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Office of Emergency Management (OEM) also recommends keeping emergency supplies for up to seven days at your place of work. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader.
This way if the house becomes unstable and can’t be used I can still access my supplies, and if necessary use the lawn building as part of a shelter. For your emergency supply needs, visit Major Survival and mention 'COPE' for a 10% discount.
In an effort toward interoperability in Southern California, the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) is taking steps to upgrade its 911 dispatch center to work with neighboring fire agencies, Fire Chief Brian Cummings told the Los Angeles Times. This, he said, will help ensure the closest available rescuers are sent to victims during life-threatening emergencies.
Cummings said he’d like to see a seamless network that connects dispatch systems across municipal borders. The department is in the early stages of developing the computer system designed to work with these dispatch centers, but to make the plan work, the other agencies will have to pay for similar upgrades. Our earthquake kits contain all the necessities for complete 72 hour emergency preparedness. Many people know how to protect themselves DURING an earthquake: duck under a desk or sturdy table, stay away from windows, bookcases, mirrors, and other heavy objects, and stay free of falling objects.
Our goal is to make purchasing your earthquake kit as easy-— and inexpensive—- as possible. By preparing for an earthquake and ordering your disaster kit from American Family Safety, you will ensure your family a better chance of survival if an earthquake occurs.
With affordable prices, government-recommended products, and a genuine dedication to earthquake preparedness, American Family Safety stands behind its earthquake kits. 170 miles due west of the Yellowstone super-volcano lies the small town of Challis, Idaho – the residents of which have been shaken from a sudden swarm of earthquakes.
The happenings of geophysical earth is intertwined in many ways – some of which we know about and others which we have no clue. The Challis (Idaho) earthquakes have hearts racing as pictures are knocked from walls, dishes are rattled off tables and felt by residents in neighboring Montana more than 100 miles from the quake’s epicenter region. I don’t like plastic much, but short of buidling a concrete cistern or something like that, the only other similar option would be to buy a stainless steel drum. You might find sturdy 5 gallon water containers more versatile, both for handling and storage.
Whatever container you use, clean it first by washing with soap and water if necessary, then rinsing it out with a mild bleach solution (1 tsp in a quart of water). City water is already treated with chlorine or chlorine variants, so if your house water comes from a municipal supply line you don’t have to treat it by adding extra chlorine or iodine prior to storage.
If you suspect that your water is contaminated–for instance, if after an emergency you doubt the cleanliness of the water from the tap, you should take steps to purify it before drinking. Stored water should be swapped out for fresh every six months (except for commercially bottled water–again, check the expiry date on that). I was asked by our local neighborhood council to talk about emergency turlets for their public safety committee. FEMA and, it seems, all the state and local agencies I looked into rely on a poop in a bag, throw in some enzymes or bleach and throw it into a pit approach.
Secondly, those pits full of bags could become a serious biohazard should rats, let’s say, start pulling the bags apart or should the pit get flooded. I’m no sanitation expert and am interested in opinions on this topic, particularly those who have worked in emergency situations or in impoverished communities. I just returned from an amazing five-day sojourn in the mountains, at the Windy Springs Preserve, in which I learned the basics of animal tracking from a pair of wonderful teachers, Jim Lowery and Mary Brooks of Earth Skills. Now that I’m home, it strikes me that some of these skills I learned could be useful in the garden. The other type of trap made by dusting a thin layer of dry clay on the rough side of a particleboard sheet, and then arching a piece of something flexible, like thin metal sheeting, over the board to protect the clay bed from wind, birds etc.
If your garden topography allows it, you could drag clear the area around your beds in the evening and see what prints might show in the morning.
Once you know for sure who is causing the mischief, it might be easier to come up with solutions for how to protect your garden.

