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Hall Effect - Hall effect sensors consists of a core, Hall effect device, and signal conditioning circuitry. Magnetoresistive- The magnetoresistive effect is the property of certain materials to change the value of its resistance as a function of a magnetic field applied to it.
Frequency range describes the range of values of the input frequency that the sensor can operate. Response time is the interval between the application of an input excitation and the appearance of the corresponding output signal.
Isolation voltage describes the maximum voltage that the sensor can handle to protect the devices connected to it.
Operating temperature describes the temperature range the sensor is designed to operate in.
The type of output used by a current sensor depends on the desired application and operating environment. Switches and audible signals - The sensor can also be connected to a switch or an audible alarm which indicates current level via a noise or process change.
Through hole technology (THT) mounts components on a printed circuit board by inserting component leads through holes in the board and then soldering the leads in place on the opposite side of the board. Sensor types can be closed loop -- meaning they have to completely surround the current carrying wire -- or open loop where they don't need to make a complete circle. Closed loop current sensors provide faster response times and better linearity than open loop sensors.
Both open loop current sensors and closed loop current sensors are used in hazardous environments. Intrinsically safe equipment is defined as "equipment and wiring which is incapable of releasing sufficient electrical or thermal energy under normal or abnormal conditions to cause ignition of a specific hazardous atmospheric mixture in its most easily ignited concentration." This is achieved by limiting the amount of power available to the electrical equipment in the hazardous area to a level below that which will ignite the gases. Current sensors that are identified as intrinsically safe (IS) equipment are low-power devices that meet design, installation, and maintenance standards established by the Instrumentation, Systems and Automation (ISA) society. Underwriters Laboratories - Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a non-profit organization that tests components, systems, and materials according to its published standards for safety. So, using this Hall effect latch IC, we can build a simply electronic circuit that can be used to detect the polarity of a magnet (the magnetic field has to be strong enough to trigger the sensor due to its limited sensitivity).
If the Hall sensor detects a strong enough magnetic field, the original pin with the low output will turn high and the other pin will turn low. Finally, a way to actually "see" DC magnetic fields from permanent magnets or magnetized metals without messy iron filings! Same flat viewer material that is in the viewer card but larger (full 12" x 12") and without the lamination. Paper-thin and highly flexible, this viewer uses micro-encapsulation of colloidal Nickel to reveal magnetize material.
When a DC magnetic field is applied to the finished film, the Nickel particles congregate in alignment with the flux lines emanating from the DC magnetic source. Because of the small size of the colloidal Nickel particles, the film can detect fields as low as only a few gauss and still produce a clear image. Due to the film's high flexibility, it easily conforms to magnetic surfaces with high degrees of concavity and convexity. This component can be used in a circuit to open and close a contact when exposed to alternating N and S poles of a magnet. This is a very important tool for mapping the direction of field lines prior to shielding design (speaker shielding for example), and is a great teaching tool.
DC magnetic fields can develop in many steel or iron objects if they have been exposed to magnetic fields, current, or friction. Whether you need low cost, compact design, small probe head, or extensive data logging, MicroMag has it all. Versatile enough to classify magnets, measure residual magnetism, and check fields from DC circuits. Perfect for connecting the output on this meter to a DMM with PC Interface for data logging and graphics. This is a high quality, reasonably priced digital meter & it is invaluable for reliable measurement of permanent magnets, magnetized rocks and metals, the Earth's magnetic field, and any DC magnetic field. Probe (High Linearity Hall Generator) with 3.5 ft cable is included providing nearly linear response from DC to 10 Hz. This chamber can be used with the KilogaussMeter or Hall-Effect Meter probes to provide a zero gauss (magnetic field-free environment) reference, enabling you to take absolute readings of the ambient magnetic field (the Earth's magnetic field is typically around 500 mG).
An axial probe (High Sensitivity Hall Generator) with coiled cable is included providing nearly flat response from DC to 10+ Hz.

