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NextEra Energy (NEE) is North America’s largest owner and operator of wind and solar electricity generating assets.
United Electric Controls Announces Unique Program to Help Companies Define Switch Upgrade StrategiesCommentsDecember 8, 2015 - Watertown, MA WATERTOWN, MA--(Marketwired - December 08, 2015) - United Electric Controls (UE), a leading provider of digital and mechanical switches, has announced a new program to help companies assess their industrial switching needs and evaluate upgrade opportunities. When the Congress of the United States authorized the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) to be the regulatory authority over the U.S. If it wasn't clear before, I'll just restate, the objective is realignment of the governing authority with national governments devolving authority through privatization and authorizing "self‐governance" along functional lines. The purpose of the realignment is to enable a global governance system that allows decisions made at the top of the Guild system – globally, to be implemented locally.
The next diagram is an attempt to show the functional realignment of the electric utilities. In the diagram below of the FERC organizational structure, you'll see the Office of Electric Reliability and the Office of Energy Policy Innovation.
And it is almost magic in terms of making money for the privileged class that it serves – which are the regulators and the stakeholders. The Smart Meter is the gateway to the home for the Smart Grid and the Regional Transmission Operators (RTOs). Recall from Part 6, there was a link to a British man named Paddy Ashdown who, during a TED talk, discussed the global power shift. The authority for the establishment of NERC derives from two international treaties that were written to be frameworks that could be added to by the legislative action of congress and over time, by the agencies of government themselves under the authority of the State Department.
Smart Grid and the Fantasyland of the Dreamweavers - The Movie Thrive - Can We See More Crop Circles Please? Smart Meters Are the Gateway - "Total Situational Awareness" - Control Through Remote Locations - U.S.
Etymology of Petroleum - 'Peak Oil' - Fake 'Scarcities' - 'Paradigm-Altering Subject' - Comments by Colonel L. There are numerous options for residential electricity consumers to choose from in the state of Connecticut. ElectricityThe Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control has reformed the state's electric market to give customers a chance to save money on their electric bills through choosing an alternate electric supplier.
Interestingly, the same “automation versus optimization” discussion is happening in the smart grid world around distribution networks: How and when does a distribution automation system actually optimize grid operation?

So as we consider the IoT applied to our own universe of things, let’s be clear on how much Internet-ness we really need to pay for. Against some of these challenges, public cellular companies have more aggressively supported some of the bandwidth and service guarantees required by utilities, enabled by new capabilities delivered by their own 4G networks.  Public telecom carriers have been riding a wave of greater acceptance by utilities for AMI applications (both to the meter and for backhaul), but not all of these are considered mission-critical, at least from the perspective of immediate availability during an outage crisis.
As the storm raged I also found myself wondering about all the work that affected utilities have recently put into updating their GIS databases, reconciling cumulative 100-year records of the distribution network with the actual installations in the field, in anticipation of leveraging the models for voltage optimization or other upgrades.  Will work crews coming in from as far as Texas have the same record-keeping prowess and knowledge as the local crews? Sign up to receive free newsletters, research updates, and other analyst content from Navigant Research.
Navigant Consulting is not a certified public accounting firm and does not provide audit, attest, or public accounting services. The program includes a guided assessment of needs for operational visibility, adjustability, safety, availability, energy conservation, economy and hazardous locations and helps determine the ideal combination of legacy and new digital switches that can meet them."A typical process plant might have anywhere from 100 to 1000 mechanical switches installed, some of which may be nearing the end of their useful lives or taking up operating space that might be filled by more productive contributors to plant control, process efficiency and safety. Self‐governance does not apply to the individual citizen as we were taught to believe. But, if one should break out and become a whistleblower, then they are not only shooting themselves in the foot, they are making enemies with all the other beneficiaries of the system. The regional transmission operators are part of the bulk power system under the authority of NERC.
They are creating the shortage of electricity which will provide the racketeering power of extortion pricing to the utility sector.
Customers at Connecticut Light and Power and United Illuminating can shop for a cheaper electric supply rate.The state had utilities sell their power plants to open up the industry to competition. In addition to our robust line of electromechanical switches, UE offers temperature and pressure transmitters with built-in digital switching functionality to help customers determine where digital switching may fit into the plant automation schemes," says Wil Chin, Director of Marketing for United Electric Controls.Reliable switching is vital to plant operation performing functions ranging from controlling hard alarms, permissives, safety interlocks, blowers and fans to initiating an emergency shutdown. It should be noted that transmission lines of utility companies did hook into the lines of other utilities and there was buying and selling of bulk power between companies but for this purpose, the diagram represents the essential business model which was inclusive from generation to service address. One of the first things they did was to place electric utilities and the generation of electricity into the generic category of Energy which is a kind of semantical regionalism to dislodge traditional regulatory thinking and to provide space for perceptive deception. It is an organizational structure that serves itself at the expense of the people it was supposed to protect and serve – which are the electric utility customers and our economy. The standard for the transmission grid is net metering to accommodate renewable energy generators: wind and solar farms.
The Renewable Energy Certificate subsidy scam is a cover of sorts until the entire country is under the control of the smart grid and NERC.

It also co-owns and operates Solar Energy Generating Systems (or SEGS)—the world’s largest solar power generating facility. Their decisions, like the state public utilities commissioners are reviewable only by a court.
The following diagram is the system of subsidy for the so‐called renewable energy producers.
Utilities buy supply for these standard service customers throughout the year and blend the price of these the procurements, which is meant to decrease volatility. They have their own Administrative Law Judges so they make the rules and they adjudicate the rules – just like the IRS. That means the utility price can be higher than today's market prices, if the market price has gone down but the utilities had bought power months ago when the price was higher. Also recall that in Part 8 concerning the London Livery Companies – they are also organized in a court structure. Choosing an alternative electric supplier allows customers to receive the benefit of falling prices faster.Business customers over 500 kW receive "Last Resort Service," which changes every month.
For those that need SIL 2 or SIL 3 functionality, UE offers its One Series Safety Transmitter, a unique hybrid that integrates a switch, a transmitter and a logic solver in one unit. The Last Resort Service price is a market rate based on quarterly auctions in the wholesale market. December 8-10.About United Electric ControlsUnited Electric Controls (UE), a privately held corporation founded in 1931 and headquartered in Watertown, Massachusetts, USA, is a global supplier of pressure and temperature switches, transmitters, sensors and controls for the process, discrete, semiconductor, aerospace and defense industries. Customers can avoid this volatility by contracting for a fixed rate from an alternative electric supplier.
Focused on protecting equipment, processes, personnel and the environment, our products are critical for safety, alarm and shutdown functions with uncompromising quality produced from innovative design and superior lean manufacturing.

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