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Two of the world’s biggest chocolate manufacturers, Nestle and Hershey Company have expressed concerns over the ongoing Ebola epidemic in West African countries.
Early this month, World Health Organization urged Ivory Coast and 12 other countries to prepare for cases of the Ebola virus to ensure the epidemic does not spread further. Ivory Coast, which borders two of the worst hit Ebola nations – Guinea and Liberia – has already closed its borders with the Ebola-affected nations and barred migrant workers who pick cacao beans, the key produce used in chocolate making. Nestle CEO, Paul Bulcke, in a press conference last week hinted that a not-so-positive financial report was on the offing.
While Nestle has no factories in the three most affected countries, Ghana houses the company’s central and West African base. Meanwhile, the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) in its recent annual meeting pledged to donate $600,000 to support Ebola prevention and care efforts led by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and Caritas.
Can this instant messaging app win the war of supremacy among existing IM platforms in Africa?
Jerusalem (AFP) – Israeli and Palestinian officials met at the weekend to draw up an action plan to prevent the Ebola epidemic from spreading to the territories they control, the Israeli military said Sunday. One proposal to combat the disease was for Israel to provide courses in advanced epidemiology for Palestinian and Jordanian medical staff, a health ministry official said on condition of anonymity. Ebola has killed more than 4,000 people this year, nearly all of them in the West African countries of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). The post Israel And Palestine Join Forces To Combat Ebola Threat appeared first on Now The End Begins. President Barack Obama speaks at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Tuesday, Sept. The World Health Organization (WHO) — the authority for health within the United Nations system — has done little to quell fears announcing that within two months 10,000 new cases of Ebola a week could become a reality. While there remains little doubt that Ebola could potentially evolve into a major global health crisis, it remains equally plausible that the virus could be contained within nine months. Clearly, the fear of something can have even more catastrophic effects than the thing itself. Fear mongering has already caused instability in the three countries that it has affected most. With globalization a new reality, travel has made it almost inevitable that the virus would spread outside of West Africa. An hour of current affairs background and debate from Australia and the world every Monday to Friday, 12:05 pm, ABC Local Radio and Radio National. The World Today is a comprehensive current affairs program which backgrounds, analyses, interprets and encourages debate on events and issues of interest and importance to all Australians.
Born Prince Rogers Nelson, the 57 year olds body was found at his home in Minnesota, just months after his last tour to Australia.
The Federal Government is expected to announce the winner of the submarine fleet contract next week but the ABC understands that the national security committee of cabinet has all but elminated Japan's bid.
A former top executive at the construction firm Leighton Holdings has slammed the company's willingness to weed out corruption or questionable payments.
The Prime Minister and Opposition leader both say they're focusing on fairness, ahead of the federal budget on May 3. With less than two weeks to go until the federal budget the Tasmanian Independent Andrew Wilkie is calling on the government to keep funding a child dental health scheme. The Queensland political landscape has changed drastically with the introduction of four new MPs and the reintroduction of compulsory preferential voting.
The largest aid convoy to reach Syria has delivered medical and food supplies to the besieged town of Al-Rastan. Creditors, which includes 800 sacked workers, agreed at a meeting in Townsville to wind up the company.
As Donald Trump moves closer to winning the Republican Presidential nomination he continues to confound conventional political thinking about the media.
Australia's Great Barrier Reef may be more resilient to bleaching than scientists first thought. Workers from Haiti's Ministry of Public Health and Population spray chemicals to exterminate mosquitoes-a local carrier of chikungunya and dengue, among other diseases-in Port-au-Prince in May.
The United States' latest brush with Ebola shows that, more than ever, diseases are global travelers. A physician died at a Nebraska hospital on Monday after contracting the disease in Sierra Leone, where he was working. But Ebola isn't the tropical disease that's most likely to cause health problems in the United Statesa€”not by a long shot.
Chagas disease is a parasitic disease that's spread in a particularly disgusting way: by kissing bugs that bite people's faces at night (mostly around the mouth, to which they're attracted by exhaled breath) and leave poop behind. The parasite known as Trypanosoma cruzi, carried in the bug's feces, enters the victim's body through the bites or via the eyes or mouth. The CDC has sought to raise awareness and improve diagnostic tools for Chagas as well as four other neglected parasitic infections (cysticercosis, toxocariasis, toxoplasmosis, and trichomoniasis). The drugs currently used to treat the diseasea€”the antiparasitics benznidazole and nifurtimoxa€”are not approved by the U.S. The kissing bug (Triatoma dimidiata) spreads Chagas disease by biting people's faces while they sleep and leaving infected feces behind.
