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Electric fields are produced by the presence of voltage or an electrical charge: the higher the voltage, the greater the electric field. If two parallel plates (one negative and one positive) form an electric field that particles from radioactive decay are made to travel through the particles that are charged will accelerate towards the plate with opposite charge. The gamma ray has no charge so it is not affected by this 'electric landscape' and will just continue on its straight path. Moving charged particles experience a force when they travel in a magnetic field that is at right angles to their path. We need to understand the pattern of field lines around a straight conductor carrying current and also the direction of these field lines. A watt or kilowatt is a measure of power, or how much electricity is being used by a device at a particular moment.
Electricity prices are measured by kilowatts used in an hour, and the rate tends to fluctuate over time — both over the long-term, as in a week or month, but also over the course of a single day at the wholesale level.
Prices also vary dramatically by region, often based on how much it costs to generate and distribute power, as well as taxes and other charges.
Alliant energy breaks down your bill to show how much the energy costs to produce the electricity that I use. It cost $7.94 to produce the electricity we used, but with all the profit, transmission line fees, basic customer charge and tax, my bill for the electricity that cost Alliant Energy less than $8.00 to produce cost me $64 -- a price 800 percent higher than the energy cost to produce it! Here in Iowa, it seems to me they ask for a rate hike at least once a year and the Iowa Utilities board cuts what they ask for, but always seem to grant some form of rate increase!
The monopoly utilities and the Iowa Utilities Board that is supposed to regulate them should not be allowed to add charges that make the bill more than 50 percent over the cost to them to produce and get it to our doors! From the could be worse department: we're paying 43 cents per kWh on the Big Island, and it still pencils out to drive a Leaf, but I won't feel like I'm on easy street until our solar panels are up and running. We are familiar with the fact that a compass needle gets deflected when brought near a bar magnet. Place the magnet on a sheet of white paper fixed on a drawing board, using some adhesive material. Now move the needle to a new position such that its south pole occupies the position previously occupied by its north pole. In this way, proceed step by step till you reach the south pole of the magnet as shown in Fig.
The relative strength of the magnetic field is shown by the degree of closeness of the field lines.
A vibrating string cuts through the field of a bar magnet in the pickup, producing a signal in the pickup's coil. To produce sound, an electric guitar senses the vibrations of the strings electronically and routes an electronic signal to an amplifier and speaker. Some pickups use screws for polepieces so that the height of each polepiece can be adjusted.
Many electric guitars have two or three different pickups located at different points on the body. From science to culture to tech and beyond, get essential stories and videos straight to your inbox. Q: Could a simple cup of coffee be heated by a hand held device designed to not only mix but heat the water through friction, and is that more efficient than heating on a stove and then mixing?
Mathematician: It is impossible to know precisely what Einstein meant by this quote without being able to ask him.
Perhaps what Einstein meant when he claimed to have difficulties in math is that he felt as though it was a struggle to learn some of the very advanced math necessary for formulating his theories, or that (compared to mathematicians or mathematical physicists) his math skills were not exemplary. This entry was posted in -- By the Mathematician, -- By the Physicist, -- Guest Author, Philosophical, Physics. Our life is a continuous struggle like mathematical problem that if you always look on difficulties, you might lost focusing how to resolve it.. I think it means that the more you learn about math, the more you realize how much you don’t know. Maybe we can compare it to 1 graders maths and university maths – the first grader struggles with the simplest of maths, but what Einstein is saying is that the university student also struggles, but with much more complex maths. What is really amazing is how others claim they understand it… Sigh, the biggest liars are academics. However, if understanding means holding it all in your head at the same time and seeing every possible repercussion, then you could make the argument that nobody understands anything. And still my difficulties are greater than the imagination about how much hard mathematics is for you. I think that when Einstein make refer about the math, he refer about like the math help to the physic people with his understanding, however I don’t think that Einstein would thinking first the math and after, he understand about the fenomenal phisic for describe. I believe the quote was simply a joke that was put into perspective through his eyes that could be used for encouragement.
This was Einstein’s reply to his 8-year-old neighbor, when she knocked on his door asking him to help her with her math. Ahh Tom, didn’t know that one if it was in that context I too think he meant it as a harmless joke. I love reading all these attempts to understand what my good friend Einstein meant with this quote. To me it says that he had some seemingly impossible problems in his work (that he probably worked through).

