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Central States Disaster and Earthquake Preparedness Survey Jan 1, 2001 Presented by the Los Angeles City Fire Department Available in both text.
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Sponsored content is written by Global News' without any editorial influence by the sponsor.
Over the last few months, Ian Abuana, one of the Beverly Hills Small Animal Hospital technicians, has organized several meetings for the BHSAH staff with Scott Baker, one of the founders of Safety Net, a Huntington Beach-based company that specializes in disaster preparedness. Coincidentally, just a few days after our last meeting with Scott, the Greater Los Angeles Area was rattled, albeit slightly, by a 4.4 magnitude earthquake. We think this is a good time to encourage our clients to get their earthquake kits and supplies together for themselves and their families, and this of course includes supplies for the furry babies as well. Making an emergency plan for your pets is crucial, as they are often the casualties of emergencies, left behind in the last minute scramble to get out of difficult situations.
Experts say that the minimum amount of food, water, and safety supplies that should be included in an earthquake kit should be enough for 3 days, per household member. Copies of vital documents such as insurance policies, medical consent forms, list of emergency contact numbers, doctor’s name and contact information, prescription lists, personal identification (drivers license, work ID card, etc.) all stored in a water-resistant folder. Work gloves for each adult: Scott warns that in most disasters, the most common injuries are cut hands and cut feet, so we would say that strong gloves and are essentials in a disaster kit.
This is a very thorough pamphlet you can print out about disaster preparation for your pets from FEMA. You should also place safety decals in your front home windows to alert any firefighters or police that you have pets inside.
The ASPCA gives free safety alert stickers HERE, and they have disaster preparedness tips with special considerations for birds, reptiles, and rodents. Familiar items: toys, treats, and bedding help to reduce stress and keep your pet calm in the case of an emergency. Know where the closest 24 hour emergency pet treatment facilities are, and keep a list of them handy. Being prepared in the event of a large earthquake or other unforseeable disaster is the best gift you can give to your family, human or otherwise. For the safety of our patrons, and to protect your data Quake Ready Kit does not allow transactions to be proessed using IE6 or older. We will even build Custom Earthquake Safety Kits for your business, charity or non-profit organization so that money can be raised for your charitable cause or to raise funds for special projects at your school or place of business. According to a Science News article from May 24, 2013, NOAA's Climate Prediction Center is forecasting an active or extremely active season this year. Everyone at NOAA is committed to providing life-saving forecasts in the face of these storms and ensuring that Americans are prepared and ready ahead of time. While the best advice for the millions of people living in low-lying Hurricane areas is to evacuate when necessary, a First Aid Global family and business preparedness kit can be a life-saver when disaster strikes home.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. At Equip2Survive, it is our passion to do whatever we can to help you prepare for any kind of hardship that may come your way in the future. Events like this can at a bare minimum be a bit frightening or perhaps inconvenient, but for many individuals these events can get downright ugly and turn their lives into a living hell! As responsible adults, we take certain measures to ensure the safety and security of our families.
All of the aforementioned measures are measures that we take for the sake of our families on a daily basis, and each of these measures is typically regarded by most as "fairly normal".

