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The recent earthquake in Pakistan that killed over 25 thousand people and injured countless others could happen in Southern California. When disaster strikes, most depend on help from someone else; and when emergencies are relatively small, this is a viable option.
Therefore, in order to better prepare the citizens of South Los Angeles for disaster response and recovery, this proposal suggests ways in which local community response centers can be setup with "solar-powered" wireless communications in order to better coordinate response from the police, fire and medical communities. The primary mission of Project Green Phoenix (PGP) is to foster education and training in the areas of computer literacy, the Internet, renewable energy and how these major elements can positively impact the lives of citizens, both children and adults, primarily in the South Los Angeles region of Southern California.
In a major disaster like a large earthquake or terrorist attack (with Los Angeles being described as a specific target in both cases) ,the reaction to such events must be dealt with by more than just the fire or police authorities; affected citizens must also be prepared to work along side these authorities to avoid panic and even more destruction. In the event of either a major earthquake or terrorist attack, it is assumed that normal (grid) power will be "out" for an extended period of time, thus rendering regular radios and televisions useless. Since grid power will be unavailable, it can further be assumed that cell phones will be inoperative, given the fact that cell repeater towers will not have adequate power to relay calls.
Realizing the potential failures for normal telephone, cell, radio and television services, a non-interfering form of wireless communications needs to be established and coordinated to serve the public during such emergencies.

Coming back to battery chargers, either CB or HAM radios will need to be battery operated continuously, both day and night.
As the name implies, a Wireless Digital Solar TeleVillage Centers can provide both emergency communications needs as well as technical training for local citizens. What are needed are physical locations for these Centers; suggestions include public school buildings and public housing complexes. Without doing anything to prepare our most under-represented citizens in South Los Angeles for both technical training and emergency preparedness, it is a foregone conclusion that the same 'poor' status quo will remain in place for the foreseeable future.
Grass Roots Engagement in Threat Preparedness and Response Planning: Mayor Jim Hahn has paid very little attention to the critical role that community groups and organizations should play during emergencies. Public Awareness Campaign: As you drive or walk around Los Angeles you will notice that something is missing -- a public awareness campaign about what to do in case of a large-scale disaster, such as a terrorist attack. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.

Emergency preparedness and response efforts must involve neighborhood councils, homeowner associations, community organizations and non-profit groups that are the core of our city.
There are no billboards, no signs on the sides of buses, no commercials informing us what we should do if disaster strikes.
With the appropriate training and equipment, these groups become important first responders during emergencies and will greatly assist the efforts of police officers and firefighters.
The Mayor must, and I will, assign the resources and personnel necessary to bring grass roots engagement to the terrorism preparedness process.

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