthquake occurs.
Safeguard Important DocumentsTo ease recovery after a major earthquake and to help emergency workers, it makes good sense to safeguard important documents. These documents can be kept in a waterproof, fireproof safe or stored in a safety deposit box.

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