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Earthquake Retrofitting: Welcome to Cal-Quake Construction the earthquake readiness experts. Here you will find useful information on earthquake readiness and earthquake retrofitting for your property. Servicing the entire State of California, the CAL-QUAKE team has well over 150 years of combined experience preparing property for earthquakes and repairing earthquake damage.  Call us or book a retrofit inspection online today! Under the law, property owners will have seven years to fix wood apartments and 25 years to fix concrete buildings. The solution for sliding failure.  Sliding failure occurs when a property is not securely bolted to the foundation. Currently, over 58,000 San Francisco residents and close to 2,000 businesses are located in approximate 2800 soft story buildings that have not been retrofitted. What is earthquake retrofitting?  Seismic retrofitting is the modification of existing structures to make them more resistant to seismic activity, ground motion, or soil failure due to earthquakes.
So, not often but from time to time I come across an exceptional vendor I feel compelled to share with my clients.  I selected Cal-Quake Construction only after carefully researching a bunch of companies. If you wish to pay us via PayPal for your inspection, feel free to click the PayPal button below. Decide in advance who should stay put, and who should try and get in touch and gather others.
Non-electric can openerBottled waterThis is key as water supplies could be toxic or there could be a water main break. With last weekend’s 6.0 earthquake in Napa County as the latest reminder of the need for earthquake preparedness, LA Unified is progressing slowly in retrofitting school buildings deemed vulnerable.
In accordance with a state law known as AB 300, the district in 2006 conducted a seismic evaluation and identified 667 buildings constructed before 1976 that required possible retrofits to withstand a big earthquake. Since the list was released, only 17 buildings on school sites have been retrofitted to protect against earthquakes.
The survey of buildings begins with a seismic evaluation, which could take up to a year, followed by the design phase and finally the actual retrofit or upgrades.
Diana Friend, whose nine-year-old son attends West Hollywood Elementary, a school on the list of buildings in need of a retrofit, said the Napa earthquake made her think more about her child’s safety. A new report by the California Charter Schools Association shows a growing gap between the overall school performance of traditional schools and charter schools in LA Unified. The charter association said the trend represents just one aspect of the charters’ overall achievement. She said this gap is likely to get bigger as more students in LAUSD start attending top performing charter schools.
Continuing problems with LAUSD’s  new MiSiS computer system prompted nearly 250 Jefferson High School students to walk out of class today in protest over scheduling conflicts. The students, mostly juniors and seniors, said their schedules were wrong and they have not been assigned the honor or AP classes they need for their college portfolio. MiSiS, or My Integrated Student Information System, is designed to track every aspect of a student’s academic career by integrating a variety of existing computer programs. Senior Daniela Echavarria told LA School Report that she has been complaining to school administrators ever since she noticed that she was missing three classes.
She also said many students were missing electives and were scheduled for classes that they had already taken. Two weeks into the new school year, LA Unified administrators are still working out bugs in a new computer system, a disruption that has made instruction particularly difficult for special education teachers, who need specific information for each of their students..
Special education teacher Kelly Flores, who teaches at Maya Angelou Community High School, said the problems she has encountered with MiSiS are preventing her from doing her job, costing students valuable instruction time.
Flores says there’s a way teachers can access their case load, but it has to go through an administrator, and at this point, she said, no administrator knows how to do it or has the time to do it. A major shift is underway across LA Unified in how schools and administrators approach student disciplinary issues.
LAUSD officials and LA School Police Chief Steve Zipperman are planning to announce new district-wide protocols tomorrow that will define and limit the role of police on campus, incorporating new student protections and providing opportunities for students to receive help and support. One of the main changes directly impacts the school police and how officers issue student citations.
Officials from the Community Strategy Center, an LA-based human rights organization that focuses on civil rights, environmental justice, public health and the criminal legal system, say between 2009 and 2011, 33,000 tickets were given to young people under the age of 14 for truancy, tobacco, fights or assaults, and 1,000 students were booked and arrested each year. Most of the citations led to court appearances or probation, undermining student success at school.
