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The Powerline Repeater can be installed on almost any power line, using a current transformer to power its operation through inductive coupling.
Made of corrosion-resistant materials and with all electronics completely encapsulated, the Powerline Repeater is designed to survive the harsh environment of power line mounting. Trilliant’s SecureMesh Communications Network – comprising both the NAN and WAN – permits utilities to realize a wide variety of AMI and Smart Grid applications over a robust multi-tier wireless mesh network. To discuss your utility challenges and learn more on how Trilliant can help, please contact us. A Powerline Repeater provides an easy way to increase the local density of mesh devices, reduce the range between devices, and improve overall NAN performance while at the same time offering improved and enhanced deployment capabilities. Range limitations of SecureMesh NAN devices in low-density rural deployments and obstructed paths in high-density suburban or urban deployments may require use of a SecureMesh Repeater to provide additional links and mesh routing alternatives.

The patented clamp mechanism and spring-action current transformer readily allows installation on energized power lines. Moreover, thanks to the network’s industry-leading 250 kbps data rate and the ability of all NAN modules to be upgraded over-the-air, the NAN is able to grow and adapt as utility applications become more and more demanding. As a result, the Powerline Repeater can be flexibly deployed based on communications and network connectivity requirements without being constrained by the availability of a 120-240VAC power source. While installation of a standard Repeater may require at least a full hour of a crew’s time, the simplified installation of a Powerline Repeater can reduce that time to 20 minutes.

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