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Every few hundred thousand years Earth's magnetic field dwindles almost to nothing for perhaps a century, then gradually reappears with the north and south poles flipped. Such reversals happen at intervals, ranging from tens of thousands to many millions of years, with an average interval of approximately 250,000 years. The magnetic field deflects particle storms and cosmic rays from the sun, as well as even more energetic subatomic particles from deep space. At present, the overall geomagnetic field is becoming weaker at a rate which would, if it continues, cause the field to disappear, albeit temporarily, by about 3000-4000 AD. Rocks record the direction of the ambient magnetic field as they form, allowing us to reconstruct the history of these reversals.
The question of whether we should be expecting a reversal is most easily addressed by taking a longer view.
Fortunately, rocks can preserve information about the palaeointensity (literally, ancient intensity) of the Earth’s magnetic field.
The other interesting thing about this record is that the field has behaved in quite a consistent way during every reversal.
To really place recent field behaviour in context, we really need a better idea of what was going on geomagnetically prior to the instrumental record. But seriously, this is a nice post and should be distributed to Earth Science teachers everywhere. One interesting question is what happens to oganisms, especially birds, that use the magnetic signal to orient for long distance migrations or other navigation. Presumably adjustments are made during periods of excursion, but one would think that rapid shifts would cause a certain amount of disruption and confusion, and maybe a bit of unnatural selection …. Charged particles from the solar wind (~ 1 keV) would slowly erode Earth’s atmosphere if the magnetic field went away. As for the Cretaceous Normal Superchron, palaeointensity measurements from that era suggest that the field was very strong, and therefore stable. When the OP says multiply, wander, and so on, this means that the relative strengths of various terms needed to make this a useful description of the earth’s field (the dipole, quadrupole, octopole, and so on) will change. Convection in the outer core normally seems to have a fair degree of large scale organisation, which produces a simple, dominantly dipolar, magnetic field. Then there’s the considerations surrounding the magnetosphere and how it protects us from solar rays. There was a paper a few years ago that calculated that the stronger multipole field during inversions would induce a magnetic field in the ionosphere, which would take over the protection function of the magnetosphere. And I thought that these outer core convection cells are influenced by the position of the continents (thicker crust).
PS – thanks for posting your work, I appreciate the willingness to share info and ideas on the web. One of the side effects of magnetic reversal is that for a period of time the earth’s overall magnetic field will be very irregular. There could be a number of reasons for Mars’s dead dynamo, it still has a molten core, so if it could suddenly start losing alot of heat, presumably the dynamo could start up tomorrow (well, geologically tomorrow). My point is, that the causes for the death of the dynamo aren’t well enough understood to be saying things without noting the extreme uncertainties in our knowledge of a dynamo that died billions of years ago. Says the modelling- until we get a seismometer up there we won’t be able to confirm that hypothesis.
Using radio tracking of Mars Global Surveyor some people confirmed that there is a part of the outer core that remains liquid to this day. I do believe a new age is almost upon us and that we will be enlightened when the pole shift occurs. Prepare yourselves for 3.5 days of darkness when the earth stops rotating and the 6 hrs it will take for pole changes! Texts and descriptions are fine and dandy, but to see planet Earth for what it is is another thing altogether. Scientists understand that Earth's magnetic field has flipped its polarity many times over the millennia.
Sediment cores taken from deep ocean floors can tell scientists about magnetic polarity shifts, providing a direct link between magnetic field activity and the fossil record. A schematic diagram of Earth's interior and the movement of magnetic north from 1900 to 1996.
Another doomsday hypothesis about a geomagnetic flip plays up fears about incoming solar activity.
A geomagnetic storm that sparked auroras around the Arctic Circle and sent Northern Lights spilling over the Canadian border into the United States on April 12, 2011 is subsiding. The Earth's magnetic field has reversed many times at an irregular rate throughout its history.
Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration was the major driver behind the global climatic shifts that occurred between 53 and 34 million years ago, according to new research led by the University of Southampton. Coral reefsa€”the world's most productive and diverse marine ecosystemsa€”rely on a masterful recycling program to stay healthy. Throughout the centuries, volcanic eruptions have claimed hundreds of thousands of lives due in part to the lack of accurate signs indicating imminent eruptions. Geophysicists are pretty sure that the reason Earth has a magnetic field is because its solid iron core is surrounded by a fluid ocean of hot, liquid metal One needs to read this carefully and take the insinuation with a rock of salt.
