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Unlike smaller portable generators, home standby generators don’t require an extension cord, gas or diesel, or manual hookup. Generators produce AC voltage, very similar to the voltage available in your home, however while your electric utility company produces sufficient power for all your electric powered devices, a home standby generator is limited in power output directly related to the engine horsepower. Standby generators are designed to automatically provide electricity to your home during a power outage.
While a standby generator is definitely a good thing to have, it is important to remember that portable generators and home standby generators are just that: they’re standby generators. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the communities were protesting the cutting off of electricity supply to their areas in the last decade. According to the protesters, mostly youths, several notices had been given to IBDEC complaining of unfair distribution of electricity. Some of the protesters told NAN that the residents had been subjected to untold hardships since the communities were thrown into the decade-long darkness.
Another resident, Mr Sola Lawson, said IBDEC had not showed enough commitment to restoring power to the affected communities after several appeals. Contacted for his comment, Mr John Ayodele, the Deputy Managing Director, IBDEC in Ibadan told NAN on telephone that the areas were not totally cut off but had been getting power supply intermittently from Abeokuta.
He blamed the poor power supply on the uncompleted National Independent Power Project (NIPP) in the area. On the suggestion that another power project should be provided in the area, Ayodele said it would take between seven to eight months to complete. By JULIE WATSON Associated Press SAN DIEGO - Electricity was restored in San Diego early Friday after utility crews worked around-the-clock to make emergency repairs following an outage accidentally triggered by a utility worker that darkened a swath of California, Arizona and Mexico and paralyzed the nation's eighth-largest city. Some of us are already getting prepared for the upcoming power outages that are inevitable.

We realized that most of the electricity we get from our electric providers are pretty reliable, you just cannot rely on mother nature sometimes. Home standby generators are able to run more appliances and electronic equipment, operate more safely using liquid propane or natural gas, respond more quickly to power outages and produce less noise than portable generators, typically about the same decibel level as a central air conditioner.
According to Cummins Onan, the best match for you will depend on the power requirements of your home and the available fuel types. Recently, we’ve seen a lot of commercials on television that say that propane is a reliable alternative to electricity. The suffering in this community is too much as we cannot get petrol to buy to power our generators.
Severe weather can come at any time of year, but it’s more frustrating to be without power because of an ice storm because it can get cold in your house very quickly. In addition, the Alliance to Save Energy has been reporting that a continuing trend of severe weather in the future will play a bigger role in producing more power outages. Some appliances with electric motors (such as refrigerators and air conditioners) require up to 2 to 3 times the listed wattage.
Rated power is less than peak power as certain components lose efficiency as they are heated from use. When power from the utility line fails, the automatic transfer switch (ATS) will safely disconnect the utility feed wires and connect the generator feed. The generator you choose should be at least 20% larger you’re your calculated requirements. This eliminates the harmful back-feeding of electricity from the house’s generator power to the utility lines.
The entire region is home to some 6 million people, though it was impossible to say exactly how many had lost power.San Diego residents poured into the few bars that remained open downtown after dark, some donning reading lights on their heads like miners.

Automatic generators continue to monitor utility power and reverse the “switch” when the power outage ends.
A pair of men carried flaming tiki torches -- usually planted in backyards -- to see their way down the pitch black street."It's surreal," said Myrna Contreras, 35, sitting in the patio of a candlelit bar. It's friendly."The outage occurred after an electrical worker removed a piece of monitoring equipment at a power substation in southwest Arizona, officials at Phoenix-based Arizona Public Service Co. It was unclear why that mishap, which normally would have been isolated locally, sparked such a widespread outage. Officials in San Diego and elsewhere said they were on alert but no major problems had arisen, including any signs of looting or other unrest.San Diego police Lt. Andra Brown said an emergency command post is open and more officers remained on duty."We understand there are going to be criminals who are going to take advantage of the situation," Brown said.
They don't want to wait," said Walden, adding that about 15 cars went into reverse on a freeway veering out of the way of oncoming traffic to escape traffic jams. When asked how many people that represented, he pointed out the population of San Diego County is roughly 3 million and the power was knocked out for most of the county.
He also said that in areas of Orange County and in outlying desert areas, several hundred thousand people were affected.Aside from clogged freeways, San Diego commuters also had to deal with the shutdown of the trolley system that shuttles thousands of commuters every day. Trains were stopped in Los Angeles, an Amtrak spokesman said, because there was no power to run the lights, gates, bells and traffic control signals.The outage came more than eight years after a more severe black out in 2003 darkened a large swath of the Northeast and Midwest.

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