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Afrika bestatigt den dritten Ebola Patienten, der von den Toten wiederauferstanden ist und zeigt Bild des ersten "Ebola Zombies". Wissenschaftler sahen einen Mann an Ebola versterben, doch einige Stunden spater erwachte er wieder zum Leben. Ganta in Liberia – die Behorden der Republik Liberia haben das erste Beweisfoto eines an dem Virus Ebola verstorbenen Patienten veroffentlicht, der unglaublicherweise von den Toten zuruckgekehrt ist. Die Liberianische Regierung macht unterdessen die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika fur die Ausbreitung des Virus verantwortlich, bezeichnet Ebola sogar als eine moderne Biowaffe aus den USA.
Der erste Bericht uber die Entdeckung eines "Ebola-Zombies" stammt jedenfalls aus der Liberian Tageszeitung, auf den die Weltgesundheitsbehorde mit gro?er Sorge reagierte. Nachdem in Texas eine nicht naher genannte Anzahl von weiteren Ebola-Infizierungen aufgetreten sind, hat der Staat Kansas den Ausnahmezustand eingeleitet. Ebola ist eine durch Viren verursachte gefahrliche Erkrankung, die laut WHO-Angaben in bis zu 90 Prozent der Falle todlich verlaufen kann. The government should address this question immediately before the disease starts spreading if, indeed, others were infected. It has been reported that the other passengers of her flight have now been located and are under advisement. Ask anyone what is Ebola, and the only reasonable answer you might get to this question is that it is a virus.
The idea of mouse-human equivalence has financed many scientific careers though it has often been a lie.
Ebola and similar viruses like Marburg did not come from some nefarious plan to kill Africans but are a direct result of human overpopulation: the monsters out the Pandora’s box of deforestation.
Given that pigs do a major service of trash collection for human communities, among other things, and bats pollinate many fruits, the destruction of these species would merely exchange one kind of terror for another.
Much has been made of the fact that the Ebola research group in Manitoba, Canada, led by Gary P. Alarmingly, one of the dead monkeys from the original eight had in its system an Ebola that had escaped the ZMAb by mutating.
Now, you might be thinking that a mortality rate around 12 percent would look awfully good in a Zombie Apocalypse, but is Ebola really such an invincible adversary? In at least Zaire, medical doctors have greatly increased the survival rate of Ebola patients.
Even so, as an outbreak of Ebola flares up during this writing, Western scientists and medical doctors are flocking to west Africa to expand their laboratory knowledge to real-live humans. A group of Canadian and American scientists stand to become very rich from the commercialization of Ebola vaccines. By far the biggest Ebola threat is the possibility that a highly efficacious vaccine might be developed, on the quiet, in association with “defense” concerns. I’ve read that the 90% mortality episode involved only nurses and patients at a poorly-funded charity hospital who reused unsterilised needles for vitamin B12 shots.
Typically, people do not get Ebola from other people unless they’ve been in direct contact with the secretions or blood of dying patients (or dead people, at funeral rituals). Described as a zombie apocalypse with real walking dead in various reports, the Ebola zombie incidents surfaced after the patients reportedly resurrected from the dead. The New Dawn, a local newspaper in Liberia, is the only source of the alleged Ebola zombie events. The alleged Ebola zombie victims are both females and are believed to be in their 60s and 40s respectively. The two women were identified as Dorris Quoi from the Hope Village Community and Ma Kebeh from the Catholic Community. Ma Kebeh had reportedly been indoors for several nights, without any food and medication, prior to becoming an alleged Ebola zombie. Ever since the Ebola zombie report surfaced, residents from the Hope Village Community, as well as Ganta in general, are in a state of panic.
The site added, "On 30 September, the 'Ebola zombie' rumor was resurrected with a post suggesting that a third victim of the disease had mysteriously reanimated. Aside from the report from The New Dawn, there are no other media reports on the Ebola zombie phenomenon and the issue remains unconfirmed, according to the Epoch Times.
Still, it appears that the single report on the women Ebola zombie risings has taken a life of its own on social media, especially after the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed a first case of Ebola in the United States. Twitter and other social media websites has been abuzz with the likely false reports on the Ebola zombie awakening. Here are few ways on how keen explorers can score lounge access regardless of the possibility that their tickets read coach. Don't be that person who annoys others passengers in airports, be airport ready with these tips.

