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The Northridge earthquake was an earthquake that occurred on January 17, 1994, at 04:31 Pacific Standard Time in Reseda, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California, lasting for about 10–20 seconds. The massive earthquake which rocked Afghanistan and Pakistan on Monday has claimed more than 300 lives — and devastated countless more. Mohammed Dad was having lunch at his tailor's shop in the village of Sanger Sarye on Monday afternoon, about 100 miles from the earthquake's epicenter.
When the ground began to shake beneath him, the 41-year-old father immediately ran out of the shop. He said his son had shown him his grades from English class just a day before the tragedy — the 12-year-old had come in first in his class. Chaos broke out in 13-year-old Nasreen's sixth-grade class when the earth began to tremble. Twelve of Nasreen's schoolmates — all girls under the age of 16 — were killed during the chaotic stampede at the Bibi Hajra school in Taloqan, less than 70 miles from the earthquake's epicenter.
Hai Abdul shouted for his wife, daughter-in-law and twin grandsons in the other room as soon as he realized the shaking was not just a passing tremor.
After two hours, they pulled out the lifeless bodies of his twin grandsons, Mahmoud and Massoud.
IN PHOTO: A boy wraps himself with blankets as he stands outside his makeshift shelter at open ground in the early hours, following the April 25 earthquake in Kathmandu, Nepal April 29, 2015.
Geoff Roberts and his wife, Sue, are sure one lucky couple able to survive and share their story after the 7.8-magnitude quake that struck Nepal. Another story of hope is the arrival back home of 63-year-old Yvonne Renshaw who personally saw how houses in Kathmandu were razed to the ground by the huge earthquake. Some 20 minutes after the quake hit, she said screams were heard from the orphanage where she works as a volunteer. Now back in Mundaring after excruciatingly waiting for 30 long hours at Kathmandu airport just to get a flight back home, she said she has a mix of emotions.
Meanwhile, a statement from the office of Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced the government will be sending military aircraft to Nepal to help Australians trapped in Nepal get home. Once details of the military flights are known, DFAT [Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade] will advise of the process for Australians to register their interest.

The most dramatic demonstration of the limitations of the state and the growing prominence of civil society was seen by the disparity that unfolded between public and private responses to the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995.
The earthquake was an event that galvanized the forces already at work in Japan to bring about an important leap forward for civil society – namely, enactment of the law.
The level of dialogue that took place between government officials, political parties, and citizens’ groups over legislation of the NPO Law was unprecedented. The Nobel Prize currently recognizes significant international contributions in categories of Peace, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine and Literature.
Above photos from the respective floors of the New York Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
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Among the death and debris in Haiti following the massive earthquake which flattened much of the capital Port-au-Prince, a few stories of survival are emerging. An Australian couple have told their family of how they dug their way out of the rubble of their collapsed apartment building to get to safety. The epicenter of the 7.8 Mw earthquake was in Pandora, Valle La Estrella, in the caribbean region of Limon, Costa Rica, 225 kilometres (140 mi) northeast of San Jose. PDT on April 26, 1992 a magnitude 6.5 earthquake hit the same area causing some additional damage in the Ferndale, Petrolia, and Fortuna areas.
He was desperate to reach his mud home down the street — he knew his three children were there — but was too late to save one. They had just come back from a 10-day trek around Nepal and resting, when the earthquake began to shook the ground. When they arrived at Kathmandu airport, they saw an ocean of people desperate to leave Nepal. Economic discontent and civilian responses to the Kobe Earthquake in the 1990s led to a rapid rise in civil society, confirming and supporting Yoshida’s argument. Without the foundation laid in the three years preceding the earthquake by dedicated civil society actors, the concerted efforts of many groups and individuals to get the NPO Law passed would not have been successful. As evidenced by the enactment of the NPO Law in 1998 and the rise of national-level debates on the subject (that continue to this day), civil society in Japan took a considerable leap forward in the 1990s.

The strongest earthquake to hit the area since the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, it caused more than 60 deaths, thousands of injuries, and widespread property damage.
In addition, the earthquake caused an estimated $20 billion in damage, making it one of the costliest natural disasters in U.S.
The earthquake was felt all over Costa Rica as well as in western Panama.The earthquake took at least 48 lives including Bocas del Toro, Panama, in where more victims and damaged was reported. His experience includes new structural design, seismic evaluation, historic preservation, and retrofit design. The whole building just shook and we just ran out of the building as fast as we could," Mrs.
In the milieu of economic letdown, the topic of civil society immediately entered the core of national debates regarding how to reinvigorate Japan politically and socially.
Roads and bridges between Limon and Sixaola border all were destroyed, also to reach epicenter town was only available by helicopter from Panama side. The need for reform became widely recognized, and the inability of the government to bring about reform grew evident, encouraging increasingly broader thinking that looked to models of civil society as offering possible solutions to bringing about change. Examples include large and small historic landmark building strengthening and repairs, new laboratory buildings, repair and retrofit of commercial buildings, large university building renovations, renovations and design of new studio production facilities, evaluations of large building inventories, and numerous university and school renovations, additions and strengthening. Geological Survey, in a revised bulletin, said the quake hit at 1044 GMT at a depth of 82 km (51 miles). The epicentre was 198 km (123 miles) southeast of the city of Zahedan and 250 km northwest of Turbat in Pakistan.People in the Iranian city of Zahedan poured into the streets when it struck, Fars news agency reported. People also evacuated buildings in Qatar and Dubai."I was working and my work station was shaking," said Viidhu Sekhri, 35, an underwriter at a New Delhi insurance company.

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