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At Equip2Survive, it is our passion to do whatever we can to help you prepare for any kind of hardship that may come your way in the future.
Events like this can at a bare minimum be a bit frightening or perhaps inconvenient, but for many individuals these events can get downright ugly and turn their lives into a living hell!
As responsible adults, we take certain measures to ensure the safety and security of our families. All of the aforementioned measures are measures that we take for the sake of our families on a daily basis, and each of these measures is typically regarded by most as "fairly normal". Many in our society have decided (foolishly, in our opinion) to rely solely on the government to "come and rescue them" in the event of a crisis, but a growing number of individuals find the prospect of putting their fate 100% in the hands government a frightening one. Please don't take this the wrong waya€¦ we are really proud of you for wearing your seatbelt and having medical insurance, but let's be honesta€¦ neither of those is going to do you a lick of good to help get you and your family get through the next 72 MISERABLE and EXHAUSTING hours (or more) with no water, food, light, heat, air conditioning, communication, and so on.
No one knows everything there is to know about survival, and if anyone tells you they do, they are lying.A  I see many survival resources on TV, the internet, in the media and in books that are all giving us advicea€¦ and ALL OF IT must constantly be evaluated on a case by case basis without exception. That being said, there are a lot of terrific men and women out there who we admire a great deal for their incredible knowledge and experience in these areas. We at Equip2Survive consider ourselves “students” of survival, bushcraft, camping, fishing, hunting and prepping, and we want to share what we have learned from others on this site you might learn something too! We have also created this site so that viewers can contribute their own thoughts, ideas, critiques and suggestions to any and every page of this site as well. Our goal is to share each and every one of these terrific resources with you and openly recommend them to you.
We hope that you enjoy this site and the information, tutorials, reviews, instructional videos, user comments and various other types of resources found here! Product DescriptionProviding emergency options and solutions should be a high priority for any business. Emergency preparedness kits are an important part of any home, but have you considered getting one for your office? 1 Duffle BagIf you have any questions or concerns, contact a customer service representative today. A good start to complete Your custom Go Bag and be prepared for any emergency or STFU situation are make list with items you already has and can use right now to build useful bug out bag.
To make things clear at first – what is definition for Go-Bag, bug-out bag, 72-hour kit, bail-out bag? The following a list of items that I plan to put in, You can found some of them not so useful, but I have reason to include them.
At least 2 litters of drinking water per day per person in average climate or 3 and more in warm climatic zone. Always think of extra warm clothes, one of the first bad things that happen to victims of various disasters are hypothermia, even in warm climates so weather appropriate clothing like wool or fleece sweater, warm headwear or even gloves (you can use them to protect your hands) are a must.
Portable gas or propane stove with some extra fuel, spoon, small kettle with cover where you can put in all cooking supplies (including tea, coffee and some species) can save your time and bring some happier moments to current situation. At least one folding knife like Swiss-Army knife or even better multi-tool like Leatherman with various functions which can be useful for quick field repairs. There are ready to use first aid kits available, but I suggest You compose one which fit best your needs including personal medications.
Waterproof and shockproof LED flashlight with 2x extra batteries, LED headlamp with 2x extra batteries for keeping your hands free. Stay away from blankets, get a good sleeping bag which you can use at camping and have as your sleeping gear at emergency situations, sleeping bags are more useful and can keep you warm more efficient, consult with experienced campers to find what fit your needs best.
Scan and make backup copies of all your family important documents like passports, birth certificates, drivers license, prescriptions, insurances, credit cards, pet registrations and so on and write it on CD and extra flash drive. Get copy on some CD’s or external hard drive, good for regular backups and just keep your data safe. A must, you must know where you go and where you shouldn’t go, good compass AND GPS with same type batteries as Your other devices use. Duct tape, 550 parachute cord (7 strand MIL-C-5040H Type III), clothing repair kit – needles, buttons and sewing thread. Finally, have a PLAN, yes without good plan also prepared and stuffed with gear for every situation you most likely fail. All logos, product names and company names, trademarks and registered trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. Earthquakes are a particular concern for schools with their large concentrations of children in confined spaces, and a relatively low ratio of adults to children. INSTRUCT students to evacuate upon taking a decision that this is the most appropriate course of action. An earthquake safety programme should be established and maintained in every school, either individually or by district. The NDO is an excellent resource, and should be consulted for templates on creating disaster plans.
