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Not dissimilar from a 72-hour kit, an earthquake survival kit in the context of this post is geared towards keeping in one’s vehicle.
An important place to keep an earthquake survival kit is in your vehicle, because while most people do have some basic provisions at home – they have nothing in their cars.
Very similar to a 72-hour kit, the earthquake kit will contain enough food and water (or means to acquire water) for 3 days, along with other basic supplies to help you through that hypothetical time period. The following is a list of supplies to consider while building your own earthquake survival kit.
Keep foods that are compact, calorie dense, don’t require cooking, and will store conveniently enough.
Since an earthquake might result in road infrastructure damage, you might have to walk home (or to another place of safety) – so bottled water will be simplest (as opposed to a gallon jug) for traveling while on foot and keeping in your pack (backpack). You might also consider a small portable water filter which will be invaluable if you need to resource other water sources.
At least keep a minimal quantity of first aid supplies like Band-aids, gauze, tape, antibiotic cream, etc.. Plastic sheet material or a tarp will be useful for many things including a makeshift shelter to keep you dry. A list of phone numbers of emergency contacts including relatives, friends, family, your insurance company, your doctor, things like that.
There is plenty more that you might consider, and this short list should get you thinking about it. A friend was advising me to include a whistle for alerting for help, and also work gloves if stuff is really destroyed and you’re crawling or picking through stuff. Also, if our areas are surrounded by unreinforced masonry brick type buildings, the facades of the buildings, glass, bricks, etc,.
I think the only change I would make is to have a good pair of hiking shoes versus walking shoes. I even caught a guy out in the alley behind my house who told me he was cold and hungry so I went inside and got some canned chile and a blanket for him and he thanked me by stealing my mountain bike for my trouble. Working on the other side of a major river with only two nearby bridges to connect me with home is a great concern.

I have been waiting a few days on this one, and reading the comments, I will agree with everyone EXCEPT Doc’s I won’t even feed that semi-beef-parts-faroni-crap to my dog, it’s just inhumane. I guess my POV is why should we delineate between a (watch out for the acronym) GHB, BOB, 72 hour, Vehicle Bag, Earthquake Bag, Flood Bag, Forest Fire Bag, Camping Bag, Oh-Shit, or any other bag we would build? We always talk about trying to prepare for “anything” that comes down the road at us, so what is the difference in the “bag” we build????
Although I have eaten in a few Asian Countries and was told to never ask what was for dinner… Good food, Good company, The carob covered grasshoppers, read (cock-roaches), were actually quite good.
What kind of food is good to have ,considering the high temperatures in the summer inside of a vehicle? As long as the food itself doesn’t literally melt, the negative affect of high temperatures inside the vehicle is reduced shelf life of the food. Without over-thinking it, I simply swap out my vehicle’s kit food towards the end of the summer and consume it.
Personally, in my vehicle I diversify with some MREs, calorie-dense food bars, some canned foods (with a manual can opener and spoon), and of course – water. Without the Earthquake Survival Kit, I tend to believe many more people will lose their lives during such a disaster. Print this ArticleEarthquakes are naturally occurring disasters, when different tectonic plates shift in movement against one another. Owning a kit like the ones below is a great way to attempt being prepared, but no one is ever truly prepared for a disaster. Consider keeping a change of clothes (depending on how you dress for work) in case you have to walk. Chances are you will be walking somewhere and you will need a backpack of sorts with your earthquake emergency kit supplies inside.
While in your own local area you will generally know the lay of the land and the direction to travel, if you are caught outside your area of knowledge though, it will be helpful to have the navigational tools to get you where you’re going. Paracord has many benefits and uses including the fact that it’s light-weight, strong (550 pounds), and has unlimited uses. Most people that have never been in any type of natural disaster, like myself, seem to dismiss the chances as fantasy.

I mean the “bag” I have with me should be ready for almost anything that hits the fan—-Right?
Blue can water 50 year shelve life is the best for the car…The heat will not bother it. Where two crusts meet is called a fault-line, and there are several types, such as subduction (which involves an oceanic plate), thrust, slip, oblique, and more. They all include some form of food or water, first aid kit, and more, and vary in sizes for 1-4 person sizes.
Select a blanket that will roll up and tie to your backpack if necessary (Fleece, perhaps wool). This means you will be out in the elements, so depending on your environment and season, tailor your supplies accordingly.
The thieves can have the beefaroni and water if they are so desperate to intrude into my truck. Therefore there is approximately a 33% chance that the earthquake will strike while you’re at work.
I have come to believe strongly in the fact that it is much better to be prepared for something that never happen rather than being unprepared for something that does happen. You can attach it the zipper pull on your pack with a fishing snap to keep it from getting lost. I know most everyone has had an experience where they wished they would have done this or bought that or grabbed something before they left the house. It's in a handy grab-and-go bag that is durable, and everything inside covers your basic needs. Some may think it is common sense but you will be very surprised on how many people have little to no survival skills.

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