Indiaa€™s Celebrates 67th Republic DayIndiaa€™s 67th Republic Day was joined by 76-member French army. The Only Living Thing Enjoying The US Blizzard: This PandaIf you think no living thing enjoyed the US Blizzard over the weekend - think again. Relaying news of interest, attack warnings, and other relevant information to Earth's most endangered species, the White Race. Things look pretty bleak for chances of survival in Northeast Ohio should a zombie apocalypse hit. Es ist das erste Mal in der Geschichte der Pathologie, dass die Forschung hautnah Zeuge von einem solchen Vorfall wurde. Die WHO sagte den Behorden daraufhin miltitarischen Beistand zu und leitete unverzuglich Quarantane-Ma?nahmen ein, um einer gefahrlichen Zombie-Ausbreitung vorzubeugen. Sam Brownback, Gouverneur von Kansas, mahnte die Bevolkerung zur besonderen Vorsicht und verteilte in allen Siedlungen Notfall-Broschuren zur Abwehr von angreifenden Ebola-Zombies. Bitte verfolgen Sie derweil unbedingt das Geschehen im Fernsehen weiter oder lesen einschlagige Online-Newsquellen.
Auf Arzte ohne Grenzen, eine private medizinische Nothilfeorganisation, konnt Ihr mit einer kleinen Spende den von Ebola betroffenen Menschen in Afrika Hilfe leisten.
The question has become very important since the volunteer nurse, Pauline Cafferkey, has become critical following her infection with the Ebola virus. There are now more than 20,000 cases in West Africa, a densely populated area compared to the UK. She was treated with an experimental Ebola virus drug but it seems it didn’t work at all.
Cafferkey is from Scotland, a health worker who was assigned to West Africa and was returning from Sierra Leone to Glasgow passing by Casablanca in Morocco. The transmission of Ebola from bats to humans has probably resulted from our destruction of the habitats of bats. Although scientists claim that anti-Ebola vaccines are just around the corner, their development is still at a primitive stage.
Kobinger, has achieved 100 percent survival of some monkeys 24 hours post infection, and 50 percent survival 48 hours post infection, by giving these unfortunate monkeys an antibody mixture, now called ZMAb. This alone suggests that a mortality rate of about 12 percent should be expected despite the “vaccination,” since the virus is a moving target. Even in the initial 1976 outbreak, when the virus killed 90 percent of its victims in Zaire (Democratic Republic of the Congo, DRC), the mortality in Southern Sudan was 50 percent. As early as 1995, researchers at the University of Kinshasa discovered that extremely sick Ebola-infected patients, including ones who had been comatose, could be saved by transfusions of blood from individuals who had recovered from the same Ebola infection. Indeed the current Ebola outbreak in west Africa provides a great opportunity for Phase I trials on humans without regard to ethics or scientific rigor. That is, the infection would be unusually virulent (from the fastest-growing organisms in someone’s blood) and unlikely to be particularly contagious.
According to reports, the Ebola zombie victims came back to life while before their bodies were taken for burial.
Some are reportedly calling Quoi a ghost, while others have adamantly refused the village's women from staying in the community, reports the International Business Times. Viele Burger von Liberia nehmen jedoch an, dass der Virus von der US-Behorde heimlich an der eigenen Bevolkerung ausgetestet wurde und der Versuch dann aber wohl au?er Kontrolle geraten muss. Schatzungen gehen davon aus, dass der Ebola Virus sich rapide verbreiten wird und dass er innerhalb von 2 Monaten knapp 5 Millionen Menschen in Zombies verwandeln kann.
At least one scientific editor has described the disease caused by the viral infection as a “Zombie Apocalypse,” and the relatively few Western researchers who are permitted to study the virus do their best to encourage the scaremongering. Fruit bats, which are regarded as being the probable “natural reservoir” for Ebola remain completely healthy even while they shed the virus in their bodily secretions. It is possible that the virus passes through an intermediate carrier, such as pigs, to reach humans. Due to a need for high containment and special licenses, Ebola vaccination studies are limited to a handful of scientific groups that do not generally try to reproduce or verify each other’s work. These results look less impressive when one realizes that they involved only eight monkeys: four in the 24-hour group and four in the 48-hour group.
Indeed, a study of the virus sequences of 78 patients in Sierra Leone’s 2014 outbreak, discovered 395 mutations. In that study, the blood donors had been free of any symptoms and virus for more than three weeks.
