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Officials were cited as saying power had been cut in all provinces and teams were trying to determine the cause.
The electricity ministry said power was being restored and service would resume by midnight (22:00 GMT), TV reported. In most parts of war-torn Syria, electricity is already available only two to four hours a day, if at all. Meanwhile, the UN’s special envoy said a partial truce that began on Saturday was holding but remained fragile. In warm regions power grids are pushed to the limit during the summer months, as homes and offices increase their energy consumption by turning up the air conditioning. THE END OF OFFSHORE DRILLING?This disruptive market will grow 84% to 270% over the next five years: Discover the 6 equipment suppliers set to profit.
The materials provided on this Web site are for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to provide tax, legal, or investment advice. Nothing contained on the Web site shall be considered a recommendation, solicitation, or offer to buy or sell a security to any person in any jurisdiction. Imagine yourself and your family, forced from your home in the dead of winter, with nothing more than the few supplies you were able to carry amongst yourselves. If you live a comfortable middle-class lifestyle in a first world country, this situation sounds preposterous, doesn’t it?
In today’s modern society, we’ve come to rely almost implicitly on having a dependable source of power.
Of all the threats your disaster plan should consider, power grid failure is one of the more realistic and among the most likely to occur.
In 2003, the Northeast Blackout at Con Edison left 55 million people in Canada and the U.S.
The two most common causes of power grid failure are system failure and equipment failure, but other events can also wreak havoc. The power grid system may fail due to a disruption of equilibrium in power supplied and power drawn, triggering the line to trip and cutting off the supply of power. A system failure can occur at the supply-end during extreme weather changes, such as a heat wave that causes an increase in the power drawn from the system to power cooling devices, or at the supplier-end if an error occurs in regulating the power input. Both the 2003 Northeast Blackout and power outages during Hurricane Katrina were caused by equipment failures.
Power grid failure can also be the result of malicious or criminal behavior, such as cyber terrorist or infrastructure attacks against a nation or a nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NEMP) designed to disable electronic equipment. Power grids can also fail due to large-scale electromagnetic storms, an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), or a reversal in the Earth’s magnetic field – which can cause temporary disruptions or permanent damage to electronic devices.
While events such as these have the potential to completely shut down power systems for an indefinite amount of time, the likelihood of their occurrence – and the extent of ensuing damage – has been hotly debated. Within the first few days of a power outage, the disruption in supply of fuel for transportation will lead to shortages in other supplies such as food and medication.
If the outage continues for a week or more, civil unrest will begin to grow as food and other resources become scarce. In the event a power outage stretches out into the long-term, such as several weeks or perhaps indefinitely, alternate means of power will need to be found along with long-term solutions to meet everyday needs.
You can CLICK HERE to check out a video about what you can expect from a power grid failure.
The following is a detailed discussion of the key knowledge and items to have as part of your disaster plan to ensure all the above categories are accounted for. For drinking water, the general rule is that you should have 1-2 gallons per day available for each member of your household. You can further ensure access to clean drinking water by storing a water filtration system or purification tablets. When stockpiling food for your family, you’ll want to plan for three meals per day, plus some snack foods for each member of your household. You can check out our Food Storage Guide here to help you decide what the best way is for YOUR family to keep your food supply. Gas supply lines may also be affected by an outage so ensure you have an alternative means for cooking and boiling water, e.g. In a power outage, electrical lighting sources will be unavailable so be sure to have a stash of lighting sources that can run independently of electricity, e.g.
To conserve as much power as possible, consider storing a solar battery charger set (like this solar charger here) along with multiple batteries of different sizes to accommodate all of your emergency gear. In the case of a power outage in cold climates, conserving and maintaining heat will be key to survival.
Another option is a portable propane space heater; however, this carries the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning without proper ventilation. An option for overnight heating that doesn’t involve the risk of flames or noxious fumes is to heat rocks on a fire then transfer them to a Dutch oven or other heat-safe cookware. In terms of gear, you will want to have blankets and low-temperature rated sleeping bags stored in an easily accessible location, so as to ensure quick retrieval even in the dark. Having a hand crank radio (I recommend the Eton FRX2 Hand Crank Radio – see it here) can be invaluable in a power outage. Having proper sanitation protocols in place can not only help with hygiene, but also boost morale.