Officials from FixLA and LA Unified at a press conference, calling for more school crossing guards.
As the new school year gets underway, so does a campaign to increase student safety at LA Unified elementary schools. District officials, including board member Bennett Kayser, and members of the  FixLA coalition gathered at City Hall this week to express their concern over a shortage of crossing guards at more than 100 LA Unified and charter elementary school intersections, a vacuum they say that puts students and their parents at risk of injury, even death. The Los Angeles Department of Transportation is responsible for supplying crossing guards to elementary schools within LAUSD. A department traffic study in March showed that 507 intersections near 307 elementary schools qualified for crossing guards. As LA Unified students begin their first day of school tomorrow, district officials will be out in force, welcoming them. Superintendent John Deasy has a full schedule over two days, with plans to greet principals and to tour schools that are under construction. Planning to visit nearly a dozen campuses tomorrow and Wednesday, Deasy will start his tomorrow with a 5 a.m.

Deasy ends the day with visits to Playa Vista Elementary School, Paul Revere Charter Middle School and Magnet Center, Emerson Community Charter Middle School and David Starr Jordan High School.
On Wednesday, Deasy is scheduled to visit four schools, joined by Garcia and Hovatter at Dr.
As for the two other board members, Tamar Galatzan is starting the day tomorrow with her own children, and President Richard Vladovic has plans to visit schools but has announced his schedule. After a strong start in the number of autonomy model schools over the last two years, the pace of growth has slowed. For the school year opening next week, LA Unified is adding only a handful of Pilot, Local Initiative Schools (LIS), and Expanded School-Based Model Management (ESBMM) schools. LA Unified and the teachers union, UTLA, signed an agreement at the end of 2011 adding LIS as a third autonomy model to the existing ESBMM and pilot school models, and over over the first two years with all three models, pilots increased to 48 from 34, LIS went to 11 from 1 and ESBMM schools rose to 23 from 17. In the coming year, however, LA Unified is adding just 4 pilots (two closed last year), 4 LIS schools and 1 ESBMM school, bringing the totals to 50 pilots, 15 LIS and 24 ESBMM. The four new pilots are Lucille Roybal-Allard ES, Porter Ranch Community School, Boyle Heights STEM HS, and Nava College Preparatory Academy. The four new LIS include Lokrantz Special Education Center, Panorama City ES, Reseda HS, and Salvin Community Learning Center. District officials say the initial increases reflected new options for autonomy made available to schools, allowing outside management groups and teacher-led groups to work together for change. Watson said she has reached out to Johnson’s campaign, insisting that her name and image not be used in any negative materials. So far, none of the negative material (examples are here and here) from the campaign has included the names of Watson or Hahn. Every morning for the last six weeks, Dorsey High School senior Christian Moton has been taking part in a highly charged and energetic morning ceremony when he sings, chants and cheers. The daily Harambee, which means “all pull together” in Swahili, is part of a Children’s Defense Fund program called Freedom Schools, an educational curriculum that helps teach a love for reading and writing and builds self esteem through positive reinforcement. Organized by the Community Coalition, a group that works towards improving south LA neighborhoods, the program serves nearly 120 African American and Latino youth from elementary, middle and high schools, mostly from LA Unified. During the seven-week summer program, which has been expanding on the West Coast, students gather in groups and read for three hours a day. And thanks to the program’s high impact curriculum, Moton says he has grown more confident and has developed skills that will help him succeed in life. Two LA Unified elementary school teachers are among six California educators selected as finalists for the 2014 Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching or (PAEMST). The nominees must demonstrate a mastery of math or science, appropriate use of instructional methods and strategies, effective use of assessment strategies, lifelong learning, and leadership in education outside the classroom. The California Department of Education (CDE) partnered with the California Science Teachers Association and the California Mathematics Council to recruit and select nominees for the PAEMST program, which was enacted by Congress in 1983 and authorizes the President each year to bestow up to 108 math and science awards to teachers nationwide.
