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All the stars including our sun our made of plasma, the "vacuum" of space is plasma, lightning, the Solar wind is a solar plasma wind.
NASA has discovered that the Sun and the Earth connect every 8 minutes with monstrous space tornados, twisting Birkeland currents of plasma acting as a wire with the current moving at over 1 million mph. These are large natural wires, currents and exchanges in the Earths global electric weather circuits. About the image: This image shows how an imaginary particle suspended in the liquid iron outer core of the Earth tends to flow in zones even when conditions in the geodynamo are varied.
The jet stream winds that circle the globe and those in the atmospheres of the gas giants (Jupiter, Saturn, etc) are examples of zonal flows.
This work was carried out using the Earth Simulator supercomputer, based in Japan, which offered sufficient spatial resolution to determine these secondary effects.
This kind of zonal flow in the outer core has not been seen in geodynamo models before, due largely to lack of sufficient resolution in earlier models. At least the magnetic field shields us from cosmic rays, either by the sun or extra-solar sources. As I remember the important part of this physics is the boundary layer between the inner and outer core. If the earth’s magnetic field were to turn off permanently the atmosphere of Earth would be over time blown into space by solar wind.
Venus has a very thick atmosphere with very heavy molecules that cannot be blown away so easily, I think. Presumably this first order balancing effect means that Earth field doesn’t protect us against solar wind in any effective sense either. And again, for systems where the solar wind means much more so secondary effects are important, it may be very different. IIRC the recent lull in the solar wind output has changed the cosmic ray density 2-3 times or so. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. See more below, plus the Solar Dynamics Observatory has a spectacular video of coronal loops on the Sun during January 5 through 7.
The video shows the 171 angstroms channel, which is especially good at showing coronal loops a€“ the arcs extending off of the Sun where plasma moves along the magnetic field lines, said the SDO team.

During a total eclipse of the Sun, skywatchers are awed by the shimmering corona -- a faint glow that surrounds the Sun like gossamer flower petals. This Solar Dynamics Observatory image of the Sun taken on January 10 in extreme ultraviolet light captures a dark coronal hole just about at sun center.
British astronaut Tim Peake ran a marathon in space in record time on Sunday, strapped into a treadmill on the International Space Station as thousands ran the London Marathon below. ESA's Herschel mission releases today a series of unprecedented maps of star-forming hubs in the plane of our Milky Way galaxy. For the 26th birthday of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers are highlighting a Hubble image of an enormous bubble being blown into space by a super-hot, massive star.
The known universe is made of 99% plasma and plasma is an ionised (electrically charged) gas.
These space tornados are one part of the connection between the Sun and the Earth plug in around the auroras. Spacequakes themselves are mainly caused by a fast plasma jet on the nightside of the earth.
That is the first obvious subject it covers but if everything in life is electric then it connects with everything. Does the outer core have the equivalent of the Earth’s atmosphere’s jet streams, for example? When I was only six (or so), I went out one clear but windy night with my uncle and peered through the eyepiece of his home-made 6" Newtonian reflector. And since there are quite a lot high-energetically ionizing particles involved, the magnetic field is good shield for us. OR would that material actually become superconducting as it condenses closer toward degenerate matter?
Also, it’s a bit larger than Mars, which makes it easier for Venus to keep its atmosphere. A weaker and smaller induced field means higher escape rate over a smaller surface vs a stronger and larger dynamo field with lower escape rate over a larger surface.
Yesterday (January 7, 2013), astrophotographer John Chumack stepped outside over his lunch break and captured some cool-looking views of the Sun from his observatory in Ohio, using different filters. The brightest spots seen here are locations where the magnetic field near the surface is exceptionally strong.

Not to be outdone by the Blue Moon, the Sun had some impressive action on August 31, 2012 as well.
At the north polar region - where the Space Tornadoes (Birkeland currents) bring the electrically charged plasma and the Spacequakes release their energy - you have the Earths Space Fountain accellerated and ejecting plasma up into space. From the gEUlogy (Electric Universe geology) of the planets to our myths, legends and modern day beliefs including the Akashic Records and God(s). Recent research by a team of geophysicists in Japan sheds some light on these questions, and so hints at what causes magnetic pole flips. Left to right shows how the flow responds to increasing Rayleigh numbers, which is associated with flow driven by buoyancy.
Because the Earth’s outer core is believed to be in a turbulent state, it is possible that there is zonal flow in the liquid iron of the outer core,” Akira Kageyama at Kobe University and colleagues say, in their recent Nature paper. The dazzling, shimmering, perfect globe-and-ring of Saturn entranced me, and I was hooked on astronomy, for life.
Venus has no appreciable magnetic field but has a much bigger atmosphere, so it might take longer to bleed that off.
A solar filament collapsed and and exploded, and the Solar Dynamics Observatory caught the action in dramatic detail.
A process causes our magnetic field lines to vibrate and energy is also exchanged at the polar regions and combined these create the auroras. Top to bottom shows how flow responds to increasing angular velocities of the whole geodynamo system. Remember this every time you read about how amazed they were, never expected to find that, back to the drawing board.
But a chap in 1903 predicted Space Tornados in a book called The Universe a Vast Electric Organism.

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