A reversal happens over hundreds or thousands of years I don't know where the authors got this particular statement from but some volcanic activities show that reversals occur[ed] over a very short space of time, weeks or months at the most.One problem with long slow reversals is the question it raises over just what happens if the field reverses and diminishes for such a long time? IMO the geomagnetic poles are switched with distribution of dark matter mass inside of solar system.
I remember when I was younger I travelled to Angkor Wat and learned about the "Rainbow Bridge" which was a link between this world and the heavens. I think if people could sooner see the relationship between the sun and solar activity, the earth and its magnetic field, and there combined effect on agriculture, a lot of what our ancestors built would probably make more sense. This is a lot scarier than the name suggests as it will permanently affect life as we know it.
All electronic devices would be rendered unusable, effectively sending us back to the Middle Ages. The weather patterns on Earth would change drastically as storms and hurricanes would increase in intensity and frequency. A hypothesis advanced by McCormac and Evans postulates that during a magnetic pole reversal the Earth’s field would disappear altogether. In addition, every several hundred thousand years, Earth's magnetic field reverses — a compass that would have pointed north would instead aim south.
Full reversals of the magnetic field usually take millennia to finish, based on those frozen rock records.

Scientists analyzed data in sediment from the floor of the Black Sea and compared it with other data from the North Atlantic, the Southeast Pacific and around Hawaii.
Earth's magnetic field stayed reversed for only 440 years, during which time it was just one-quarter as strong as it is today. The brevity of this flip overall suggests "it might represent a so-called aborted reversal," Nowaczyk said. Earth's magnetic field helps protect the planet from energetic particles streaking out from deep space and the sun. Such radiation poses a particular threat in our modern world, so understanding these reversals is helpful to better understand the threats from space. The dunes in Gale Crater on Mars , near the landing site of the Curiosity rover, are moving.
It is believed that this last occurred some 780,000 years ago, referred to as the Brunhes-Matuyama reversal.
Without magnetic protection, these particles would strike Earth's atmosphere, eroding the already beleaguered ozone layer.
The rapid deterioration began at least 150 years ago and has accelerated in the past several years, with a total decrease of 10-15% over these 150 years.
At the moment, magnetic field lines run from the south pole to the north pole, and point up in the southern hemisphere and down in the northern hemisphere, as in the figure on the left below.
The symmetric pattern of magnetic anomalies either side of mid-ocean ridges, give us a continuous record of magnetic reversals stretching back almost 200 million years. Effectively, the stronger the magnetizing field, the stronger the rock’s magnetisation will be. Every switch in polarity occurs when the field is at its weakest – the palaeointensities are lower during reversals than at any other point in this record. Problems with complex magnetic mineralogy, and overprints, and possible thermal alteration during the experiments, are also rife. I didn’t really understand the field mimimums before or that we should be able to see a reversal coming a at least a couple centuries in advance. The total field is described in this sort of model by adding up all the terms with coefficients with large magnitudes, so the net field looks different as the magnitudes of these coefficients vary and the signs flip. What seems to happen during reversals is that convection becomes more disorganised; this means that the magnetic field produced is also more complicated, with shorter wavelength quadropole and octopole components becoming stronger at the expense of the longer wavelength dipole field.
If there was even a slight ripple in our protective covering, I think we’d be in for a world of hurt.
The main thing that strikes me is that I see no mention of mechanisms, processes, forces or energy that might account for a flipping of the Earth’s magnetic field in the future (or for that matter, in the past). There are two really good counterexamples in the terrestrial planets: Mercury is much smaller than Mars and almost definitely has an active dynamo, Venus is much bigger than Mars and does not have an active dynamo. When you see people doing mad acts as if during a full moon but 100x stronger, we will know the time is upon us. Oh, and the Earth will not stop spinning, the stars will not fall from the sky, and the Great Old Ones will not return to eat us all (probably). In other words, if you were alive about 800,000 years ago, and facing what we call north with a magnetic compass in your hand, the needle would point to 'south.' This is because a magnetic compass is calibrated based on Earth's poles. Earth has settled in the last 20 million years into a pattern of a pole reversal about every 200,000 to 300,000 years, although it has been more than twice that long since the last reversal. The Earth's magnetic field determines the magnetization of lava as it is laid down on the ocean floor on either side of the Mid-Atlantic Rift where the North American and European continental plates are spreading apart.