In response to a surge in cases of whooping cough, LA Unified is helping parents meet new state immunization requirements by offering immunization shots, beginning July 28.
Under a 2010 state law, when California experienced 9,000 whooping cough cases, children entering 7th to 12th grades are required to be immunized and need proof of a T-dap booster shot before starting school. Pertussis cases have been on the rise with elementary, middle and high school outbreaks being reported across the state, according to the California Department of Public Health. A budget increase of $4 million  is enabling the LASPD, the police force that serves LA Unified, to build on the safety practices the department began implementing last year.
The additional funding came as a result of a growing number of school shootings across the country, including the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, and the enduring concerns of parents to keep their children safe. The additional funding has provided on-going training for officers, re-training school principals on lockdown procedures and additional safety personal at school sites, including 1,000 aides, which translates into two aides per campus.
They will help officers monitor the school site and report back to them if they see anything unusual. And that includes making sure campuses are free from weapons of any kind, including knives and guns. With less than a month before the runoff election for LAUSD’s district 1 board seat, the race between candidates George McKenna and Alex Johnson is heating up as both both candidates are re-launching their campaigns. Over the weekend, McKenna, 74, a career school administrator, and Johnson, 33, an education aide to LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, held separate rallies to generate community support and answer questions about their campaigns. Jewett Walker, McKenna’s campaign manager, told LA School Report that nearly 140 people gathered at McKenna headquarters, including Congresswoman Maxine Waters, representatives for Congresswoman Karen Bass and staff from the California School Employees Association (CSEA) Local 500. With only five percent of voters expected to cast ballots, Jewett said the campaign intends to do what it can to re-energize voters, reminding them of the importance of every single vote. The LA Unified school district plans to expand its dual language immersion program next fall, adding Spanish language programs to three elementary schools in the district.
According to LAUSD officials, that brings the total number of dual language programs offered by the district to 57, including 43 in Spanish, 10 in Korean, and four in Mandarin.
Hilda Maldonado, the director of the multi-lingual department at LAUSD told LA School Report that the new programs are a result of the schools’ and communities desire for students with different backgrounds to study and gain fluency in both English and Spanish.
The three new programs have been approved at Madison, Nightingale and Hooper elementary schools. Dual language immersion programs are still few and far between in California but are growing in popularity; according to the California Department of Education there were 313 programs in California in 2011, mostly in Spanish.
Since the shut-down of bilingual education, dual immersion programs have emerged on a limited basis, only if parents help get a waiver from Prop 227. ABC7 Consumer Specialist Ric Romero talked to the experts and put together these tips on what to do to prepare your home for an earthquake.PREPAREAmerican Red Cross volunteer Lisa Marie Harris knows how to prepare a home for an earthquake. Additionally, hints on how to prevent or limit damage to your property, and life saving tips to keep you, your property and lives safe.

The city has already identified about 13,500 apartment complexes that officials suspect need repairs.
This describes any building that has a habitable room or rooms above a garage, carport or delivery bay area that was not designed to transmit shear or lateral forces to the story above.
The sideways movement of an earthquake can cause the entire building to literally slide off its foundation (while often remaining otherwise intact). Some of these items include structural defects that affect the performance of the property during an earthquake.
With better understanding of seismic demand on structures and with our recent experiences with large earthquakes near urban centers, the need of seismic retrofitting is well acknowledged. There will inevitably be earthquakes in Los Angeles as we live in ‘earthquake country’ amongst fault lines and shifting plates. Make sure you have an up-to-date phone number list which also includes the numbers of doctors and emergency services.Know Your Home Before an Earthquake HitsMake sure you know where the gas and water mains and electrical boxes are in your home so you can turn them off in the event of an emergency.
The buildings were ranked by priority, looking at three risk factors: age, type of construction and proximity to an earthquake fault.