What emergencies could occur and what should be done (e.g., power fails, exit door jams, debris blocks exit, fire breaks out, students are injured and should not be moved)?
Under the worst weather conditions possible, where will the school population find short-term shelter?
If it is necessary to evacuate the school grounds, how will this be accomplished and how will parents be informed of the new location?
Procedures to provide for first aid, search and rescue, communication, building damage assessment and student security. Identification of trained persons within the school community or local area who are prepared and able to administer first aid immediately after the earthquake. Location(s) of outdoor assembly areas, first aid stations, command and communication stations, and student release station. Identification of two student monitors per class to be designated with the authority to give instructions in the even their teacher is injured.
Encourage children to talk, draw and write about their fears, and help them sort real from unreal. If a child continues to be disturbed for more than a few weeks, the family may need professional counseling. You may also have emotional difficulties after a traumatic event, and need to take care of yourself. The largest earthquake recorded in the world was a 9.5 magnitude quake in Chile on May 22, 1960. There’s now doubt that the recent earthquakes in Japan and other parts of the world have give us all ‘food for thought’ when it comes to taking action to prepare for an earthquake, including purchasing an earthquake survival kit. Of course, adding to your kit is always a good idea with useful items you have around the home.
Another important step in preparing for an earthquake is securing your home as much as possible to stand the shocks.
Other steps in preparing your home include securing bookcases to the wall with screws and keeping heavier items on the lower shelves. Since earthquakes are unlikely to give advance warning, your pre-planning will give you the ‘mental tools’ you need to help you survive the quake. The above are a few of the steps to help you get going when it comes to earthquake preparedness.

Disclaimer: Earthquake Survival Kit Shop is an affiliate of American Family Safety and will receive a commission for any sales made through this site. About American Family SafetyHelping you find the right disaster kit for your unique needs is what AFS is all about. We are passionate about equipping you and your family with the tools you need not only to survive that crisis, but to actually thrive during that crisis in relative comfort! The sad reality is tragedy usually catches up with us all at some point, but we don’t have to let it beat us! Not really a huge crisis I realize, but if you don’t have at a minimum a few flashlights, candles or lanterns at the ready, your small children can quickly become frightened and the situation can start to get stressful and begin to unravel! Yet seldom do any of us actually burn our house down, get in a car accident, get burglarized, or randomly fall out of boatsa€¦ but for some strange reason that doesn't seem to matter.
But even if the government does come to your rescue, even they themselves are completely upfront about the fact that it may take as long as 72 hours for them to finally get to you. You are not going to enjoying your self at all during those three very long daysa€¦ that is unless you were smart enough make some very easy "preps". You only have to be wrong once to end up dead, and each of these experts are wrong at one point or another, even if they are right most of the time. Advocating that people assemble a 72 hour kit, for example, is not an original idea here at E2S, but we will share information like this with you anyway because it is totally worth repeatinga€¦ over and over again. The fire bow, slingshot, trapping, fishing, bow and arrow, gardening, cooking over a fire, primitive shelter, etc. We want visitors to feel at home and make contributions of their owna€¦ let’s just make sure that we keep them civil and constructive! When someone has pioneered a particular subject matter and has become a valuable asset in my learning on that topic, it is our desire to fully give them credit and reward them by recommending their contribution to others.
Whether you are a die-hard prepper or simply want something in the event of a tornado, hurricane, earthquake or other emergency, you can benefit from having one of our office emergency kits (aka office bug out kits) in your building. This is essential at this harsh times have at least basic set of necessary items so even and worst scenario you have chances to survive.
This is portable grab and go pack, box or shoulder bag, whatever end user found more useful for their needs and transportation purposes, which contains essential emergency and survival kit. Don’t forger include rainproof poncho or lightweight rain coat to be sure that you and your gear do not get wet or at least can use it as shelter from bad weather. They are small enough to be carried in extra quantities, packed into sealed zip lock bags or canisters. One fixed blade knife is a must along with small axe or folding saw depending on environment. Red filter for flashlight or additional red filters for headlamp is a good option as red light do not degrade your night vision. Simple, NON inflating camping mat is a must, you can sleep on bare ground even in winter, small rocks and still feel yourself comfortable. Do not rely only on GPS, it can fail, batteries can run out and you stay without reliable navigation. Do not put everything in one place, hide well about 80%, other part keep near in case you need em fast for something, small value and coins is a must in your wallet.
