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The contest is designed to combine a student's artistic talent with the ability to show how to conserve energy and water.
Teachers then pass out the materials, explain the objectives and give students their deadlines. Please ensure that all students complete the official entry form on the backside of the poster. Submit all entries together in the business reply envelope provided in your contest packet. New Analysis on the Carbon Impact of Electric Cars: Still Better than Gas You are using an outdated browser. Where are all these nuclear power plants that have been the cause of so much speculation?  Maybe in your back yard.  A full list is available at Wikipedia. Many of the older reactors have been shut down as they become too expensive to maintain, obsolete or go past their permit date without an extension.  The cluster of dots on many locations are to show the multiple reactors per location. The USA has 104 nuclear power reactors in 31 states, operated by 30 different power companies. Argument replies (both in favor and in opposition) are displayed below the original argument. To follow along, you may find it helpful to show and hide the replies displayed below each argument. Debate scores, side scores and tag scores are automatically calculated by an algorithm that primarily takes argument scores into account. When you are ready to voice your opinion, use the Add Argument button to create an argument. If you would like to address an existing argument, use the Support and Dispute link within that argument to create a new reply. Biofuels are sources of energy which come from living, renewable sources, such as crops, trees and even animal manure. I think biofuels are a better alternative in general to fossil fuels, but we have to be careful on the type of biofuels that the US promotes and subsidises. Some biofuels are not as effective as traditional gasoline, but I think they are better because they are renewable and easier on the environment. Well, in your statement, I'll say biofuels are better than fossil fuels only because they're renewable. I do believe that bio fuels are a better alternative.We can't keep on depending on fossil fuels as our main source of energy forever.
I believe that bio-fuel could be the fuel of the future but there is another way out of it.
Hybrid cars combine the two energy components of petrol and electricity to produce a hyper-low emission, cheap to run, quiet motor vehicle that recharges itself as you drive.
Low fuel costPetrol is only needed in situations of extra load and hybrids shut down instead of idling at lights.
IncentivesThere are incentives in the form of tax rebates on purchase price in the US and some states offer the use of low traffic lanes to hybrid cars.
Hybrid componentsEssentially hybrid vehicles are made up of six interlinked partsFuel tank.
Which car makers do hybrids?I am now going to tell you just a little bit about some of the hybrids in existence. The contest packet includes an instructional poster, complete contest brochure, classroom supply of posters with entry forms on the back and a business reply envelope for submitting completed posters. The entire class does not have to participate; however, the more students participating, the better the odds are for the teacher to win a prize. In 2008, the country generated 4,119 billion kWh net of electricity, 49% of it from coal-fired plants, 22% from gas and 6% from hydro.

Fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal, on the other hand, come from the earth from decaying vegetation many millions of years ago, and cannot be renewed. Different biofuels vary enormously in how eco-friendly they are, and some might be worse or the same as fossil fuels. Eventually we are going to run out of fossil fuels, if we continue using them at the rate we do now. Most of things in life are about being recycled, so why would we want to use something up until it was completely gone? FOSSIL FUELS LIKE COAL, OIL, NATURAL GAS ARE BURNT MEANS THEY CAUSE A HIGH DAMAGE FOR THE EARTH AND THE OZONE LAYER. Hydrogen and other elements are the same they could take the place of bio-fuels, and fossil fuels. If they perfect the process they wouldn't have to drill anymore (or as much), which is good all around, but mainly for business. The Toyota Prius for instance has near-zero tailpipe emissions and no evaporative emissions. And think about your impact on the environment as you go about your daily business.Hybrid cars are part of the broader picture of change. Citizens is challenging Marion County students and Westfield (kindergarten to grade 8) to a creative competition. Nuclear achieved a capacity factor of 91.1%, generating 805 billion kWh and accounting for almost 20% of total electricity generated in 2008. In recent years biofuels have come to mean fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel which can be burned in engines to drive vehicles in place of fossil fuels like petroleum and diesel. Some studies found that the best biofuel alternatives are biofuels from residual products, such as recycled cooking oil and ethanol from grass or wood. That's the same thing as killing every tiger in order to produce as much fur coats as possible. Our population increases as minutes pass by, and that means more demands for electricity.With bio fuels like using water, geothermal, wind and others, we'll probably be able to last longer without the use of fossil fuels.
Their are many agrument even if I know bio-fuel is better than fossil fuel I thinkt that h2o and hydrogen would be a better supstitue. I'm pretty sure though, that having a steady supply of fuel that doesn't have to be found and drilled would keep the habit around longer.
For Choosing Your Hybrid Car In Six Easy Steps go here.Hybrid vehicles are not a new ideaThey are a new phenomenon as an individual passenger vehicle but are not otherwise.
There are always trade-offs.High initial purchase price a€“ about 30% higher than for conventional cars. But it is a luxury to be able to do so compared with the majority of Earth citizens who may not ever have the money to even buy a bicycle for transport.Even if everyone could afford one, the raw materials needed for 6 billion plus cars would obviously require more than our single planet Earth.
The rules are simple; students should create a unique poster that demonstrates conservation in their home or community, and will be judged on how effectively students convey their message.
Ethanol can be made from a variety of crops, such as maize or sugarcane, while biodiesel is often made from palm oil, soya or rapeseed (canola). With production stepping up that resale value is expected to slide more towards normal levels over the long run.Overcomes limited drive range of electric carA hybrid can give you a driving range of more than 500 miles without having to plug in your car to recharge. However, offsetting this cost, US federal- and some state governments offer a "clean-fuel vehicle" tax refund, worth of up to $2000. Ita€™s a much smaller gasoline engine compared to a conventional engine as discussed already.
Three grand prize winners will be selected, one from each category, grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8.
As the price of oil has soared in the past few years and biofuel production methods have improved, the price gap has narrowed considerably although levels of subsidy are an important part of the economic equation. You may rejoice however - prices are coming down "as we speak." How do hybrid cars work?Big, conventional gasoline engines are really only needed for acceleration, overtaking or going uphill.