Americans traveling to the Caribbean are increasingly picking up a nasty souvenir: a case of chikungunya, a disease transmitted by mosquitoes that produces fever, joint and muscle pain, headache, lethargy, and rash.

Chikungunya, which the World Health Organization says was first reported in southern Tanzania in 1952, was not a problem in the Western Hemisphere until late last year, when the first local case popped up in the Caribbean, on the French side of St. The chikungunya virus is carried by two types of mosquitoes, the yellow fever mosquito and the Asian tiger mosquito. It's also more of an all-day eater, says Rebecca Christofferson, a research assistant professor and infectious disease specialist at Louisiana State University, in Baton Rouge. Luckily, says Higgs, chikungunya doesn't hide out in the local bird and mammal population the way West Nile does, which means it might be easier to stop, since focusing on the mosquito vector would be effective. There's no treatment for chikungunya, and no vaccine, though researchers are working on that.
Some researchers are trying to curb dengue by infecting mosquitoes, like these yellow fever mosquitoes, with a bacterium that prevents them from transmitting the disease. More familiar than Chagas or chikungunya is dengue, the mosquito-borne virus that the World Health Organization estimates infects some 100 million people per year around the world. Severe dengue has a mortality rate of about one percent with early detection and supportive treatment such as fluid replacement, and 10 to 20 percent without.
The more serious dengue hemorrhagic fever often does not occur until the second time someone is infected.
Like chikungunya, dengue is spread by mosquitoesa€”in this case, mostly the yellow fever variety.
But local mosquitoes can also pick up the disease from infected travelers and spread it to people in the U.S. A patient with dengue fever, which is transmitted by mosquitoes, is protected from further bites by a mosquito net at a hospital in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. What's most worrisome to researchers is how much is still unknown about all three of these infections.
Already, cocoa prices have shot up in recent weeks and some chocolate makers have begun to increase their product’s retail prices. With over 4,500 deaths now reported and over 9,000 confirmed cases, the virus has managed to outdistance international response thus far.
News stories and Congressional Hearings are a necessity in understanding and educating about the virus and how it can be passed.
I frequently work in Tanzania for a local NGO, African Community Advancement Initiative, and many people have told me how crazy I was to have a planned trip to Africa with the Ebola on the continent. For a continent that has long lagged behind the rest of the planet in terms of development, a crushing blow such as this to the economy can have rippling effects for years to come. Rush Limbaugh recently admitted to playing into people’s fears in order to help GOP candidates win the mid-term elections. However, just because a few people have contracted the virus on American soil does not necessarily mean that a national epidemic is forthcoming. He has a Master's degree graduate in International Relations with an emphasis on conflict resolution and development in Sub-Saharan Africa. A gifted, multiple award winning artist he influenced countless musicians, during a career spanning decades.
Australian security analyst Andrew Shearer says this has made Japanese government officials anxious.
Stephen Sasse, a former head of organisational strategy, told a Senate committee into foreign bribery that Leighton's mechanism for dealing with whistleblowers appeared to be a sham. The Prime Minister says the budget will be prudent and fair, and he's again attacked Labor's plan to reduce tax concessions on investment earnings.
The scheme allows parents on low incomes to access dental care for their children up to a cap of $1000 over two years but it is underutilised and the government is yet to say if the scheme wil be kept or scrapped. The United Nations has also evacuated hundreds of people from besieged towns near Damascus and in the Idlib province. A report released by administrators FTI Consulting earlier this month found Queensland Nickel incurred debts of 771 million dollars after going insolvent in November. The billionaire is crafting a campaign identity built on being a political outsider, with a disregard for large parts of America's traditional print, radio and TV outlets. Coral bleaching involves the loss of colour from corals under stressful environment conditions, including rising sea temperatures.
A New York physician came down with Ebola last month after working in West Africa, sparking quarantines for returning health workers in some states.
The parasite can also be spread in more ordinary ways: from mother to child, and through contaminated blood or organ donations. The CDC doesn't mandate that states report cases of Chagas, but four states do, including Texas. Why that should be isn't entirely known, says Hotez, but substandard housing and sanitation are likely contributors. But in a handful of casesa€”11 in Florida, at the CDC's last counta€”the victims had never left the country. So fara€”luckilya€”the virus strain circulating in the Americas is primarily spread by the less-common yellow fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti). That's what scientists worry about, since the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) has a much wider geographical range in the United States, reaching as far north as New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.
That's just the active cases; according to an estimate published last year in Nature, there are 96 million active infections per year, with another 294 million that are mild or asymptomatic.
