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NEW Zombie 3-Day Defense Survival Kit Walking Dead Disaster Emergency Bug OutFunctional First Aid Survival Kit! The first two rules require rigorous training and practice to master, but the third merely requires the purchase of a zombie survival kit. After all, if the dead really do rise from their graves to walk the Earth, tracking down all the necessary supplies is certain to be quite a chore.

Rather than worry about finding food and water while dodging the chomping jaws of insatiable corpses, invest in a zombie survival kit to ensure you stay ahead of the hungry crowds. Different kits include varying supplies to accommodate all the different types of survival strategies. You may need a kit with ropes and climbing hooks if you want to take to the trees to survive, for example.

All the kits provide common essentials, such as water purification tablets, alcohol swabs, bandages, matches, and emergency blankets.

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