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Find everyday objects to create a functioning kit so you aren’t left scrambling in a time of need. Meralco sets up their eathquake preparedness plan to ensure business continuity when an earthquake hits their franchise area. MANILA, Philippines – The Metro Manila Electronic Company (Meralco) began to set up their earthquake preparedness plan for the potential 7.2-magnitude earthquake in Metro Manila.
The EPP was defined as the component of the Crisis Management Plan that integrates functional responsibilities of all organizations required to ensure business continuity when an earthquake hits Meralco franchise area.
For restoration effort slowed down huge debris, Meralco would partner with the Department of Public Works and Highways and Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to prioritize clearing operations to determined power restoration highway.
Meralco will address electrical facilities prone to thievery by coordinating with military and Local Government Units (LGUs) that would create security arrangements. In the event that Meralco’s operation is hindered by communication, they plan provision of satellite communication devices and arrange quick restoration of cell sites. To assess damages caused by earthquake, Meralco will acquire and deploy aerial drones that could monitor the situation.
View the complete slideshow of Meralco below to learn more about their primer on earthquake preparedness plans. 4:31 AM on Monday, January 17, 1994, the “Northridge Earthquake” hammered the San Fernando Valley, toppling freeways, igniting untold numbers of fires and ultimately inflicting $49 Billion dollars in damage, including thousands of injuries and the loss of many lives. 112,000 structures were damaged or destroyed and 20,000 people were displaced from their homes.
So I gathered up my family, found my mother in the rubble of her complex and got them back to our house. I was surprised to learn that only about half of Americans have some sort of supplies set aside for a “disaster.”   National Preparedness Month is about motivating people to rectify that and follow four steps. We read about disaster situations others all over the world, and here in North America, and think how lucky we are that it didn’t happen to us. Keep Your Money-Saving Resolutions by Packing Up Christmas and Picking Up Post-Holiday Bargains!
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Practically Perfect Planner is a blog about bringing joy to every event in your life and the lives of others – through fast organization, easy planning, and money saving tips. To wrap up Missouri’s Earthquake Awareness Month this February, Onondaga Cave State Park is hosting an earthquake preparedness program on February 28th. Staff from Missouri State Parks, Missouri Geological Survey and the State Emergency Management Agency to answer questions.
Following the program, attendees will be shown a video about why we have earthquakes in the central United States and why they seem to be more powerful and destructive than earthquakes on the western coastal areas.
Each February, Missouri observes Earthquake Awareness Month to educate the public about the very real threat of another catastrophic earthquake occurring in the state. Submit your caving news and let the worldwide caving community know what you've been up to! Video: Cavers Continue to Push Sweden’s Longest Underwater CaveIdaho Department of Fish and Game Enlists Cavers in WNS BattleDr. Keep your essential supplies well organized and at the ready in the event you need to pull one out. Romulo Foundation's Earthquake Resilience Conference held late last month, they revealed that their Crisis Management Team (CMT), the top level organization that manages situation that adversely affects the company, laid out its Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP) and Crisis Management Plan for the said disaster. They also estimated 3.6 million Meralco customers will be affected with 155 employee casualties and seven fatalities. Upgrade to a newer browser or install Google Chrome Frame to enjoy the full Caving News experience. 7, 1812, one of the country’s most powerful earthquakes on record struck in southeast Missouri in what is now known as the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ).
If a hurricane, earthquake, or other disaster strikes do you have the basic emergency supplies needed?
Take a deep breath, the gear in your emergency preparedness kit does not have to be hard to find, expensive or difficult to use. Visit Spruci Organizing on Pinterest for tips and sustainable solutions on how to be prepared for an emergency. We had a “disaster plan” with a company that specialized in immediate post-earthquake repair and building re-habilitation.

Lot’s of DUCT TAPE (Man Cave thing), yellow caution tape, First Aid kit (used this lot’s of times); ZIP TIES are key, screwdrivers, gloves, flashlights, batteries, scotch tape, paper, pens, staplers, bungy cords, etc. As the electricity came back in my area later the next day, I found family and friends who needed help and a place to stay. With the extreme heat, I always have at least a week’s worth of water on hand for an emergency. While no one can predict exactly when an earthquake will occur, many experts agree that large earthquakes in the NMSZ still pose a threat to the region. In fact, emergency supplies are basically many of the items that you use on a regular basis such as scented candles, granola bars, hand sanitizer, medications, and a can of your favorite beans to name a few. While most of the companies around us were out for weeks, we were back in business within 3 days. I also learned from my Northridge experience that having battery powered radios and a certain type of non-electrical radio (hand crank, available at Radio Shack) and lot’s of spare batteries is essential to knowing what’s going on, and what to expect next. We now also have solar charging cell phone batteries as well. The electricity goes off and you are in search of the matches to light your candles but you need a flashlight to find the matches.
Make an addition or two of specialty items designed specifically for emergencies and your kit will be complete.
In a cargo tote you should at least have a blanket to keep warm, a few bottles of water, food that does not easily perish, a high-powered light source, first aid kit, and a Swiss Army style knife or tool set.
You never know when something could spill or tear, and you don’t want to get caught without something fresh to change into! If the powers out, processing a credit card doesn’t work… Extra first aid supplies, matches, and the list goes on but it’s all doable.

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