Although his theories might collapse one day, him as a philosopher still hasn’t got the recognition he deserves.
In grade school, when I was so worried about his lack of ability to rote memorize math facts, his pediatrician noted that rote memorization is not true understanding, and that in the long run, he may be better off. Perhaps what Einstein meant by the comment – “Since the mathematicians have invaded the theory of relativity, I do not understand it myself anymore” is that mathematicians literary takes every solution of his relativity equations as possibility in Physical world.
Perhaps building mathematics before realizing truth about underlying Physics may be the reason we are grappling with some problems in interpretation of prevalent Physics theories like relativity. As I think about another quote by Einstein, I am lead to believe that he is suggesting that his quest for knowledge of math has and always will, lead to more difficult questions or problems. Einstein was remarkable in that he pondered and questioned (we good Catholics are not supposed to question!
Virtually all human beings in industrialized countries are exposed to them most of the time. Magnetic fields also result from current or the flow of electricity in a wire; field strength increases as the current increases and decreases as distance from the wire increases. AEP is obligated to meet its customers’ needs by providing service that is reliable and economical and as safe as possible. We have participated in EMF research through membership in trade associations and have communicated with customers and employees on the issue. An alpha particle will therefore accelerate towards the negative plate and the beta particle towards the positive plate. The force acts mutually at right angles to the direction the particle is travelling and the direction of the field so it takes a circular path. This is useful information, because it can be used to compare average energy consumption; an 11 watt compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb might produce the same amount of light as a 100 watt incandescent bulb, making it more efficient. In some countries and regions, prices for electricity can vary based on the time of day in which the power is used; in many other places, however, prices are set by the government or based on the average cost over time.
What has been the trend in wholesale costs to them over the past months, and is that trend expected to change?
The direction of the magnetic field is taken to be the direction in which a north pole of the compass needle moves inside it. The field is stronger, that is, the force acting on the pole of another magnet placed is greater where the field lines are crowded (see Fig.
If they did, it would mean that at the point of intersection, the compass needle would point towards two directions, which is not possible. If you have read How Electromagnets Work, then you know that coils and magnets can turn electrical energy into motion. The resistor (typically 500 kilo-ohms max) and capacitor (0.02 microfarads) form a simple low-pass filter. Each pickup will have a distinctive sound, and multiple pickups can be paired, either in-phase or out, to produce additional variations.
It is often taken to mean that he did not have a strong understanding of math or that he was bad at it when he was young.
I think an advanced math problem is still harder even for someone who is good at it than a simple problem is for someone who has trouble with math. I think Einstein’s intent was that when you push beyond your boundaries, you invariably struggle. If you are worry now on difficulties of your early Life, How much more the greater difficulties that you will face in the future. I believe what Einstein meant by this quote was not in a rude way, (my math is harder than yours), I think what he meant by this is that the difficulties he had trying to understand and comprehend the material was much more difficult for him than he thought it was for the average person, or more so he may be saying it was very difficult for him to achieve an understanding of the mathematics he was involved in compared to others ability near his level, perhaps. That did not mean they were not difficult problems; they were just within his capabilities. At last I got a web site from where I can really take helpful facts regarding my study and knowledge. For example, relativity forbids formation of trapped surfaces and yet we assume every black hole has singularity. We must design and operate our electric system in a manner consistent with all these obligations. But despite the greater speed, the larger mass makes the alpha particle have a lot more momentum than the beta particle.
Like knowing the average miles per gallon (or kilometers per liter) that a car gets, the devices can be compared without taking how long they are being used into account. Someone who uses an 11 watt CFL isn't paying for the 11 watts that the bulb uses in any given instant, but rather how much power is used by that bulb over a month. Smart meter technology and "time-of-use" pricing is expected to become more widespread over time, however. This includes bullying and butchering one another here, trashing the planet and other lives the world over. I guess I am lucky though, because they only charge me a 65 percent mark up on natural gas costs! There is a plan by the government that we cannot add charges on energy to industrial load except the purchase cost or pass-on kWh cost. Therefore it is taken by convention that the field lines emerge from north pole and merge at the south pole (note the arrows marked on the field lines in Fig.
