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An earthquake single headedly has the ability to destroy thousands of lives in a matter of minutes.
Earthquake safety tips can be found in a range of different places including books, magazines and the internet itself however nowhere really covered this type of earthquake preparedness kit which could potentially save your life.
This is why it is essential to prepare before the disaster happens and why it is very important you have some sort of earthquake preparedness kit ready just in case.
These kits are pre-made by specialists who understand what you will need in case of an earthquake. There are many companies out there already developing these safety packs to include everything a family might need in this type of situation. These earthquake preparedness kits include items that have been recommended by the US Department of Homeland Security and items such as food that have been recommended and cleared by the U.S coast guard as appropriate for survival.
All of the above is what US officials believe a family will need if they are heavily affected by an earthquake. There are many advantages between making your own personal earthquake preparedness kit instead of buying a pre made one. The next thing which is very important for your earthquake preparedness kit is that you have something to keep you warm. It is very important that you keep some form of first aid kit in your earthquake preparedness kit at all times. There are a range of other tools or items you might want to include in your earthquake preparedness kit however the 4 things mentioned above are very important to help you make it through the first 3 days. If an earthquake happens close to you and seriously affects your life it can be one of the worst things to happen.

Remember to try to get under something heavy that can withstand a lot of pressure so that you are well protected from anything that is falling down as a result of the earthquake. Easy to follow, 36-page book contains the do's and don'ts of preparedness - before, during, and after a disaster.
As it is often made aware through the news and many other information sources some areas of the world are more prone to these natural disasters than others.
Now there are a range of different kits available on the internet or you can research into how to make your own. They are trained and know what a human might need to survive in case of a terrible disaster that could leave you with minimal belonging and at a huge loss. They often come in the form of a back pack so they can be easily carried but also come in tubes.
It is said that the earthquake preparedness kit will help a family survive for at least 3 days.
If you are not comfortable buying and selecting all of the gear yourself, there are websites and stores that offer you the chance to customize the earthquake survival kit by choosing products from their range of recommendations. The food should be suitable and healthy to make sure it is able to keep you going for a while as it could be all you have for the forty eight or so hours. Water will ensure that you do not dehydrate and make sure you are able to keep your body functioning appropriately if you struggle.
There is a high chance the heating will have been destroyed during the earthquake and with no electrics or tools to make fires blankets and extra thick clothing is recommended.
If you are not living in particularly safe conditions even the smallest cut could end up infection and cause great problems.

It puts you in a lot of danger and as it is not something we expect to happen on a daily basis can put you in a lot of shock. An earthquake preparedness kit will provide you with all of essential things you need to keep living for a few days and hopefully get you and your family’s life back on track when recovering from the earthquake. One way you can be ready for an earthquake is by having an earthquake preparedness kit close to you at all times in case one strikes. For example one of the first things you look for is a table, booking or some form of heavy cover which will protect you from falling objects, this could already save your life by stopping something landing on you and damaging or breaking bones. At the end of the day this earthquake preparedness kit could save your life, no matter where you live or where you are from.
This means they can also be stored in small places and you could even keep one in your car to have on you at all times. Bottled water will be clean and refreshing and mean you do not have to result to any strange water source.
This will make sure your body can keep warm and helps to avoid dangerous diseases caused by the cold.
As long as you don’t lock up and panic too much you can survive the situation and make it through the hard days that follow. How are you going to survive after half of the house has been damaged and vital supplies are minimal?

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