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Illnesses, injuries, carbon monoxide poisoning, animals & insects, food, water, cleanup, mold, environmental concerns, and coping with a disaster. This infographic includes important tips on being ready before and during an earthquake.Be Ready! Copies of important documents such as ID cards, passports, credit cards and others should be kept at home in case of loss. Try not to bring too much cash when you are doing your sightseeing.  The same goes for personal items such as jewelry and other personal effects – if you don’t really need these might as well do without. When withdrawing at the ATM, do so during daytime.  Avoid withdrawals during the night and in crowded areas. When eating or trying something out, do not leave your bag or put it beside you.  The bag should be where you can keep your eye on it the whole time.

Try to remain calm.  When you are on panic mode, your attention to detail tends to go down.
Avoid lamp posts, telephone poles and heavy objects that may fall down during a strong earthquake.
If you stand in a doorway, brace yourself against the frame and watch out for a swinging door or other people. Avoid windows, filing cabinets, bookcases and other heavy objects that could fall or shatter.
If it is safe to do so, stabilize any laboratory procedure that could lead to further damage, such as turning off burners or electrical equipment. Do not call or e-mail OES directly to report a hazardous situation.For more information about CruzAlert or to update your contact numbers, click here.

If you are not near a sturdy object, make yourself as small as possible and cover your head and neck. Stay away from windows, outside doors, exterior walls, and any items that could easily fall on you.
Drop to your hands and knees—then, if possible, move to a corner of an interior wall or underneath sturdy furniture.

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