It is simply wrong, however, to say that Einstein was bad at math. Some of his papers were quite mathematically sophisticated, involving advanced subjects such as stochastic differential equations and tensor calculus.

All of this being said, the original quote was actually directed at young students, so it may have reflected little more than an attempt to encourage them to persevere despite their perceived difficulties. In the period between the publication of special relativity and general relativity he took some time to learn enough differential geometry to develop his ideas. I use this quote (and others) with my students to combat the common notion that having difficulty understanding something necessarily equates to a lack of capability.
And I guess he found some applications of his equations to become increasingly weird, although based on the same mathematics he himself had used. But your local clock will always give you a same measure relative your life span, so you going to some neutron star won’t change that.
On the other hand, the human nature with regard to love, God, good & evil, emotions, truth, wisdom, intelligence, intelligence of the heart, etc. Einstein had the mindset to always keep pushing forward and never let negative emotions with no benefit get in the way. This makes charges accelerate as they move in a potential gradient, just like a ball would accelerate if it rolled down a hill.
Therefore an alpha particle is deflected less that an beta particle in a given electric field because of its higher momentum.
To determine this cost, how many kilowatts a device uses is multiplied by how many hours it is used to get kWh, which are then multiplied by the price of electricity per kWh.
It's an easy word to use to blame others who work hard, use their brains, and are willing to risk their time, energy and talent to get something more. Although we are allowed to add charges on demand on top of purchase cost with a very minimal cost per kW.What would be the best reason to rebut such regulation?
In the case of an electric guitar, the vibrating steel strings produce a corresponding vibration in the magnet's magnetic field and therefore a vibrating current in the coil. This apparently did not come easily to him, and involved a lot of consultation with other people in Europe.  He and Levi-Civita were in very frequent communication for example. Its what we Americans have done and continue to do - strive to make life better for ourselves and our children. The kW charge added on top of pass-on surely won't suffice for the operation and maintenance of the distribution line. The second resistor (typically 500 kilo-ohms max) controls the amplitude (volume) of the signal that reaches the jack. So he may have been responding to someones comment of the sort we all hear that they we’re having a hard time with math. He, however refused to accept this(like many great minds) and in trying to come to absolute truths on these matters, he looked back at mathematics as silly in comparison to knowing the Self.
The status quo of Newtonian physics which was widely accepted, and still is (no doubt Newton gave much to physics and mathematics), but it didn’t answer that annoying question.
By the way, if your greedy power company is making so much money, do yourself a favor and do some investing - maybe you could earn 5 percent. Through various activities we have observed that like poles repel, while unlike poles of magnets attract each other.
If the speed of light in a vacuum is the fastest known speed and a constant, then what accounts for the difference when a stationary observer sees a distant stationary source of light (travelling toward him at light speed, c) and another distant, but moving, source of light, say that headlamp of a train going 60mph (whose light also travels toward him at c). For the entire shutdown i made almost 10,000 dollars for the sake of a 100 foot pipe run, not counting my retirement benefits. In either case light comes toward the stationary observer at the same speed (c) despite that fact that one source is moving relative to the other. The region surrounding a magnet, in which the force of the magnet can be detected, is said to have a magnetic field.
Einstein did some remarkable thought experiments simply because they were too impractical or impossible to be whipped up in a lab. Since speed of light is constant in a vacuum, irrespective of the speed of the light source, then what needs to change to make this possible?
Oh, yea, I was born well after Einstein… guess I’ll have to work on other problems like what existed on the other side of Planck’s wall).
Yet, if I could get on the train and move at incredible speeds, I wouldn't notice my own time changing. But, relative to the stationary observer, I would age at a lower rate (think of all the Hollywood stars that would jump at this opportunity? Where can they board such a train?) No one thought of this until Einstein because we all reside in a relatively low speed world where Newtonian physics works just fine for practically all everyday experiences. Weird Al spent the next decades of his life trying to find a grand, unifying theory but, unfortunately, never got to one despite his efforts.
String Theory seems to have come to the fore as a unifying theory with little-known, quiet and humble geniuses like Ed Witten at the helm, another Princeton professor, as was Einstein. If I had not become an engineer, I surely would have pursued physics and plucked a few strings like Ed and like Al (violin).

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