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The Ice Storm of 2013 began on Saturday December 21, 2013 in southern Ontario and moved eastward into south eastern Quebec all the way to Nova Scotia.
When You Must Leave Your House Due to a Prolonged Winter Power Outage (PDF) from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) Canada’s national housing agency. You can help us prevent some outages by keeping an eye open for abnormal conditions, such as fraying wires or leaning electric poles. Home owners and business owners may wish to invest in a device that allows you to connect your outside generator directly to your electric utility meter. Homeowners are purchasing portable generators in record numbers to power critical appliances such as furnaces, pumps, refrigerators and home office equipment during a power outage.
GenerLink™ is a five-inch device that is installed behind your electric meter by your local utility or licensed electrical contractor. Because GenerLink™ is designed and rated to connect directly to a standard household electric service of 200 amps or less, all you have to do to operate a critical appliance is flip a breaker on in the household breaker panel once the generator is connected and operating. With GenerLink™ the homeowner can operate virtually any electric load in their home as long as it does not exceed 30-amps continuous and as long as there is sufficient generator capacity. Back feed is a very dangerous condition in which electricity from a generator flows back into the utility's electric distribution system. By way of comparison, portable generators are marketed in sizes ranging from a few hundred watts to 15,000 watts (15kW). GenerLink™ is designed for use with portable generators that are temporarily connected to a home and provide a maximum continuous power output of 7200 watts 30 amps. During a power outage, GenerLink™ allows you to select the combination of loads you want to operate by simply switching breakers in the household circuit panel. To determine what loads you can support with a portable generator, you must look at both the "running watt" and the "starting watt" requirements of the appliances you want to operate. NOTE: Generators with Full Panel GFCI Protection (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) comply with OSHA inspections on job sites. NOTE: Per the National Electric Code, all generators must have a "floating neutral " when used with the GenerLink Automatic Transfer Switch.
Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike unless otherwise noted. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Ozarks country and the convenience of being in town and close to all that’s happening. Dogwood Cottages are  located at 3012 East Van Buren, Dogwood Cottages provides easy access to shopping, restaurants, entertainment, and all within walking distance to the trolly, which can take you to the historic downtown area or anywhere in Eureka Springs.
The installation of the generator was a part of the larger Shippensburg University Phase II Project.
Part of the contract for upgrading a local data center, was providing continuous power to the servers. Bushfires burning across Tasmania, from Montumana in the North West to the Forcett in the South East, continue to threaten property and life. While the danger has not yet passed for the communities affected by bushfires yesterday, attention has turned to a large bushfire which has crossed the Tasman Highway near the Coles Bay Road turnoff, south of Bicheno. Importantly, Coles Bay Road is closed for inward traffic and the Tasman Highway is closed from the Coles Bay turnoff to Bicheno. Other road closures in the area include Friendly Beaches Road, Courland Bay Road, Tower Hill Fire Trail, and Harverys Farm Road. TFS encourage non permanent residents and those wanting to leave Swanwick and Coles Bay to do so now as these areas may become isolated due to fire activity this afternoon.
Please note that neither Coles Bay or Swanwick are under direct threat, however these towns may become isolated due to the road closures.
Authorities say they are unable to provide specific details about homes and property lost at this point, however more information maybe released later today. A fire at Nubeena on the Tasman Peninsula has been upgraded to a Watch and Act alert, and may impact on communities later today.
Residents are encouraging to regularly check the Tasmanian Fire Service website for the latest information, and tourists stranded on the peninsula overnight have been ferried back to Hobart thoughout the day.
The Tasmanian Government says people who have lost homes will have access to emergency accommodation funding. ForcettThe Forcett fire has spread south of Murdunna and has spotted as far as Taranna and still has active fire edges back to Forcett and Dodges Ferry.This fire is currently effecting the communities in and around Dunalley, Copping, Forcett, Connelly's Marsh, Dodges Ferry, Eaglehawk Neck, Primrose Sands, Murdunna, Boomers Bay, Bream Creek and Sommers Bay.
Residents who have relocated from their homes are asked not to seek to return to their homes or communities until an All Clear has been issued by authorities, as teams must enter the area and assess whether it's safe for residents to return. Tasmania Police advises that the Arthur Highway has been closed in the vicinity of Forcett and Dunalley due to the anticipated impact of a bushfire in the region. The Arthur Highway will be closed between Old Forcett Rd and Kellevie Rd until further notice due to fallen power lines and fire damage.