The stated interest of DRDC is “to defend and protect Canada’s interests at home and abroad.” On the American side, a San Diego company called Mapp Biopharmaceutical (MappBio), led by Gene Olinger of the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, began to receive large contracts from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). In particular, a vaccinated army could advance on a region that had been deliberately contaminated.

African scientists from the Democratic Republic of the Congo found in 1995 that Ebola patients could be saved by blood transfusions from immune individuals who have recovered from the disease. One of the nurses wandered in delirium through a crowded city for hours, without passing that strain on to anyone.
This is why the casualties from Ebola are predominantly health workers and the family members of -dead- patients.
The write-up claims that a third person has risen from the dead and has become an Ebola zombie as well.
By contrast, pigs with Ebola get an illness like a severe cold that completely disappears in about 10 days. This is suggested by the fact that some healthy pigs and farmers in the Philippines show evidence (based on their serum antibodies) of having encountered Ebola.
In such studies, groups of monkeys are deliberately infected with intramuscular injections of the virus and then immediately vaccinated. Although the Zaire virus is generally regarded as being more lethal, doctors in the field who treat real human patients have instead ascribed the 90 percent mortality figure to an initial situation of panic that resulted in quarantine of the patients and their abandonment, without so much as rehydration therapy, despite symptoms that included a massive loss of fluids, an inability to swallow, fever, extreme weakness, headache and other pains.
The recipients, on the other hand, did have the virus; they were very ill and in day 4 to 16 after the onset of their first symptoms.
Defense, after all, is a euphemism for offense in our Orwellian world, and this threat from Ebola is far more tangible than a Zombie Apocalypse. This, together with palliative treatment of the symptoms, is still the most efficacious treatment for Ebola. Zurzeit ist nicht gewiss, wie viele Menschen in Dallas bereits in Kontakt mit anderen Ebola-Erkrankten kamen, bevor diese in Quarantane gestellt worden sind. They also suggest that every bat, boar and monkey in the forests of central and west Africa can transmit the disease. Ebola does cause a usually lethal hemorrhagic fever in untreated monkeys and humans, but the progression and duration of the disease differ with the species. In addition, pigs that were deliberately infected with Ebola in a Canadian laboratory were able to aerosolize the virus and transmit it to monkeys without direct contact. Survival rates as high as 100 percent have been claimed, and this sounds rather good, until one realizes that this low mortality is only achievable if the vaccine is administered within about 30 minutes of infection. In principle, the ZMAb should have vaccinated the monkeys by allowing them to develop their own immunity against Ebola, but later studies of the long-term effects of this supposed vaccination yielded mixed results. Vaccines against such a mutable target would, at best, require frequent and expensive reformulation; at worst, they would be pointless.
Together with a company called Kentucky Bioprocessing, they plan to produce the components for ZMAb in tobacco plants and commercialize it. It is also notable that it was African scientists from Sierra Leone who recently discovered that the Ebola virus mutates so rapidly that vaccines are likely to be useless. Presumably, a similar transmission might occasionally happen between infected pigs and humans. These vaccinations are obviously useless outside of laboratories, since the initial times of encounter with Ebola are usually unknown, and infections as early as a few minutes show no symptoms at all.
In one study, six out of six monkeys who had received ZMAb post infection, and lived, survived a later Ebola infection; in another study, two out of six animals died from their “post-vaccination” encounter with Ebola. The World Health Organization has declared an international health emergency, and the Food and Drug Administration has waived many of the usual safeguards on such studies to accelerate marketing of vaccines.
For example, I have seen a report of an outbreak involving 1 dead individual get reported as 100% morality. A zombie apocalypse indeed, with blood oozing out of every pore, and the possibility of an infection if one whispers E-bo-laaaa. Nigeria has completely stopped the recent Ebola epidemic dead in its tracks within its borders: no vaccines. Nevertheless, vaccines continue to be peddled and, incredibly, Ebola patients are brought for treatment from Africa, where there are many potential blood donors, to the West, where there are hardly any.
Kent Brantly, who was saved by a blood transfusion from a 14-year-old patient whom he had helped to save, is practically the only Ebola-immune blood donor.
Unfortunately for Eric Duncan, the patient from Liberia who recently died in the United States (Dallas, Texas), his blood type did not match Brantly’s.
The Dallas nurse, Nina Pham, who caught Ebola while treating Duncan, will probably be saved because, luckily for her, her blood type is a match for Brantly, from whom she has received a blood transfusion.

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