Root Simple is about back to basics, DIY living, encompassing homegrown vegetables, chickens, herbs, hooch, bicycles, cultural alchemy, and common sense. Hurricane Felix: A woman stands outside her home before evacuating to a shelter in preparation for the arrival of Felix in Belize City. Mexican communities in Hurricane Dean’s destructive path suffer wind damage and storm surges over 20 feet. HSUS, International Fund for Animal Welfare and World Society for Protection of Animals are providing grants to rebuild Jardin Zoologico Payo Obispo facilities and increase capacity of its veterinary clinic to handle emergencies. BOTTOM LEFT PHOTO: This jaguar came to Parque Zoologico Payo Obispo after serving as a photo op for tourists. Potential partners, according to the Times, include the Los Angeles County Fire Department, the Long Beach Fire Department and the consolidated dispatch center that covers Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena and nine other cities. You will also help other people affected by earthquakes, as a portion of the proceeds from all online purchases goes to a charitable organization of your choice (a list of charities appear on the checkout screen). Given the attention of several recent earthquakes (Los Angeles, Chile, and others) and now this earthquake swarm in Idaho, should remind us of the earthquake hazards that many of us face – hazards which go unnoticed or ignored by most. The Shoshone lava field north of Twin Falls, The Craters of the Moon located at the NW end of the Snake River Plain, The Wapi lava field, SE of the Craters of the Moon, and Hell’s Half Acre in the Snake River Plain. Could it be related to magma on the move in yet unknown magma tunnels deep beneath the surface?
A food storage of several weeks at minimum – ideally 3-months, and a backup supply of water (1-gallon per person per day) is a bare minimum recommendation for survival preparedness. The reason we didn’t go with a much cheaper used food grade drum is because some food stuffs leave behind residues which is impossible to clean from the drum. There are nice, solid pumps sold for frequent use, but we got a cheap one ($20) and hope it will hold up in our hour of need.  All our equipment came from a surplus store, but many retailers can be found with a little simple googling. These are things to commit to memory, or maybe pin on the fridge, because in an emergency, you probably will not be able to check the internet. If your water is cloudy, you will want to try to filter it as best you can to remove sediment (filter it though a coffee filter or t-shirt or somesuch), and then be extra rigorous in the purification.
Another way to disinfect water in an emergency situation is through solar water disinfection, or SODIS. Also, no matter how sturdy the container, there is always a chance for water leaks, so you should keep that in mind, too. You soak the newspaper, press it into the mold, let the brick dry out and you’ve got fuel for a fireplace. What I like about Jenkins’ approach is that it relies more on knowledge (how to compost, set up a latrine) than equipment.
Yet it is also possible, with good teachers, for even a neophite like me to pick up a working knowledge of the art over a couple of days.
In this class we used two methods: one was to drag a big, flat sack full of dirt (for weight) across stretches of open ground to smooth and compress the soil. The Internets are full of track pictures that you can use to identify your particular culprit.
For instance, you could look up advice from your local Integrated Pest Management program, like the one offered by the University of California. When the big one hits, we’ll have a giant salsa bowl of pickles, jams and broken glass.
We’re always learning, figuring stuff out, taking advantage of the enormous smarts of our friends and our on-line community, and trying to give some of that back in turn. Grupo Caridad veterinarians have treated more than 200 animals in Pisco and distributed over 1,500 pounds of food to animal caregivers and roaming animals.
Barry Kellogg visits hurricane-torn Jardin Zoologico Payo Obispo, a Mexico sanctuary with 430 animals.
The government of Mexico has extended its hurricane warning to Southern Baja Peninsula, from Loreto southward on the east coast…and from Bahia Magdalena southward on the west coast, including Cabo San Lucas. Storing them in a garage might be a good idea because many garages are built on concrete floors and therefore will be more stable during a big quake. Each purchase you make will protect not only your own family, but other families who need help.

The recent earthquakes in Idaho began March 24, 2014 and have researchers scrambling to install seismic monitoring systems in the region to learn more.
Just some jugs, a rain barrel that’s empty most of the year, and the water in our hot water tank. These might just manifest as off odors that make the water smell and taste bad, or they might even contain tiny traces of food will lead to bacterial growth during long term storage. Just make sure they are strong, BPA free, and suited both for stacking and long term storage.
Glass jars are nice because they’re not plastic, but they are heavy and must be carefully stored. We live in a very mild climate, so we’re keeping our barrel in constantly shady, protected corner of our back yard. It took tracking out of a purely left-brain zone, into a place of deep connection with both the animal and the landscape.
When made in the evening, these clear spaces catch the prints of any animals that come through overnight or in the early morning.
You probably already have a few guesses about who it is–it would only take a minute of googling to find out the difference between the tracks of, say, an opossum and a skunk.
Henriette gained Cat 1 status as it aimed at Cabo San Lucas, preparing to cut a swath across Baja California Sur.
Help will come, but to ensure your survival will you need to PREPARE BEFORE the earthquake occurs. When we considered all of that, it seemed like a 55 gallon drum was not too much for the two of us and our pets. If you’re using bleach, you should be able (unfortunately) to detect a faint odor of bleach in your water after treatment. And the cynic in me sees an opportunity for a contractor to sell toilet and enzyme kits to government agencies. And I have a feeling that the government experts suggesting this approach have never tried it themselves. These critters had an advanced palette, preferring locally sourced pine nuts from the pinon pines.
With rainfall across the region, expect mudslides and flash floods in this very mountainous area. Whether you live in Los Angeles, California, Seattle, Washington, the Middle East or Asia, having earthquake plans, an earthquake preparedness check list, and an earthquake preparedness pack can save your life. He also set up a large humanure compost pile in a refugee camp using the same bagasse material as the carbon source. You may have seen this type of trap occur naturally on the bank of lake, or on a beach, or on a clean stretch of ground after a rain. Even if the prints are not particularly clear, you can often tell a lot just by their size. Canadian Animal Assistance Team is sending 31 veterinarians and technicians to treat wounded animal companions.
The most important thing is to store your supplies in such a way that they won’t fall.
At 100+ mph winds, the storm does not have moisture source of ocean, so Felix will weaken. Always keep some supplies under your bed including a flashlight, hardhat, gloves, sturdy shoes, whistle, crowbar and extra glasses.
Coast Guard-approved food, water, first aid, survival lights, batteries, blankets, and other survival gear and equipment to help protect you and your family members safe from the effects of an earthquake for up to 72 hours. Keep supplies wherever you can find space, and  the most important thing is to be actively thinking about and doing what you can to prepare for a disaster. With the FEMA approach you’ve got a problem when you run out of those bags and proprietary enzyme mixtures.

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