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Our members at EFM Burwood, EFM Gladesville and EFM Westmead love our flexible monthly membership options, where you can say goodbye to long-term lock-in contracts and exercise on YOUR terms. Exercising with EFM is just like exercising with your own personal trainer, but at a fraction of the cost. During every workout at your local EFM Health Club in Sydney, you will be guided through your workout by your very own Personalised Trainer. Ready to try EFM gyms in Sydney? Register for this month’s special offer at the top right of screen! 18th February 2016: EFM Templestowe is currently closed for business and we do not as yet have a timeline for a re-opening in Templestowe. The beauty about your fitness program with EFM Gym in Templestowe is that we refuse to lock our members into 12 month gym contracts.
Your personal Fitness Coach will set your exercise machines for you, give you a goal to work towards, and monitor you through your fitness program so that you achieve those goals. 1-1 Personal Training:  You have the  coach  to yourself as our PT coach tailors either a  30 min, 45 min or 60 min session specifically for you! Seniors Group: At EFM Gym in Bedford Park we have a wonderful Seniors Group where our focus is on Strength Training as age and inactivity is the common cause of muscles becoming weak and fragile. Rock tape: Rock tape  is a revolutionary new type of therapeutic kinesiology taping product designed to aid in the treatment and healing of various sports injuries, as well as improve physical performance. I joined EFM Bedford Park in late January 2014 after searching the web for a new gym that would be easy for me to get to on my way home from work. Since joining EFM Bedford Park last year I have lost a total of 12 Kilos and dropped nearly three dress sizes which I am thrilled with.  While I have worked hard I could never have done it without the support, guidance and encouragement from Angelina and the team. Now I have lost almost 9 kilos and as I was walking into work I noticed my pants where sliding down! After a string of tough years, personal health had slipped down on the priority list, and I was suffering from the effects of this. I had done a few classes at a local gym a long, long time ago, but the environment wasn’t really conducive to keeping me interested. Month by Month MembershipsWe hope you never leave us, but if your situation ever changes and you need to cancel your membership, it’s great knowing that you are not locked into a restrictive, long-term contract! Plenty of VarietyWe have eliminated the motivation dip and results plateau that comes with repetitive exercise routines.

The Little ThingsWhether it’s a workout reminder sms, a friendly follow up call for if we haven’t seen you in for a workout by mid week, or just that extra bit of one-on-one attention, you can expect your Personalised Trainer to be there every step of the way. Do you have an EFM on-site at your workplace? In many cases, your EFM membership is subsidised, or you are eligible for further discounts to the prices quoted below. EFM Membership Price Range: We have a range of membership options to suit the individuality of what you require from your fitness program in order to get the results you want. As part of a considered strategy, C2M Health developed a full patient communications plan for Westmead Fertility Centre (WFC) incorporating a new logo, website, digital and social media and traditional print booklets. According to C2M Health Director, Wallace Long, it was a matter of carefully considering a patient’s practical information needs together with their emotional state-of-mind. Interactivity is a major part of the relaunched website with users able to book online appointments, register for information seminars and order booklets on its services.
Your Trainer will provide you with a fitness program that is tailored to you and who will help set your machines and monitor your technique. Month by month memberships ensure you’re going to receive a personal fitness program, that you enjoy, where you feel comfortable exercising with like-minded members. It is a effective way to train, because you don’t have anywhere to escape from training hard and efficiently, to achieve not just good results but GREAT RESULTS. Your after exercise recovery routine has a big impact on your fitness gains and sports performance and allows you to train much more effectively.
I desperately wanted to jump on some scales to see if I had dropped anything but I resisted! With some hard work, and a great deal of help from the trainers here at EFM, I’ve been able to reshape by body and maintain improved overall fitness. The trainers are all committed to making it a really positive experience for the members. The daily workouts that are provided are excellent, and the trainers are able to tailor them if I want to focus on a specific goal. You receive the attention & motivation of a personal trainer, but at a fraction of the cost.
We threw out the mirrors and massive weights long ago and our members are happy to exercise without staring at themselves in the mirrors!
Please use the club locator below to find your on-site EFM Health Club website for specific pricing.
It is difficult to provide an indication of one monthly membership price without knowing the type of fitness program that is required to get the results you want.

We will be in contact with you in 24 hours or less and talk you through the options and to see what discounts and special offers that you can take advantage of. It also incorporates circular elements to symbolise the process of cell division that occurs during in vitro fertilisation (IVF).
It also has a patient-only section allowing for direct communication with nurses and useful information on medications and procedures. It’s all about helping YOU achieve what you want, as part part of an affordable fitness program. In fact, forget everything you’ve ever experienced at a gym in the past – If you’re sick of starting, stopping and bouncing around from gym to gym trying to find the right fit for you – You’re in luck! No two members are the same and your goals differ from the person exercising out beside you. Let us show you how you can recover by stretching, myofacial releasing, massage, good nutrition and water intake.
With a relaxed mind, the body can relax and allow soft tissue manipulation of the therapist to release tight and congested muscles. I don’t have any craving for bad food now in fact when I ate junk I felt terrible not straight away but a few hours later.
This all culminated in me being able to participate in the 2014 Adelaide Marathon, which I am really happy about. You’ll never do the same workout twice with us AND your fitness coach will be continually assessing your fitness levels and adjusting your daily workouts to suit! Your Personalised Trainer is by your side to check and correct technique and you just wear what’s comfortable; it’s not a fashion parade! I will be picking healthy eating and exercise over food that gives me one moment of pleasure and makes me feel bad for hours!
Because sliding down pants and HAVING to go shopping for SMALLER sizes make me feel far better for longer!

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