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Part of their system is the Early Earthquake Warning (EEW) wherein warnings are given as soon as earthquakes are detected, usually by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA). It is no surprise that a country as technologically advanced as Japan have an effective EEW. These earthquake warnings are broadcasted all over the television, mobile phone networks, mobile apps, and the internet. Japan’s ability to come up with different ways to make itself a safer place to live in is astounding. Because of the complex nature of earthquake ground motion, the building actually tends to vibrate back and forth in varying directions. The different types of damage which buildings can suffer are quite varied and depend upon a large number of complicated factors. By contrast, even though it too is displacing, the base–isolated building retains its original, rectangular shape. Finally, since they are highly elastic, the rubber isolation bearings don't suffer any damage.
As we've said, a certain amount of vibration energy is transferred to the building by earthquake ground motion. Accordingly, a wide range of energy dissipation devices have been developed and are now being installed in real buildings.

History and geography would prove that without a doubt, the country is definitely a disaster-prone area. Warning signals are automatically sent throughout the nation as soon as two or more of the 4,235 seismometers spread throughout Japan detect P-waves. Countries like India and Chile are also trying to implement similar EEW because of its effectiveness. For television warnings, majority broadcasters such as NHK and Analog TV immediately post these warnings on their screens. Because of its geographical location, Japan and its people don’t really have a way to stop these natural disasters from occurring.
It is the lead–rubber bearings supporting the building that are deformed.
Figure 5 also shows the damping device installed as part of the bracing system and gives some idea of its action. The alerts also provide information on the epicenter, affected areas, and the possibility of a landslide or a tsunami. This, however,  did not stop them from developing one of the most organized and effective disaster management systems in the world.
This is why the country has invested so much in everything related to surviving these tragic events – from their infrastructures and educational system to domestic solutions.

These warnings, however, do not always give ample time for people to protect themselves before the earthquake hits. For mobile phones, NTT docomo, au, and SoftBank Mobile have a service to broadcast these warnings. Earthquakes are so common in Japan that the people have learned to cope with their situation and to do the necessary measures to continuously improve their disaster management system.
When the S-waves or transverse waves occur, these are the signs of the middle stage of an earthquake. Since 2007, Japan law has also made it mandatory for all 3G cellphones to have this service. The seismometers also determine the location of the epicenter to pinpoint the affected areas.
Most times though, the warnings come seconds or minutes before the occurrence of earthquakes. For mobile phone apps, Apple’s iOS has developed a service that would also give its users the warnings.

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