This chamber can be used with the Geomagnetometer to provide a zero gauss (magnetic field-free environment) reference, enabling you to take absolute readings of the ambient magnetic field (the Earth's magnetic field is typically around 500 mG). 3-axis isotropic probe, AC power adaptor, zero Gauss chamber, and certificate of calibration with data included.
Can't decide which meter is right for you?Click here to go to the handy Meter Selection Guide. Two distinct characteristics of ferromagnetic materials are (1) their spontaneous magnetization and (2) the existence of magnetic ordering temperature. The sensors in this selection guide measure current and provide some sort of output that corresponds to the current being measured. The sensor works when the current conductor passes through a magnetically permeable core that concentrates the conductor's magnetic field. Voltages above this specification can damage the sensor and render the measurements inaccurate. Current sensors with SMD can be attached to surfaces that are used in required application. These are best used for rough or extreme applications to prevent the sensor from falling off. They require less power than closed loop sensors and are better able to withstand overloads.
For example, some devices are used for power metering, control system diagnosis, current supply measurement, and the control of complex loads from electric motors.
These standards are written and administered by organizations such as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Underwriters Laboratories (UL), and CSA International.
Most brushless DC motors for instance, like those used in computer cooling fans, contain Hall effect sensors in the driving circuits. This particular fan is driven by a single chip ATS 277(the data sheet can be found here), which is a complementary output Hall effect latch. Thus the blue LED will be off and the red LED will be turned on (see the picture below, note that the red LED is illuminated albeit it is a little dark compared to the blue one).
You can use this amazing film over and over to view the location and number of poles on any magnet. In the encapsulation process, colloidal Nickel particles suspended in the slurry become engulfed within gelatinous membranes. This clumping of nickel particles causes a darkened appearance in the film exactly where the magnetic field is impinging on the film. Also, because the film is so thin and can be cut down to practically any size without losing its properties, it can be used in tighter places inaccessible to the bulkier, unalterable devices.
The magnet makes the filings stand up on end and arrange themselves in beautiful patterns according to the magnetic field lines.
Simply place the test edge near or against the object being tested, and the needle gauge points to a reading representing the magnetism in the object at that site as well as polarity. Check out your car, bed frame, desk furniture or any other metal objects you spend time with. Offering 3? digit bipolar display, 9V battery powered and comes with an AC power adapter for extended benchtop use.
Concentric welded 12" long tubes (1" ID chamber) with stand, made of high permeability magnetic shielding alloy, provides excellent shielding.
Concentric welded 12" long tubes (1" ID chamber) with stand, made of high permeability magnetic shielding alloy provide excellent shielding. Spontaneous magnetization is the net magnetization that exists inside a uniformly magnetized microscopic volume even in the absence of external magnetic field.
A great deal of information about the magnetic properties of a FM material can be learned by studying its hysteresis loop.
The Hall effect device, which is mounted within the core, is at a right angle to the concentrated magnetic field and a constant current (in one plane) excites the Hall device. If magnetic flux is applied, a Lorentz force proportional to the magnetic flux density will deflect the current path. I recently replaced one of the cooling fans in my computer and decided to do some experiments with the Hall effect sensor in that old fan.
It turns on and off the alternate side of the poles depending on the rotor’s position. A 2-mil layer of the magnetically sensitive slurry is bonded to a 5-mil sheet of plastic film and allowed to dry. As a result, an exact two-dimensional image or impression of the magnetic pole or pole pattern (if there are more than one) is produced.

Finally, since there are no moving or electronic parts, the film never needs maintenance or repair.
The problem was that the filings would stick to the magnet so hard it was difficult to remove them AND filings that spilled made a huge (and rusty) mess. The magnet's North pole is colored red, South is blue, to easily indicate polarity of the field under investigation.
This rugged case features aluminum trim, riveted corners, lock and keys, carry handle and metal hinges. The magnitude of this magnetization at absolute temperature depends on the spin magnetic moments of electrons.
The loop is generated by measuring the magnetic flux of a FM material while the magnetizing force is changed continuously. Another important specification to consider is if the sensor needs to be in-line with the circuit or if it works by being clamped around the wire to be measured.
The energized Hall device is then exposed to a magnetic field from the core and it produces a potential difference that can be measured and amplified into process level signals such as 4-20mA or a contact closure.
As the current path is deflected, the current flows through the plate for a longer distance, causing the resistance to be increased.
Specialized current sensors, such as those used in commercial appliances, often incorporate safety cut-off features and surge trips. CSA Marks that appear alone are used with products certified primarily for the Canadian market, to the applicable Canadian standards. Magnetic poles appear as dark areas and the light areas represent where the N and S poles meet.
After complete drying, the particles maintain freedom of movement within the gelatinous membranes. This image is easily erased once the film is removed from the magnetic source and the nickel particles are allowed to freely re-disperse within their gelatinous cells. This clever device solves both problems by enclosing the iron filings in a clear hard plastic case! With a resolution of 1 Gauss, it can measure small variations from magnet to magnet or it can detect if a given magnet has lost strength.
Although electronic exchange forces in FMs are very large, thermal energy eventually overcomes the exchange energy and produces a randomizing effect leading to paramagnetism.
FM materials that have never been exposed to magnetic field or have been thoroughly demagnetized follow the dashed line as applied field is increased and reach the point 'a' where almost all of the magnetic domains are aligned and an additional increase in the magnetizing field produces a very little or no increase in magnetic flux. A great inexpensive magnetic detector for finding objects in your environment that have become magnetized. A common bar magnet can be swiped across the film to ensure complete erasure of the previous image, or by reapplying the film to another magnetic source the new image produced will completely replace the old one. Now students, children and adults too can enjoy learning about magnetic attraction the fun and clean way. For hundreds of years, mankind has used the trusty compass to guide him through the Earth’s magnetic field. Plug the unit into your Windows PC USB port to begin reading and recording fields (updates up to 4 times per second). 200mV AC recorder output included to interface this unit with your PC, scope, analyzer or recorder. As the current conductor passes through the core, it becomes magnified by the conductor's magnetic field.
Measure the deflection of the needle from magnetic North at known distances using this nice 1.75 inch diameter compass to quantify and compare DC magnetic fields, track down magnetized components, or evaluate magnetic shielding performance.
Simlutaneous digital readout of field strength and predominate frequency, true RMS measurement with peak hold, One volt full scale analog voltage output, alarm, datalogging up to 32,000 data points, and 3 % error guarantee. Since AC current is constantly changing potential from negative to positive (general rate of 50 to 60 Hz) and therefore creating an expanding and collapsing magnetic field, a current is induced in the windings.
The secondary current is converted to a voltage and conditioned to output process; signals such as 4-20mA or contact closures.
Only 3" x 4" x 7" and operating on common 9V batteries for total portability and convenience plus AC power adapter included for extended benchtop use.

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