Basic hygiene set with small antiseptic soap bar, toothbrush and tooth paste, pack of wet antiseptic wipes (take medium pack and use them for anything).
Make sure that everyone in your family knows what to do when disaster strikes, where your gear are stored, where to go and who to call (if possible). The information provided on this web site are for educational and informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified personnel. However, the earthquake safety lessons they learn will stay with them and be useful in adulthood, both for themselves and to pass on to their children.
Schools need to ensure buildings are more earthquake-proof, include earthquake preparedness in emergency plans, teach children and staff what to do if an earthquake happens, and keep emergency supplies on hand.
To organise this programme, the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the NDO should form Earthquake Safety Committees to cover appropriate geographic areas or districts. Local school responsibilities can either be undertaken by the principal personally, or delegated to a school working group, comprising perhaps an administrator, a teacher, a parent, and a senior grade student in the case of a secondary or high school.
These may include local business persons, neighbours, school counsellors, nurse and psychologist. Some regress, and begin to suck thumbs, wet beds, report mysterious pains, or have difficulty eating or sleeping. Some children do experience long-term problems such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, and require treatment. Hopefully it has done more than that and moved you to get prepared for the safety of yourself and your family. Well, one way to attack earthquake preparedness is to look at it in three stages: preparation, during an earthquake and after an earthquake.
This might include a shovel that can be dedicated to your kit and placed in the same location. If you get trapped under debris, stay there, don’t light a match, try not to stir up dust, and cover your mouth with a handkerchief or clothing. If you can move safely, do so and check for the safety of the other members of your family.
If you cover them, you will be well on your way to managing an earthquake scenario as best as possible. You'll save time and money with one-stop shopping, and your kits will be conveniently delivered to your front door. Our desire is to equip you with the critical knowledge, understanding, skills, attitudes, expectations, character, fortitude, vigilance and gear that will help you get through your crisis (whatever form it may take) as safely, quickly, comfortably and easily as possible! Most of us still wouldn't dream of driving around without car insurance or wearing a seatbelt. How hard would it really be to set up a simple bag that you can grab on your way out the door with a few basic necessities (and maybe even a few comfort items) to keep your family taken care of for a few days while this "crisis" blows over?
After all, aren’t we all learning new tricks, tips and techniques together every day? When it comes to survival, your life is going to depend on what information you choose to rely upon and what information you choose do disregard. It is not our intention to present any this information as though it all 100% originated from us.
It is our intention to give credit where credit is due when it comes to ideas, techniques, concepts, and the like. Our office kit includes everything needed to sustain 15-30 people in the event of an emergency.
What can be worse then notice that You have lost your water bottle in middle of the nowhere or flashlight at the deep down, so good traveling shoulder bag in neutral color works the best.
Space blanket, dust mask and heavyweight thick leather or protective synthetic gloves goes as an good option. Diabetics and other people which live depends on proper medication should add at least three times more supplies then needed for estimated evacuation period. Portable, wide receiving rage emergency radio with same type interchangeable batteries as your LED lights for actual news.

Tent square and sleeping hammock or lightweight tent, you choose, but I suggest go to some camping trips and then decide what fits you best. Give this document copies to all your family members, it cost a little but you have several copies in case some of them get damaged or lost. Preset possible evacuation or just well know places way points in your GPS device is a good way to start. Whistle, small mirror and lightweight binoculars or monocular with magnification around 8x. If you haven’t started yet, why not make today the day – just say to yourself that you will take action now, even if it’s only the first step or two. The best of these are carefully prepared to provide food for several days and also include items like water, lighting, a radio, first-aid and sanitation. Collecting these ‘extras’ can make the difference between being relatively comfortable after an earthquake and finding it overwhelming. Our portable, affordable Safety Solutions contain all of the preparedness products recommended by the Department of Homeland Security, and we offer numerous options for home, work, school, and automobile safety. We've eliminated the hassles of making a disaster "shopping list" and traveling to multiple stores to stock a homemade kit that may not contain everything you need.
That’s why we’ve partnered with major nonprofit organizations—including DECA, a marketing education club composed of 200,000+ high school students throughout North America—to help spread the word and cosponsor community preparedness events.