In the case of a power outage, you will most likely be bugging-in and therefore have access to your household first aid supplies. It is also important to remember that emergencies services will most likely be overloaded and response times could be slow or the services unavailable completely. As a power outage drags on, people will become increasingly desperate and the need to protect yourself and your family from those who aren’t so well prepared may arise.
Depending on your budget and location, installing a backup power system for your home can be an excellent way to prepare for power grid failure.
As our reliance on electrical devices and appliances grows, the need to have a solid plan prepared in case of power grid failure becomes ever more pressing. While power grid failure may be one of the more likely disaster scenarios, it is by no means any less calamitous than other scenarios. Above all else, remember to maintain a positive attitude and that chance favors the well-prepared! Hello folks,We were all packed up friday night 10miles into the drive on the fwy on a rainy night and after hitting a large bump on the fwy, dash, tail and the clearance bulbs blacked out. ITS OK TO TURN THE CLEARANCE LIGHTS OFF ON THE HIGHWAY IF YOU WANT TOO GET PULLED OVER BY THE COPS BECAUSE THEY ARE OUT THOSE ARE RECUIRED TO BE WORKING . Then I went through all of the smaller bag to check out all of the items and it was all there.
I also of course got more props since you can never have enough and added them to my prop collection.
I could also use a Male to Male Coaxial Cable but I'll probably just mount my Vtx in a way that works without it. I went ahead and built the frame to get an idea of how it is put together here are are some pics though nothing special. Also I had to solder something on the quad so here are some more pic and some gifs I randomly made. Initially I was super excited for this quad to come in then once I was laying everything out I became a bit intimidate about building it. You'll be fine Greg, just take it slowly and do some practicing on soldering before you commit too much on the min H.
You can solder the Camera you got direct to the PDB as it runs off 12v but there is the chance you will get lines through the video signal due to the dirty power supply. The other advantage of powering your camera through a step-up regulator, is that you will have to freedom to switch to 4S in the future. I am in the process of modifying mine to do just that (but it's working fine with the camera directly connected to the PDB, with a 3S battery). I then tired this again, though only on one wire this time (I slightly learned), but with the wire cut really short so it would fit on the arms.
But is seems everything went right this time and it even spins in the right direction when I tested it in baseflight with the battery connected.
Yesterday I spent pretty much the whole day working on my quad and by night time I was able to do a quick indoor and night outside(3:00+) flight test of it.
I was planning to power the camera for now from the board with the JST port I hooked up to the front and power the Vtx from the back JST port. During these times of strained electricity supply just one small failure in the system, such as a downed transmission line or generator short circuit, can knock out the power to a neighbourhood, or entire town.The complexity of the electric grid means that several small failures can actually set off a chain reaction, culminating in a large scale blackout.
Then imagine being shuttered into a community center with thousands of other families, displaced from their homes as well, relying on what few supplies the government could provide. When power fails, it causes utter and complete chaos for those not fortunate enough to have had the foresight to prepare. System failure was the culprit in Indonesia’s outage as well as in the frequent outages suffered by India. Any number of factors can be the cause of an equipment failure, such as an error in the digital processing system or physical damage due to an accident, construction, or weather. Many who wait several days before stockpiling will be greeted with empty and pillaged Supermarket shelves. People will no longer be able to run generators or vehicles as fuel supplies run out, and many will experience a disruption in their finances or incomes. This will allow you to draw on water from unsafe sources such as streams or collected rainwater. Consider that cooking requires substantially more fuel than heating; therefore, canned foods that need only be heated are favorable to dried foods that will require boiling. Whether you choose one powered by batteries, propane, or a hand crank depends on your own personal preference. Solar garden lights and glow sticks can also be used to light up hallways and other frequently traveled areas without draining your battery power. Should you find yourself in this situation, gather everyone in your household into one room and lay a towel along the bottom of the door to seal it.
Should you have access to either, ensure your stockpiles include plenty of fuel to keep your fireplace or stove burning. No matter what heating source you choose, ensure you have a fire extinguisher available and ready should you need it. The heat emitted from the rocks should be enough to provide heat throughout the night without compromising your safety.

