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Browsers that can not handle javascript will not be able to access some features of this site. Across Michigan, eight emergency financial managers are working to rescue cities and school districts from the brink of financial ruin -- and they're succeeding.
Nine schools are now self-governing, meaning that control and accountability over the school's direction occurs at the school level. There's a computer in every classroom, wireless Internet, and more than 14,000 students in grades 8-12 are allowed to take Netbooks home this year.
Schools and surrounding neighborhoods have been made safer through the demolition of abandoned buildings and boarding up vacant properties. These are great successes, but there is more work to be done to improve Detroit Public Schools -- and to rescue other cities and school districts from financial disaster.
Emergency Care Education is a dynamic company with its fingers on the pulse of medical education.
Our top priority is to provide excellence in emergency care and resuscitation instruction using instructors current with the latest evidenced based medical protocols and registered with the relevant organizations.
An 84 year old male presents to the emergency department with acute shortness of breath.Describe the ECG and comment on the likely cause.
Below you will find a resume for a military professional that transitioned into a Firefighter and Emergency Technician (EMT).
The summary uses a job title headline to ensure the target is focused on a job as a firefighter.

The resume focuses on knowledge in the new field such as emergency operations, hazardous materials, trauma and life support. The education section lists an Associate of Fire Science and training in fire fighting, fire inspection and fire instruction. Perform search and rescue functions in order to quickly remove people from dangerous areas and ensure safety of immediate area. Utilize fire suppression techniques designed to quickly put out fires while salvaging as much property as possible. Assist Fire Marshall and inspection teams with home safety inspections, commercial business code inspections and general fire surveys. Assist EMT ambulance service in removing patients from locations and preparing transport to hospitals. Investigate incidents involving hazardous materials, dangerous locations or potential fire hazards. Perform periodic training and testing including equipment training, fire drills, written testing and exercise drills. Oversee inspection and cleaning of firefighting equipment, clothing, helmets, gloves, masks, hoses, pumps and other special devices. Intern Resume ExampleIntern resume example for college student studying Sports Journalism and Broadcasting. Military Resume ExamplesCareer transition resumes can be some of the most difficult to write.

One of those great success stories is happening in the Detroit Public School System, where emergency financial manager Roy Roberts has instituted reforms that have improved the quality of education for students in the district while also saving money, balancing the budget, and sharing success with teachers and other employees. Though Michigan's emergency manager law, Public Act 4, is no longer in effect, emergency financial managers in troubled communities are continuing their work under the state's previous emergency manager law, Public Act 72.
The company conducts courses accredited with the Emergency Care & Safety Institute (AAOS & ACEP) & the AHA. Continuous quality assurance is paramount to client satisfaction.Our top priority is to provide excellence in emergency care and resuscitation instruction using instructors current with the latest evidenced based medical protocols and registered with the relevant organizations.
This is a good general reference for individuals switching into any civil service position such as medical assistant, fireman or police officer. And today, our state government is working on solutions to help emergency financial managers like Roy Roberts continue their work on resolving fiscal crises at the local level. Emergency Care Education is committed to providing the latest international scientific evidenced based medical protocols. Like most firefighters, many responsibilities are also achievements when you people and property from fires and other hazards. The head office is located in Durban South Africa where all records are kept in a strictly confidential manner.

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