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As a current carrying loop in an external magnetic field produces a magnetic field; this magnetic field will then interact with the external magnetic field and give a resultant force. Let us now examine the motor of which a current carrying conductor is situated between an external magnetic field. NOTE: the diagram shown electron movement it is a common HSC trick to show electron flow instead of conventional current to trick students, the right hand palm rule only works for conventional current.
Identify the direction of rotation of the motor and describe the relationship between torque and acceleration, if magnetic field moves left to right.
As current flows through the coil in a clockwise direction as indicated by the circuit diagram, due to the motor effect the conductor will feel a force as the conductor induces a magnetic field to interact with the external magnetic field (Faraday). Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article! The text of the above Wikipedia article is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.
It’s been a big year for Detroit’s Big Three automakers, and while the overall upturn of the U.S.
It seemed to have a winner in hand when the Toyota Tundra went through a major redesign six years ago, but after an initial burst of growth sales collapsed.  To be fair, the entire full-size truck market collapsed, declining by roughly half during the depths of the Great Recession, but Toyota is now lagging the pickup rebound and is anxious to regain momentum with the Tundra redesign it’s bringing to market for the 2014 model-year. On the plus side, the new truck will get a more macho appearing, a markedly improved interior, some functional improvements and changes to the model mix designed to better target specific niches within the full-size pickup market. On the other hand, the new 2014 Toyota Tundra will still lag behind key competitors in the range of available powertrain options – notably with no alternatives to the high-mileage Ford EcoBoost V-6 and new Ram 1500 diesel engines.
Nonetheless, Toyota planners have fairly big ambitions on the boards.  They hope to begin rebuilding Tundra demand once the first of the new trucks reaches showrooms next month and for 2014, they’re aiming to boost demand by almost 30%, to 137,000. Can they pull it off, never mind eventually get near the roughly 200,000 Tundras Toyota sold before the recession? The updated Tundra generated a fair bit of controversy when it made its auto show debut in Chicago earlier this year, critics lamenting it hadn’t undergone enough of a change.
That said, one has to realize that the full-size pickup segment is not just one of the market’s most loyal but also among the most conservative. Toyota’s goal was, if anything, to make the 2014 Tundra a bit more traditional, “to make its looks match its capabilities,” explained chief engineer and part-time farmer Mike Sweers. Other changes are not readily obvious, like the so-called “vortex generators” that improve aerodynamics and, in particular, improve straight-line stability, Toyota claims.
From a styling standpoint, the biggest changes can be found in the interior of the new Tundra.
Where potential buyers will notice a more dramatic change is in the 2014 Toyota Tundra’s cabin.  Gone are the days when even the most stripped-down truck can look like a piece of function-over-form machinery.

The new model is a definite step up in terms of both the quality of its materials and the way they’re colored and grained.
Along with the new rearview camera, the 2014 Toyota Tundra will be offered with such new safety features as Blind Spot Detection, Cross Traffic Alert and Trailer Sway Control. That said, the cabin is still a bit generic, not quite as sophisticated and well-executed as even the now-aging Ford F-Series or the new Dodge Ram.
The center stack of this Tundra Platinum edition features Toyota's latest update of the Entune infotainment system.
Nonetheless, Toyota itself gets flak for not coming up with more sophisticated engine packages, such as Ford’s V-6 EcoBoost or the new Ram diesel.  Does it matter? While we didn’t get the chance to tow we did take the 2014 Tundra equipped with the 5.7-liter V-8 out on several drive courses, including both on-road and off. On pavement, the truck is stable, quiet and reasonably comfortable – except in tight corners where we were surprised by the amount of body roll and tire noise.  It wasn’t enough to worry us but we expected a bit more nimbleness on the road. As it is known by Faraday's Law that 'a current carrying conductor will feel a force within an external magnetic field' (otherwise known as the motor effect), we can deduce that this force will force the coil to move. As the current moves from the positive terminal to the negative as shown in the diagram on the right, the conductor will feel a force, the direction of the force can be determined by use of the right hand rule which as shown in the diagram will force the conductor to move up on the left hand side and down on the right hand side.
On the left hand side of the motor the conductor is perpendicular to the magnetic field lines and hence due to the right hand rule, it will feel a force downwards, conversely on the right hand side of the motor due to the right hand rule the direction of force is determined to be upwards. The Japanese maker has long dominated the compact truck market with its Tacoma model, but despite repeated attempts, Toyota has failed to crack the code on the bigger – and traditionally more domestic-loyal full-size pickup segment. And one has to assume it will maintain the traditional Toyota Tundra reputation for quality, reliability and dependability, or QRD, a big selling point in the work truck market. And it surprisingly misses out on some of the neat and useful touches those competitors have, whether an easy step-up for loading cargo or storage bins tucked into the cargo bed walls.
To some extent, as noted above, they’re right.  And the lack of more variants, including a long wished-for heavy duty model, was clearly a disappointment.
While we’ve seen a few revolutionary designs transform the market – as Chrysler did, a few generations back, with the Ram – buyers often look for subtle, and usually more functional changes. From an exterior standpoint that meant a 40 millimeter increase in the hood height, for example, and design tweaks to emphasize the width of the tailgate – which now has the TUNDRA name deeply embossed in the sheet metal.
The outgoing Tundra featured a bland and uninspired interior that – like a lot of other Toyota products of late – relied on far too much low-end plastic. The layout of the instruments is better, the gauges and controls somewhat relocated to make them easier to read or reach. It also gets an updated version of the maker’s Entune infotainment system with new features on top of the existing smartphone app links, including Yelp, Facebook Places, Pandora, Open Table and more.

But it’s a big improvement and one that should generate a lot of enthusiasm, especially from Toyota loyalists. Chief Engineer Sweers asserts that under real-world, heavy-load conditions, the biggest of the Tundra engines delivers “almost 20%” better mileage than the EcoBoost.  That said, don’t expect to see hard EPA fuel economy numbers for the 2014 Tundra line until closer to its sales launch next month.
Full-size truck buyers are among the first to wave the flag – and to follow it to the nearest Detroit showroom.
The Asians are very good at copying styling cues from Mercedes, BMW and Audi so they should be able to do the same with Ford, GM and Dodge RAM trucks. Hence the forces experienced by a current carrying loop will be a turning moment in the clockwise direction. Since the remaining sides are parallel to the external magnetic field the fields will not interact and hence no force will be resultant. Certainly, General Motors is making that argument with the new-for-2014 remakes of its Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks.
There’s now a small TFT screen in the center cluster and all 2014 Tundras will boast rearview cameras, a distinct plus.  The seats, meanwhile, feature not only improved comfort but on optional versions an upgraded ventilation system to keep you cool and dry after a day’s work on a hot job site. Toyota hopes to overcome that problem by promoting the fact that the 2014 Tundra was designed and engineered in the U.S. But the bottom line is a truck that’s quite good though by no means the industry benchmark, especially when considering some of the shortfalls, such as the lack of a cargo bed step-up and even more sophisticated powertrain options – never mind a heavy-duty package. The net result of these forces will then provide a turning moment to the coil and due to the equation $\tau = nBIAcos{\theta} = Fd_\bot$ force is acting on a distance with applied force perpendicular to the resultant force hence $F \alpha \tau$.
If you don’t need such niceties, the 2014 Toyota Tundra is worth considering if you’re open to an “import” nameplate. Due to the equation $F = ma$, any force acting upon an object will cause the object to accelerate and thus force (is directly proportional to) acceleration. It even has more North American content than some domestic competitors, the maker points out.
Thus torque (is directly proportional to) acceleration and the coil will accelerate in the diagram.

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