Unlike a classic bar magnet, or the decorative magnets on your refrigerator, the matter governing Earth's magnetic field moves around. This suggestion mistakenly assumes that a pole reversal would momentarily leave Earth without the magnetic field that protects us from solar flares and coronal mass ejections from the sun.
The subsequent summer was dryer and hotter than any summer since the 1930s, a period that became known in the history books as the 'Dust Bowl'. Even though the Geophysss would like to create the impression of absolute certainty, it's not so.
When the solar system is going to pass through dark matter at the galactic plane, then the center of mass of Earth is shifted and the liquid mantle circulation is affected with it.
As a European with a Scandinavian parent I was also aware of Norse mythology and the "Rainbow Bridge" which connected this world with Asgard.
This would lead to an increase in cancer incidence as cosmic rays would penetrate our atmosphere more easily. According to these researchers, the atmosphere of Mars may have been stripped away by the solar wind because it lacked protection from a magnetic field. These flips are captured by magnetically sensitive minerals in cooling lava that are literally set in stone pointing to where the poles were at that particular moment in Earth's history. However, scientists now find that 41,000 years ago, shortly after modern humans first entered Europe, the magnetic poles flipped and flipped again in less than a millennium. Surprisingly, they found the Earth's magnetic field took about 200 years to flip, during which time it was just one-twentieth as strong as it is today.
The magnetic poles then flipped back to approximately where they were before over the course of about 270 years. During the Laschamp reversal, Earth was significantly more vulnerable to radiation from space, judging by higher levels of radioactive beryllium seen in ice samples from Greenland, Nowaczyk said.
But at many points in the past, the field lines (and compasses, if they’d been invented) pointed south, and, as the figure on the right below shows, were directed upwards in the northern hemisphere and downwards in the southern hemisphere. We palaeomagicians are particularly interested in how the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field varies during reversals, because geodynamo theory suggests that reversals are probably more likely to happen when fluctuations in outer core convection weaken and destabilise the dipole. If you measure the magnetisation acquired by your rock samples in artificial magnetic fields of known value, you can use this experimentally determined relationship to infer the strength of the geomagnetic field required to impart the original remanent magnetization.
Increasing numbers of relative paleointensity records, mainly from measurements of marine sediment cores, have been published in recent years.
Instead, the geomagnetic field will weaken, and the magnetic poles will start to wander to lower latitudes, and possibly multiply, over a period of hundreds and thousands of years.
Intermediate charged particles ( ~ 1 keV – 1 MeV) would cause aurora effects but would cause little ground effects at sea level. Years of reading X-Men comics have taught me that reversing the Earth’s magnetic field can happen very quickly and causes massive global catastrophe. I see a reasonable argument for a decline in the strength of our magnetic field, but nothing that indicates (even remotely) impending reversal.
But, as far as a polar shift, where the crust itself moves, putting the north pole somewhere in saudi, I don’t know.
My prediction is major changes starting somewhere between Dec 2011 and February 2012 which is a precurser for the shift which will occur on the equinox of Dec 21, 2012.

The N-S markings of a compass would be 180 degrees wrong if the polarity of today's magnetic field were reversed. A reversal happens over hundreds or thousands of years, and it is not exactly a clean back flip. As the lava solidifies, it creates a record of the orientation of past magnetic fields much like a tape recorder records sound.
Geophysicists are pretty sure that the reason Earth has a magnetic field is because its solid iron core is surrounded by a fluid ocean of hot, liquid metal.
But, while Earth's magnetic field can indeed weaken and strengthen over time, there is no indication that it has ever disappeared completely.
Making statements that it doesn't get "THAT" weak begs the question as to whether anyone has observed such a change and recorded its characteristics so that we can know it doesn't get "that" weak". The antineutrinos tend to accelerate the decay of radioactive elements inside of Earth mantle and the they're increase the speed of its circulation.
But they're many of them and they surround every massive object like invisible cloud of irregular structure, which is in thermal equillibrium with CMB radiation. It always made sense to me that in Northern Europe they would have seen the northern lights and thought they were supernatural. Once every 450,000 years or so, the magnetic North and South poles shift and this process takes anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 years to complete. The last geomagnetic reversal occurred 781,000 years ago and scientists believe we are due another in a relatively short period of time. In the absence of the current magnetism, these animals would behave erratically and their numbers would certainly dwindle.