Often the first infection is relatively mild, and can even be hidden altogether and cause no symptoms.

Locally acquired dengue cropped up in outbreaks in Florida and Texas in 2013, raising the specter of further geographic spread in the South, where the mosquito typically livesa€”or elsewhere, if its range expands. Researchers in Australia are trying a novel strategy: releasing mosquitoes infected with a bacterium that prevents them from transmitting dengue.
Louis Protesters Burn American Flags In The Street (VIDEO) ISIS Now Only 8 Miles From Baghdad As Fighting Rages Despite US Air Strikes Ft. They include sending military personnel, training health care workers and erecting health care facilities in Liberia.
If a comment violates these standards or our privacy statement or visitor's agreement, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the comment box to report abuse. However, it is an important job of the media to use their best judgement when reporting on every false alarm, sniffle or sneeze that is heard across the globe.
Just to clarify, Tanzania is in East Africa and over 5,000 miles from Guinea, the source of the virus. Using people’s fear to push a political agenda when over 4,000 people have perished from Ebola is appalling, but clearly not outside of the morals of some media members. Don’t get me wrong, Ebola is a global health issue and it needs to be contained before it hits the 10,000 per week doomsday scenario. Coupled with his extensive financial background, Daniel also works as a consultant for Consultancy Africa Intelligence in Pretoria and the Centre for Global Governance and Public Policy in Abu Dhabi. But Labor leader Bill Shorten says the Opposition's policy is designed to support everyday Australians who can't afford big investments. That includes 73 million dollars to employees, 151 million to unsecured creditors and 546 million to related party creditors. He's using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and even snapchat campaiging in what's now known as the 'nano second' news cycle.
Scientists from the Marine Ecology Research Centre have shown for the first time that some adult corals can swap their algal partners later in life, literally giving them a new lease on life.
But infectious disease specialists worry that these tropical diseases could gain a foothold in local insect populations, spread to more people locally, and become a much bigger problem in the near future. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 20 to 30 percent of infected people develop heart or digestive problems, some of which can be debilitating and life-threatening without treatment. It's now all over the Caribbean, and as of the end of last month there were more than 780,000 suspected cases in those islands and in the Americas. Chikungunya is not nationally reportable, but the CDC wants states to keep an eye on it, and academic and research organizations are also gathering data. That involves spraying by local authorities and individuals taking steps to protect themselves: avoiding bites with approved insect repellants, wearing long-sleeved shirts, getting rid of stagnant water on their property, and staying away from mosquito-infested areas.
If untreated, people can die from shock, as the capillaries start to leak blood into the abdomen and chest cavity. So the fear, as Christofferson explains, is that people will be infected oncea€”knowingly or nota€”and then somewhere down the line, if another strain comes to town, they can become dangerously ill. It already shows signs of expanding: Yellow fever mosquitoes were found in California in 2013.
News surfaces daily with reports about possible exposures to the deadly virus, such as an infected woman boarding a passenger plane or a lab analyst who may have handled deceased Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan’s blood before boarding a Carnival Cruise. This could lead to sharp declines in regional industries such as agriculture, mining and tourism. In this case, the media needs to use restraint and remember what they were taught in journalism school, report the news, don’t invent it. However, the responsible thing to do is listen to the experts and make sure that educating and informing people does not morph into frightening them.
In addition to his work at FPA, he is also a regular contributor to The Continent Observer and International Policy Digest. The main opposition bloc says its suspending its involvement in the talks and its delegates are leaving Geneva over frustrations about violence in Syria despite a truce that came into effect late February.
Now, the State Library of New South Wales has obtained a rare book, thought to have inspired William Shakespeare's famous play, and it's on display in Sydney, as part of commemorations to mark 400 years since Shakespeare's death.
An estimated six million to eight million people worldwide live with Chagas disease, which causes about 12,000 deaths a year, according to the World Health Organization. Not saying that much of the news to hit the airwaves is irresponsible journalism, only that news outlets need to show restraint when using fear mongering or sensationalism to embellish the story. Ebola can be effectively contained and destroyed, it has been before, but this will take a global effort without sending panic throughout the population. 17 forced an entire parking lot to be closed for fear that one of the Marines on a bus had contracted the virus. Duncan contracted and sadly died from the disease, the threat of Ebola seemed like poverty in Africa, a world away. These are countries that have experienced intertwined conflict and brutal civil wars in the last 20 years.
Suddenly it is the topic of every conversation, with travelers leery of leaving their homes for fear of contracting Ebola.
When people have no means to earn a living and live in constant fear of contracting a deadly disease, the results could be alarming.

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