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Getting the grid prepared for the increased use of renewable energy sources is the goal of the Helmholtz Energy Alliance "Technologies for the Future Power Grid" coordinated by KIT. Another focus of the research activities is the interconnection of the electric power grid with the existing gas distribution network in order to use gas distribution networks as energy storages. The energy turnaround and the therefore increased use of renewable energy sources requires a conversion of the power grid. Institutes of the Technische UniversitA¤t Darmstadt, Technische UniversitA¤t Dortmund, and RWTH Aachen complete the skills and capabilities contributed by KIT as partners in the alliance.
Next to the development and the comparative evaluation of different technologies, the Helmholtz Energy Alliance also wants to promote urgently needed young scientists and, in particular, intends to increase the percentage of women among the PhD students financed by Helmholtz. The Energy Alliance deals with four key topics: While "system management within the distribution grid" covers the intelligent control of the distribution grid in view of the increasing supply from decentralized and fluctuating energy sources, "system management and stability of a hybrid transmission grid" investigates the structure and operation of a HVDC supergrid superimposed to the existing HVAC network. The topic "integration of storage systems into the future power grid" focuses on the interconnection of the electric power grid and the gas distribution network using the latter for storing that amount of electrical power, generated e.g.
Hurricane Katrina helped University of Texas professor, Alexis Kwasinski, formulate a new plan for the U.S. Mitsubishi Electric launched Monday a "smart grid" pilot project that aims to boost the stability of electricity supplied from weather-dependent sources such as solar and wind power.
After years of neglect, scientists and policy makers are focusing more attention on developing technologies needed to make the so-called "green grid" possible, according to an article in ACS' Chemical Reviews.
Siemens and the utility company Allgauer Uberlandwerk (AUW) in the city of Kempten, Germany, are testing the smart grids of the future. University of California, Irvine researchers have invented nanowire-based battery material that can be recharged hundreds of thousands of times, moving us closer to a battery that would never require replacement. The massive shakeup announced by Intel reflects the rapid changes in the tech sector and aims to position the Silicon Valley titan for a post-PC world. A solar-powered airplane on an around-the-world journey had traveled 80 percent of the way from Hawaii to California by Saturday morning.

Chinese manufacturers and Internet giants are in hot pursuit of their US counterparts in the race to design driverless cars, but the route to market is still littered with potholes. Electric power systems around the world are currently undergoing substantial changes in their structure and rules of operation. Debates and controversy continue with regard to the exact form that restructured electric power systems should take.
Some commentators continue to argue that this restructuring process has not produced the intended improvements in system efficiency while at the same time it has complicated efforts to ensure the reliability of system operations and the efforts of traders to protect themselves against financial risks. This course will cover topics essential for understanding key issues currently surrounding the restructuring of electric power systems both here in the U.S. You are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in class, but role will not be called. Some exercises will be individual assignments, and some exercises will involve assigned teams.
There will be TWO MIDTERM EXAMS held during the semester, as well as a COMPREHENSIVE FINAL EXAM.
The first midterm exam is scheduled for Monday, September 19 in our regular classroom at our regular time. The final exam will be a comprehensive closed-book exam covering all required materials from the first day of classes through the final day of classes.
Absence from either a midterm exam or the final exam will result in a grade of zero unless the instructors agree there are verified extenuating circumstances such as a major medical emergency. Feel free to contact the instructors during their office hours, class meetings, or through email if you have any questions or concerns. Helmholtz researchers are developing solutions for a flexible and reliable grid which manages the fluctuating power supply from renewable energy sources in cooperation with university partners and utilities.
The Helmholtz Association will subsidise the Energy Alliance with 3.2 million Euros from its Initiative and Networking Fund in 2013 and 2014.

Due to the increased electric power generated by wind and photovoltaic power plants and the emerging electric mobility, it is foreseeable that today's power grid will not be able to meet future requirements.
Forschungszentrum JA?lich and the utilities EnBW Energie Baden-WA?rttemberg AG, MAINOVA AG, and Stadtwerke Karlsruhe Netze GmbH act as associated partners. New technologies will be required to implement and manage the so far not existing HVDC grids. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) are in the process of revising the entire regulatory framework within which electric power systems operate, with fiduciary responsibility for protecting against risks to national security. In the latter case, either the course grade will be determined on the basis of other work completed (if sufficient work has been completed) or the student will be asked to retake the course at a later time. There are so many routes nations take in order to answer this energy shortage crisis – nuclear power, energy storage and the like. Last, but not least, the Energy Alliance deals with "comparative technology evaluation" based on different criteria such as economic efficiency and contribution to the energy turnaround. Even in the Gold Coast, I always hear this topic being discussed in local newspapers and discussion forums.
A further aspect is the development of innovative methods and technologies which ensure grid stability. As, due to the decrease of conventional power plants, the number of rotating masses of turbines and synchronous generators - which today provide the so-called instantaneous reserve that balances the difference between generated and consumed power - also decreases.

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