The high energy particles trapped in the Van Allen radiation belt could be liberated and they would bombard the Earth. They predict our own atmosphere would lose ions at altitudes of over 60 miles (100 kilometers).
All we can do is hope it won’t happen until humankind has found a way to successfully cope with its effects.
These two magnetic poles very roughly match where the planet's geographic north and south poles lie, which mark the axis on which Earth spins. The flip-flop overall is known as the Laschamp event, after the area in France where evidence of it was first discoveredin the 1960s. These magnets can, in principle, cancel each other out, causing the magnetic field overall to weaken or flip. This prediction is particularly relevant in light of the fact that the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field has been steadily decreasing, at a rate of about 5% a century, since we first started directly measuring it in the mid 1800s. In each case, the reversal is preceded by at least 20,000-40,000 years of fairly continuous decay in field strength to about the same (very low) value, with a much more rapid recovery in field strength following the transition.
It looks dramatic from the perspective of Deep Time, but during a reversal the changes over a human lifetime will probably be little different from the secular variation we see today. Many doomsday theorists have tried to take this natural geological occurrence and suggest it could lead to Earth's destruction. Magnetic fields morph and push and pull at one another, with multiple poles emerging at odd latitudes throughout the process. The last time that Earth's poles flipped in a major reversal was about 780,000 years ago, in what scientists call the Brunhes-Matuyama reversal.
A weaker field would certainly lead to a small increase in solar radiation on Earth – as well as a beautiful display of aurora at lower latitudes -- but nothing deadly.
The one reason for the complexity is that the model needs to show that the field is self-sustaining and capable of surviving for billions of years, contrary to the hard reality that actual, physical verifiable measurements show that the field strength is rapidly decreasing.
The blow of neutrinos from center of galaxy would blow out this thin neutrino atmosphere from all planets inside of solar system, thus affecting the distribution of mass inside of solar system significantly.In addition, there are two types of neutrinos, the Sun is generating normal neutrinos, which slow down the radioactive decay, but the neutrinos from the center of galaxy are antineutrinos and they do accelerate it.
Perhaps the same experiences have been recorded as far South as Cambodia who then tried to explain them as best they could?I would love to know what effect changes in the strength of the magnetic field has on humans magnetoreception (and how we even experience those sensations). The last time this happened, the magnetic field dropped to around 5% of its current intensity.
While humanity optimistically looks forward to the terraforming of Mars, some believe a fate similar to that of Mars awaits our blue planet. No extinction event has ever been linked to a magnetic field reversal, and I think that we might just cope with the next one too – whenever it might occur. Then this last week I read an article on whales being beached by the 100’s in Australia. Scientists estimate reversals have happened at least hundreds of times over the past three billion years. Moreover, even with a weakened magnetic field, Earth's thick atmosphere also offers protection against the sun's incoming particles. The far simpler and more realistic explanation for the existence and state of the field is that it had a once off kick-start and is now in natural exponential decay.
All measurements referring to that kind of age are inferred and attributed according to how the age of the rocks are determined - based on controversial assumptions.Actual records of measurements beat those anytime.
The inner heat of planets is powered with radioactive decay, so that such replacement of neutrinos inside of solar system can have wide impact to the thermal regime of all planets and Sun at the same moment. Without a better idea of how the geodynamo behaves over geological time, there’s no way of knowing. This event was not limited to the one time but has happened several times over the last few months.
And while reversals have happened more frequently in "recent" years, when dinosaurs walked Earth a reversal was more likely to happen only about every one million years.
Deep ocean sediment cores from this period also indicate no changes in glacial activity, based on the amount of oxygen isotopes in the cores.
The flow of liquid iron in Earth's core creates electric currents, which in turn create the magnetic field.
The actual measurements fit this model far better.However, philosophic considerations dictate matters.
This is also proof that a polarity reversal would not affect the rotation axis of Earth, as the planet's rotation axis tilt has a significant effect on climate and glaciation and any change would be evident in the glacial record. So while parts of Earth's outer core are too deep for scientists to measure directly, we can infer movement in the core by observing changes in the magnetic field. It is moving faster now, actually, as scientists estimate the pole is migrating northward about 40 miles per year, as opposed to about 10 miles per year in the early 20th century.

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