You will also want to ensure each member of your household has enough clothing to cover them from head to toe, and enough layers so that they can add or remove clothing to regulate their temperature.
In addition to providing important communications from the outside world, it can also be used to charge other electronic devices, such as cell phones. However, it is still prudent to have a separate store of essential items such as bandages, antibiotic ointments, tools, any over-the-counter medications your family uses, and antidiarrheal medication to help your family cope with the change in sanitary and dietary conditions. Include a copy of The American Red Cross First Aid & Safety Handbook to help you independently deal with medical emergencies. Every household is unique, so make sure to pack items because they are essential to your family, not because your neighbor is storing them or you read it was a good idea on a blog. For generators, make sure it’s installed correctly and that you test it out to ensure your essential appliances will receive power during an outage.
As the ice storm of 2013 demonstrated, going without power for even several days can have devastating effects. Use the advice and tips provided in this article to ensure you and your family will stand a fighting chance should you be faced with having to survive without power for a prolonged period of time. I strongly suspect that each manufacturer had their own idea as to the best way to add circuits to the Toyota C&C wiring.
But if I understand it all correctly the board outputs 12v this so I should be able to power the camera it from the board with no problem right? I think it's the circuit board that has me a bit off since my soldering skills are still pretty raw. For some reason I had the idea that I could use small 2mm bullet connector to connect the wires and esc's and just wrap the extra wire on top of the arm and cover it all. I have some fear when ever I've attempted this before mainly because if screw up then I need a whole new esc.
You can just solder everything up directly, making sure to use the same wiring order for two diagonal motors, then the reverse ordering (just swap any two of the wires) for the other two diagonal motors.
I realized that while trying to put my bit orangeRX inside, I had to pop it out of the case and heat shrink it to fit it inside easily.
I did a test on a dead ECS to see how it spread but when I was applying it to my camera it still went all over the place.
Forbes mentioned the power cut that occurred in the US in 2003, when a few isolated failures happened within a few hours across several states, resulting in a failure of the entire electrical grid, leaving more than 50 million people without power in the northeast. Don’t rely on any emergency services – medical facilities, emergency responders, and public officials will more than likely be overwhelmed and unavailable.
If you have pets, consider their needs as well; a rule of thumb is 1 ounce of water per pound of pet per day, so a 20 lbs dog would need 20 ounces a day. Oversize cans are great if you feel your family can consume all the contents in one sitting, otherwise the leftovers will spoil in the absence of refrigeration. Keep in mind that cell phones and landlines cannot be depended on to work during power outages. Consider reinforcing the entranceways to your home and stocking weapons such as pepper spray. Adding some special, non-perishable treats to your food storage can also serve as a morale booster.
I have soldering wires to wire and bullet connectors down down but a board seems harder to me since I haven't done it as much except to disassemble my turnigy micro quad. After stripping the wires a bit, tinning the wires, and doing all of the bullets connectors with shrink wrap for one arm. If you happened to wire everything up the opposite of what the Naze32 is expecting, you can reverse the yaw direction in Baseflight if you're using the stock Naze32 firmware.
Also the cords that connect it to the FC are a pain and almost got destroyed by the prop when the poped out of place a bit (3:45 in video).
I think I'm going to test this and if it work I may use it and if I need to use a filter I will since I ordered one just in case. Those who were prepared for such an event, having items such as blankets and medications to bring with them, fared much better than their ill-prepared counterparts. By lighting several candles and relying on residual and body heat, you can expect to keep the temperature comfortable for at least 48 hours.
Solar panels are a great option for homes with adequate sun exposure and can be used year-round to save on energy bills; however, they are expensive to purchase and install. It looks like I covered some pins of the connector ports for the camera ports so I may have to get another camera which sucks. I was thinking of just using JST and just using the red line since I wasn't sure if I wanted to connect it directly but I may do that seeing how much space the JST ports take up inside. As they don’t require fuel, solar panels are an excellent way to live off the grid in the long-term. The algorithm was able to process the 10 million potential failure pairings within 10 minutes, discarding 99 percent of pairs that were deemed safe, and identifying one percent that would likely lead to larger blackouts if not sorted quickly.By.

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