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ClimateWeather refers to the state of the atmosphere over several minutes up to several days. It includes lots of things that should be familiar - temperature, humidity, rain, snow, wind speeds, or wind direction.
Light from the sun passes through the atmosphere and is absorbed by the Earth's surface, warming it.
Although plants and the ocean absorb carbon dioxide, they can’t keep up with all the extra carbon dioxide that people have been putting into the atmosphere.
That changed as many important inventions and industrial innovations, like the widespread use of electricity and cars, transformed the way we live.These inventions and innovations demand energy. Burning fossil fuels — coal, oil, and natural gas — became an important source of that energy. Burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.Although there are a lot of different greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide is the most important one that is produced by human activities.

It is responsible for most of the “thickening of the blanket” that has trapped heat near the surface in recent decades.Today in the United States, electricity generation is the largest source of carbon dioxide. Transportation -- cars, trucks, trains, boats and airplanes – contributes a little more than 30 percent of carbon dioxide emissions.
The rest come from industry, such as factories that make products we use, and from energy we use in our homes and businesses.The ImpactsThe Earth is warming. Sea level has risen about 8 inches in the last century, making coastal storms more damaging.
Because of this, the amount of ice that covers the Arctic Ocean during the summer has been shrinking.Wildfires. The number of large wildfires and the length of the wildfire season have been increasing in recent decades. Also, warmer temperatures can increase water demand and evaporation, stressing water supplies.

We also need to make those energy sources as inexpensive and easy to use as fossil fuels.One way to reduce emissions is by using less energy, or using energy more efficiently. Everyone can play a part in becoming more efficient, including government, businesses, and people like you. We'll talk about some things you can do to use less energy in the next section.The second is to prepare for life in a changing climate. We need to make sure our buildings, roads, businesses and all the services they use can withstand the climate changes that we can’t avoid.What can you do to help?There are lot of things you can do to save energy and help stop global warming, like turning off the lights when you leave a room, taking shorter showers, and recycling.

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