Making some basic and simple changes in your life can make a world of difference in how you and your family fare in a crisis. A good number of us have been laid off or been fired from a job at one point or another, and most of us have seen the destruction hurricanes, tornados, wild fires, floods, blizzards, ice storms, droughts, earthquakes can have on a local communitya€¦ you get the idea. Nor would we neglect to keep our fire extinguishers and our smoke detectors in terrific operating condition. We are just regular practical folks who are really passionate about survival and preparedness! We don’t 100% agree with any of these individuals and we can (and do) criticize (constructively) any and all of them for one thing or another, but we also admire most of them to varying degrees. Very few of the survival concepts that we discuss on this site are completely new or original concepts.
This site is intended to be an assembly of all of the great information that we have discovered via books and magazines we have read, courses we have taken, and resources we have discovered on the web.
We have absolutely no desire to tread on anyone else’s original ideas or intellectual property. Food, non-perishable high calories food like beef jerky, energy bars, canned meat or even complete canned meals, anything which You can use also uncooked.
A good substitute for radio is small portable radio scanner if you are a bit more into radio thingies as this type of equipment often has wider receiving range.
Also know where your originals are stored, keep them organized and ready to put into watertight container fast to get them with you when time comes.
And as a golden rule – keep your mouth closed about what you have (anything, not only money and valuables), you never know who listen. Small bottle of strong alcohol, preferably vodka or cognac for various uses like fire starting, wounds disinfection and so on. A four person kit can usually be had for around $100 and takes a lot of the worry and work out of organizing your supplies. This is a relatively easy fix and can mean the difference between your home staying ‘stuck’ or sliding off its foundation during a good shake.
American Family Safety Disaster Systems can help with some of the best earthquake survival kits and emergency preparedness supplies on the planet. With AFS, you'll enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your Safety Kit is appropriately stocked with the highest-quality products to get you through virtually any emergency. As DECA alumni, AFS founders want to give something back to the organization that gave us so much when we were first starting our careers.
We at E2S are just regular people like who are extremely interested in all kinds of survival related topics. Most of them have been passed on from generation to generation, but they are still worth passing on to you! We will absolutely add our own contributions to this information, offering opinions, criticisms, critiques, suggestions, tips, reviews, and ideas of our own. Another possible option are Meals Ready to Eat or MRE’s, but they often cost more then more quality food you can complete by yourself. Some various color light sticks do not overweight you but can be really useful for signalling or just general lightning. The commonly accepted strategy ‘drop, cover, hold’, should be practiced till it becomes routine. And of course, I’m sure you will keep an eye out for how you can help your neighbors. We simply went a step further and made a decision to assemble everything we have learned (and are continuing to learn) and put it all one central resource so that you all can tap into our collective discoveries, experiences and passions and hopefully share your own!
If you commute, or live far away from home, you may not have everything you need to get you by if the worst happens. Main rule, choose foods that are lightweight, has suitable shelf life, are high in calories and which you can eat without cooking as who know if you are able set up your stove or fire place to boil rice or make tasty spaghetti. You wouldn’t want to put it somewhere that is likely to get covered with debris after a quake. What if the disaster strikes while you are at your job, your wife is at her job, and your kids are all at different schools? Each of these items are designed to help your employees survive in the event of an emergency until they can safely be evacuated. This office emergency kit includes the following items: Emergency Supplies - These are the supplies designed to help keep you warm, aware and alert.
This includes reflective vests, batteries, whistles, flashlights, notebooks, dust masks, a tent, a poncho, blankets, light sticks and facial tissue. For this reason, you will need a variety of food items to give your body and your employee's bodies the nutrients they need. Food items in this kit includes beef jerky, granola bars, fruit rollups, trail mix, crackers, peanut butter, candy and drink mix. First Aid - While we hope you never need emergency first aid, it is good to be prepared. Our first aid kit includes band aids, wraps, sanitizers, matches, scissors, tape, gauze, bandages, antibiotic cream, cotton, safety pins, razors, cold packs, informational booklets, towlettes, pain killer and much more. This is enough to get you by, yet light enough in the event that your employees have to quickly bug out.
Our kit is well thought out, put together by experts and features high-end supplies, not cheap knockoffs.

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