Unlike the electric motor, which can charge batteries and draw from them, ita€™s a one way street of fuel from tank to engine.Electric motor.
And you already know where you might be able to pick up one of these at a bargain price.Toyota first launched its Prius in 1997 in Japan and had sold it 504,700 times by April 2006.
Biofuels have also been promoted as a way of reducing carbon emissions and so of tackling global climate change.
Over forty countries now offer some sort of subsidy to encourage the production and use of biofuels instead of fossil fuels.
The fossil fuels probably exist for something else, but I'm not entirely sure of their natural purpose on Earth. You may only use around 20 horsepower to do that and torun your airconditioning, power steering and lightsovercome friction from tires, transmission and brakes, andovercome aerodynamic dragHybrids deal with these facts of car-life much smarter. It can act as a brake and transfer this braking energy to the batteries and draw electricity from the batteries when needed, such as during acceleration.Generator.
The Lexus RSX400h was introduced in 2005, the first luxury hybrid vehicle, followed in 2006 by the Lexus GS 450h. This is because the two systems work together when greater power is needed, such as during acceleration.A smaller engine means less weight and greater fuel efficiency. As petrol is only needed in situations where a little extra oomph is called for, your wallet is smiling. Like in conventional cars, the transmission transmits energy produced by the engine to the cara€™s wheels.Two types of hybridsParallel. So is planet Earth, getting a little relief from its greenhouse gas headache through your efforts. In the parallel hybrid car petrol and electric motor can power the transmission at the same time.Series. The generator will then either charge the batteries or power an electric motor that, in turn, drives the transmission. I've heard the argument both ways a million times but people aren't paying attention to the institutes saying that it might actually be a bad idea. For the most remarkable new hybrid car you must take a look at the Acabion here.Not all hybrids are the full quidA full hybrid, also called a strong hybrid can run on the engine alone, the batteries only, or on both. We all want a good fuel, and we keep jumping on things that are only slightly better in some respects and claiming they are GREAT! The Toyota Prius and Escape are examples.Assist hybrids use a small gasoline engine for their primary power. This means for how much power you get from burning corn (ethanol), you make more emissions than if you were getting the same power out of petroleum based fuels! Today, Phil's writing focuses on transportation, forestry, technology and matters of sustainability in business. It was extracted from the ground, shipped or piped to a refinery, refined and then trucked to the gas station where electricity was used to pump it into the car. Just to be clear, these are not my figures but those of the company doing the study, Ecometrica.
I linked to the full report in my article so you will be able to see exactly how they came up with the figures there.
Ecometrica’s study however, suggests the impact is greater to get the fossil fuel to the gas tank though. Follow Me Send to Email Address Your Name Your Email Address Cancel Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

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