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A properly installed Automatic Gas Shut-off Valve is designed to shut-off the supply of natural gas to your home, minimizing the chances that a gas leak will cause problems while you are away from home or not able to turn off the gas yourself. The retrofit ordance is a water conservation program designed to conserve water and reduce wastewater flow to the sewage system.
If your home was built before 1994 and has not been sold for twenty years it probably has 3.5 gallon toilets. If there is no label there, sometime there is a manufacterer’s stamp at the base of the toilet will indicate whether it is low flow or not. Law requires that all homes have smoke detectors in sleeping areas (defined as a room with a closet) and all areas giving access to those sleeping areas (Hallways). Multifamily dwellings and condominiums must have hard wired smoke detectors with battery backups. Automatic gas shutoff valves are installed on buildings’ gas house line (the pipe between the gas meter and the building). Big living room windows require window glasing to prevent them from shattering during an earthquake. A microprocessor was used to create a complete surveillance and control system with maximum flexibility.
Together with its catalytic sensor technology, it detects the presence of explosive gas, such as: Methane and LPG, with trip threshold calibrated at 10% of Lower Explosion Limit.
Using the built-in relay it can activate: solenoid valves, sirens, and any other alarm signal device.
The micro switch makes it possible to select the relay impulse functioning, to connect manual reset solenoid valves, or the continuous functioning, and to activate N.C.

The “Seismic Control” allows closure of the solenoid valve, stopping the gas original source!
These technical features make the detector ideal for civil environment safety according to EUROPEAN REGULATIONS. Required for all buildings in some cities; shuts off flow of natural gas during major earthquake to prevent fire or explosion. The Homeowner’s Guide to Earthquake Safety, developed and adopted by the California Seismic Safety Commission. Improving Natural Gas Safety in Earthquakes, California Seismic Safety Commission, Publication #CSSC-02-03, July 2002. Firefighter Gas Safety Products dedicated to saving lives and property in the event of a earthquake. Because no one can accurately predict an earthquake we developed this automatic gas shutoff valve that activates and shuts off your home or business natural gas supply in the event of a 5.4 or greater earthquake. Our valves are manufactured using state of the art CNC machining equipment that allows us to build consistent and reliable valves you can trust. MOREThese industrial sized AGV-series valves are milled from solid aluminum and are specifically made for industry.
Firefighter Gas Safety Products gas valve stabilizer is recommended for use with all of our gas shut off valves. Seismic Gas Shutoff Valves shut off the flow of natural gas during a major earthquake to prevent fire or explosion. The power supply unit allows driving of a manual reset solenoid valve with a 12Vdc coil, without any buffer battery.

Some local jurisdictions in California have adopted ordinances requiring automatic gas shutoff devices at the time of sale or during significant renovations.
Imagine that we do have an earthquake and you come home to a house full of gas that could potentially spark an explosion when you turn on the lights. The relay, free of voltage, allows installation of multiple detectors on a single solenoid valve, providing control of multiple dangerous environments. The reason for this requirement is that natural gas piping and appliances can be damaged during earthquakes, causing gas leaks.
Your families lives depend on our product working properly and we test every valve that leaves our plant for that very reason. Quick shutoff of the flow of gas from ruptured pipes is a key to preventing a fire or explosion due to a gas leak caused by an earthquake. Your neighbors may also be impacted if a fire starts and spreads throughout the neighborhood at the very time when our emergency response resources are most strained. Los Angeles requires automatic gas shutoff devices to be present or installed at the time of sale or during significant renovations.
The California State Architect is required to approve automatic gas shutoff valves to be installed in the State of California, pursuant to Section 19202 of the State of California Health and Safety Code.
In the event that an automatic gas shutoff device is closed for any reason – even if the shutoff was not caused by an earthquake – only utility personnel or another qualified professionals should restore gas service and relight any appliance pilots in order to ensure a thorough safety and leak check is performed.

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