Many in our society have decided (foolishly, in our opinion) to rely solely on the government to "come and rescue them" in the event of a crisis, but a growing number of individuals find the prospect of putting their fate 100% in the hands government a frightening one.
Please don't take this the wrong waya€¦ we are really proud of you for wearing your seatbelt and having medical insurance, but let's be honesta€¦ neither of those is going to do you a lick of good to help get you and your family get through the next 72 MISERABLE and EXHAUSTING hours (or more) with no water, food, light, heat, air conditioning, communication, and so on. No one knows everything there is to know about survival, and if anyone tells you they do, they are lying.A  I see many survival resources on TV, the internet, in the media and in books that are all giving us advicea€¦ and ALL OF IT must constantly be evaluated on a case by case basis without exception. That being said, there are a lot of terrific men and women out there who we admire a great deal for their incredible knowledge and experience in these areas. We at Equip2Survive consider ourselves “students” of survival, bushcraft, camping, fishing, hunting and prepping, and we want to share what we have learned from others on this site you might learn something too! We have also created this site so that viewers can contribute their own thoughts, ideas, critiques and suggestions to any and every page of this site as well.
Our goal is to share each and every one of these terrific resources with you and openly recommend them to you.
We hope that you enjoy this site and the information, tutorials, reviews, instructional videos, user comments and various other types of resources found here! Preparing a kit and a plan ahead of time  will make it less likely that your pets will be left behind, hurt or lost in the event of an emergency. In a disaster, you will thank yourself for having them all assembled and together in one place. Hundreds of pets escaped and were lost during the 1994 Northridge earthquake, and were never reunited with their owners. FEMA suggests talking to neighbors and friends about helping to evacuate pets if you are unable to do so yourself. The first aid and safety company resides in prime Earthquake territory and has made its living by customizing preparedness kits for every disaster. You can also purchase their EMT Kits, CBRN Kits, Sports First Aid Kits and their Survival Backpacks at a reduced price on Amazon. We are passionate about equipping you and your family with the tools you need not only to survive that crisis, but to actually thrive during that crisis in relative comfort! The sad reality is tragedy usually catches up with us all at some point, but we don’t have to let it beat us!
Not really a huge crisis I realize, but if you don’t have at a minimum a few flashlights, candles or lanterns at the ready, your small children can quickly become frightened and the situation can start to get stressful and begin to unravel!
Yet seldom do any of us actually burn our house down, get in a car accident, get burglarized, or randomly fall out of boatsa€¦ but for some strange reason that doesn't seem to matter.
But even if the government does come to your rescue, even they themselves are completely upfront about the fact that it may take as long as 72 hours for them to finally get to you. You are not going to enjoying your self at all during those three very long daysa€¦ that is unless you were smart enough make some very easy "preps". You only have to be wrong once to end up dead, and each of these experts are wrong at one point or another, even if they are right most of the time. Advocating that people assemble a 72 hour kit, for example, is not an original idea here at E2S, but we will share information like this with you anyway because it is totally worth repeatinga€¦ over and over again.
The fire bow, slingshot, trapping, fishing, bow and arrow, gardening, cooking over a fire, primitive shelter, etc. We want visitors to feel at home and make contributions of their owna€¦ let’s just make sure that we keep them civil and constructive! When someone has pioneered a particular subject matter and has become a valuable asset in my learning on that topic, it is our desire to fully give them credit and reward them by recommending their contribution to others.
Such disasters can include earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, inclement weather, forest-fires and terrorism.

We have replaced flashlights and radios that required batteries with new products that no longer require the use of batteries. Our desire is to equip you with the critical knowledge, understanding, skills, attitudes, expectations, character, fortitude, vigilance and gear that will help you get through your crisis (whatever form it may take) as safely, quickly, comfortably and easily as possible!
Most of us still wouldn't dream of driving around without car insurance or wearing a seatbelt.
How hard would it really be to set up a simple bag that you can grab on your way out the door with a few basic necessities (and maybe even a few comfort items) to keep your family taken care of for a few days while this "crisis" blows over?
After all, aren’t we all learning new tricks, tips and techniques together every day?
When it comes to survival, your life is going to depend on what information you choose to rely upon and what information you choose do disregard. It is not our intention to present any this information as though it all 100% originated from us.
It is our intention to give credit where credit is due when it comes to ideas, techniques, concepts, and the like. Store them with the batteries separately in a bag, so the batteries don’t sit in the head lamp and corrode. The new products will be powered by the "dynamo" or a combination of solar power and dynamo power.
Making some basic and simple changes in your life can make a world of difference in how you and your family fare in a crisis. A good number of us have been laid off or been fired from a job at one point or another, and most of us have seen the destruction hurricanes, tornados, wild fires, floods, blizzards, ice storms, droughts, earthquakes can have on a local communitya€¦ you get the idea.
Nor would we neglect to keep our fire extinguishers and our smoke detectors in terrific operating condition. We are just regular practical folks who are really passionate about survival and preparedness!
We don’t 100% agree with any of these individuals and we can (and do) criticize (constructively) any and all of them for one thing or another, but we also admire most of them to varying degrees.
Very few of the survival concepts that we discuss on this site are completely new or original concepts. This site is intended to be an assembly of all of the great information that we have discovered via books and magazines we have read, courses we have taken, and resources we have discovered on the web. We have absolutely no desire to tread on anyone else’s original ideas or intellectual property. We at E2S are just regular people like who are extremely interested in all kinds of survival related topics. Most of them have been passed on from generation to generation, but they are still worth passing on to you! We will absolutely add our own contributions to this information, offering opinions, criticisms, critiques, suggestions, tips, reviews, and ideas of our own. We simply went a step further and made a decision to assemble everything we have learned (and are continuing to learn) and put it all one central resource so that you all can tap into our collective discoveries, experiences and passions and hopefully share your own! What if the disaster strikes while you are at your job, your wife is at her job, and your kids are all at different schools?

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