Currently, 15 buildings on 10 school sites are in the design phase, meaning that experts are determining the scope of a retrofit or whether the building needs to be torn down and rebuilt. Those are the ones within two miles of a known fault,” Roger Finstad, LAUSD’s director or maintenance and operations told LA School Report. The data shows that charter school median API scores have been on a steady rise over the last six years, gradually expanding the difference over the other schools.
A three-point difference in the median API score for charters and traditional schools in 2007-2008 grew to 47 over the five years, as the median API score for traditional scores slipped in the final year. But ever since its roll out at the start of the school year, the program has been riddled with problems, including losing student data and scheduling errors, creating chaos across school campuses. As a special education teacher, Flores must be working with her students either in a classroom or learning center, making sure they’re programmed correctly into the classes they need. Fremont High School, while LAUSD board member Monica Ratliff heads to Mountain View Elementary School and then to Van Nuys Senior High School.
Julian Nava Learning Academy, one of four new four pilot schools opening this year, followed by Haddon Avenue Elementary School and North Hollywood Senior High School.  Deasy will be joined by LAUSD board member Bennett Kayser for his final visit to South Gate Middle School. Fred MacFarlane, a spokesman for the campaign said he believed they were responding to pro-Johnson material from an outside group.
They also sing and discuss the book’s meaning, while at the same time gaining a sense of self worth.
Unified immunization consent form and a current immunization record to receive the whooping cough booster.
1 requires parents, except for those who opt for religious reasons, to submit a signed doctor’s note proving that they have been notified of the risks and benefits of immunizations.
Over $7,000 in campaign contributions was collected, bringing the total of runoff campaign donations to more than $46,000. They offer a curriculum in two languages to the general student population –  not just to English language learners, but to English-only students as well. By 1998, bilingual education was being blamed for an achievement gap in the immigrant population and was banned by Proposition 227. Mike Feuer, center, as Mayor Eric Garcetti signs sweeping legislation to require earthquake retrofits on 15,000 buildings in Los Angeles on Friday October 9th. The campaign is barred by law from contacting outside groups, regarding their campaign activities. Make sure to check the expiration dates on your food and ‘cycle’ it throughout the year, eating the expiring foods and replacing them with new canned goods.
I usually keep a Maglite by my bed and another less substantial flashlight in the kitchen drawer.Fire extinguisherYou should probably have this in your kitchen anyway. Apparently this method became popular in the early days of the 20th century when most of the houses were made of adobe and the frames of doorways were the only wood structures.
Following an earthquake, assuming you've notified friends and family of your wellbeing and that your home is safe to enter, Larocca recommends first checking for damage inside.Use care when moving through the home, avoiding fallen objects and liquid that could cause slips.
However, if your doorway is away from any hanging structures or glass, I still believe it is the safest bet.On the Road During an Earthquake in LALos Angeles is such a driving city that, chances are, you could be on the road during an earthquake.
Determine whether there is a gas leak before lighting a match or fire.Smoke detectorYou should have this already installed in every room in your house. That's not true.Calculate the Cost of Earthquake Insurance Use CEA's insurance calculator to find out what your insurance payment would be. This is especially important in earthquake precautions as a quake could send power lines down and cause a fire, especially in hillside areas with lots of trees.Portable butane or charcoal stoveBefore using these determine if there is a gas leak. Also, only use charcoal outside.Buckets and bottles of bleachUnder the unfortunate circumstances of a leak or other quake-related plumbing problems, it may be days or even weeks before you can flush a toilet. Buckets, water and bleach can together serve as makeshift temporary toilets.Boots or heavy duty shoesIt’s good to have these types of footwear near your bed or easily accessible. Prepare SoCal: Be ready in event of disasterABC7 and our community partners want to help you be prepared in the event of a disaster, natural or man-made.
This is a major job but probably not a bad idea when it comes to emergency applications of everyday items. You will need a two-foot-long heavy gauge cable, a heavy duty 75 amp plug-style connector, and a circuit box (with mounting box and a 230 volt plug).

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