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Home > Emergency Supplies > Emergency Tools & Supplies > Earthquake Preparedness SuppliesEarthquake Preparedness SuppliesSecure furniture and appliances with these earthquake approved tools and kits.Secure the furniture and appliances in your home and prevent excess damage to your home or family with these heavy duty straps and anchors.
Being prepared can help you during those critical hours or days after a catastrophic earthquake, hurricane, tsunamis, tornado, fire, car breakdown or terrorist attack. Having the right bug out bag, survival kit, earthquake kit, survival gear, emergency food and water can make the difference between life and death. Earthquakestore also guides you in creating your own emergency handbook that offer life-saving tips for surviving earthquakes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, power outages, snow storms, fires, tornadoes, floods, and even terrorist attacks. According to FEMA have two weeks supply of food and water, and other survival gear to survive a catastrophic event like a hurricane, earthquake or other natural or man-made disaster. Natural disasters, fires, floods and extreme weather can disrupt basic services for days or weeks. From survival kits and rescue tools to first aid kits and fire extinguishers, we offer affordable emergency supplies to keep you prepared for emergencies, large and small. DescriptionQuake hold furniture straps are easy to install and will prevent china cabinets and other furniture from tipping in a moderate earthquake.

These supplies should include a first aid kit, survival kits for the home, automobile, and workplace, and emergency water and food.
Geological Survey is reporting that a strong magnitude-7.4 earthquake has struck off the coast of El Salvador and a tsunami warning has been issued. We offer individuals, communities, governments, and businesses with ready-to-use emergency supplies for surviving a catastrophic event like the recent earthquake in Chile or the disaster in Japan.. The experts at Earthquakestore have ready made survival supplies, disaster supplies, and emergency gear to help you survive..
Our disaster preparedeness survival guide will help you protect your family, pets, personal property and home when disaster strikes. With proper planning, you can provide your family or business with the means to survive comfortably until things get back to normal.
Each package contains two 18" nylon straps and hardware, enough for one large piece of furniture.
Store enough supplies to last at least 3 days.First Aid KitStore your first aid supplies in a tool box or fishing tackle box so they will be easy to carry and protected from water.

In the past 10 years, more than 250 million people worldwide have been struck by some kind of natural disaster.A tsunami caused by an underwater earthquake in 2004 was the deadliest in history.
Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we will work tirelessly to ensure our products and services meet your expectations.
They should also know that the safest place to find shelter during a tornado is in a building without windows and doors.
Safes are fireproof and waterproof, and usually heavy enough to stand their ground during the event of a tornado. Keeping your important personal items with you in your home is sometimes better than storing them at the bank, where they may not always be insured.Separating your items in multiple safes can be a clever way of securing your valuables in the event one is stolen.

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