Lake RepulseThe Lake Repulse fire is now due east of Ellendale.The fire is impacting on the communities of Ellendale and Karanja, and residents are instructed move to a nearby safer place as the last resort only if the path is clear. With predicted weather changes it is expected that the communities of Lawrenny and Hamilton may be directly impacted today. The uncontrolled fire may also affect the communities of Gretna, Hamilton, Ouse and Meadowbank . There may be embers, smoke and ash falling on Fentonbuy, National Park, Westerway and New Norfolk. The is a Community Fire Refuge located at "Karina" behind New Norfolk High School 103 Blair Street New Norfolk. The storms that swept through Michigan on Monday downed lines and uprooted trees across the region, knocking out power to a total of about 121,000 Consumers Energy customers; by Monday evening, that number had been reduced to about 62,000, according to Consumers. Grider was making her way down the hallway to find her 17-year-old son, Gage, when she heard the crash. The storms that swept through Michigan on Monday killed a 38-year-old Cutlerville man when high winds uprooted a tree, which fell on his garage, splitting the structure in half while he was inside. In Texas Township, power outages closed the main campus of Kalamazoo Valley Community College. On their first full day of camp, 290 Scouts, ranging in age from 11 to 18, were herded into the camp’s safety shelter.
Two lines of thunderstorms barreled across Lake Michigan Monday morning, said William Marino, meteorologist for the National Weather Service station in Grand Rapids. On Monday morning, the National Weather Service recorded wind speeds of up to 60 mph in Kent County, 66 mph in Allegan County and 71 mph in Kalamazoo County.
The first line of thunderstorms developed over North Dakota and South Dakota at about 8 p.m. In a stark contrast to what the area experienced Monday, the forecast calls for pleasant conditions through Thursday.
Portable standby generators, when used properly, can provide an alternative power source until conventional power is restored.
Established as a government-owned corporation in 1946 to address Canada’s post-war housing shortage, the agency has grown into a major national institution.
If something looks unusual, alert us to it by calling our province-wide emergency number at 1-800-434-1235 (24 hours a day, 365 days a year).
Have your account number (found on your electricity bill) ready when you call Know the phone number of the home or business where power has been lost. GenerLink™ is a new product that makes connecting a portable generator easy and safe while providing homeowners the flexibility of using a portable generator to operate virtually any appliance in their home. When you connect a portable generator to GenerLink™ and start it up, GenerLink™ automatically disconnects your house from the electric utility grid preventing the possibility of back feed, which can damage equipment and harm utility personnel. GenerLink™ eliminates the hassles of running multiple extension cords or hiring an electrician to install an expensive transfer switch and sub-panel that limits the number of appliances you can operate. All too often, friends, relatives or even uninformed electricians may recommend inappropriate and unsafe connection options that are not approved by the National Electric Code. A typical home supplied with 200-amp electric service can support approximately 45,000 watts (45kW) of electric demand.
Generators smaller then 4,000 watts are, in most instances, ill-suited for powering a home during a power outage as they can not start motors on devices like well pumps and the air handler on a central heating system.
GenerLink™ will not work and can not be installed in homes with an electric service that are rated at more than 200 amps. For example, when your furnace motor first starts up, it will require approximately three times more starting watts for a brief 1 to 2 second period than the running watts needs to operate it for extended periods.
However, these generators will not function when connected to a GenerLink since the home or building main breaker box also has a neutral bonded to ground. Please contact the nearest Honda dealer for information on modification to the receptacle panel.
Though our cabins are close to all of the attractions Eureka Springs has to offer, they also provide a secluded getaway for our guests. They each have a Jacuzzi for two, cedar log furniture and a covered porch with a swing, overlooking the woods.
The Premier Instrumental Surf Rock combo from Eureka Springs Friday Night Chelsea’s Style. The installed generator will provide emergency power to the three dorms that were part of phase II of the project. This involved the installation of (2) 1MW generators that connected to Automatic Transfer Switches. No matter what kind of generator you need, big or small, indoor or outdoor, SECCO has the experience and the know-how to help you with all your emergency power requirements.

In their yard, trees large and small had been uprooted, and branches were scattered across their backyard. After the storms had passed, the boys decided to help clean up instead of getting back to more fun activities, said Dan Busby, executive for the Southwest Michigan Council of the Boy Scouts of America. However, they can create electrical shock and fire hazards if connected or used incorrectly. CMHC is Canada’s premier provider of mortgage loan insurance, mortgage-backed securities, housing policy and programs, and housing research. If you plan to dig near your home, please call us before you dig at 1-888-664-9376 so we can mark your lines.
Tell us the potential cause of the outage, if possible, such as a tree hitting the line in front of your house or if you see a wire down somewhere. Once the water is heated, the homeowner can shut off the hot water heater breaker and switch on other household circuit breakers. Back feed occurs if your home is not properly disconnected from the utility grid before using a generator. GenerLink™ has undergone extensive safety and reliability testing and is recognized by utilities across the country as a safe and appropriate method for preventing back feed from a portable generator.
Homeowners should contact their electric utility if they are unable to determine whether or not their electric service exceeds 200 amps. At the other end of the spectrum, 10,000 to 15,000 watt portable generators, are more expensive, difficult to move, noisy, and consume large quantities of fuel.
Purchase a generator that is powerful enough to run the largest appliances and motors you need during a power outage. To assist you in determining what loads you can operate on your portable generator, appliance usage tables have been provided with information on running watts and starting watts for common household appliances. Generally speaking, many of the lower priced generators are not suitable for connecting to your home.
If you want to elope, get married or just have a romantic getaway this is just the place for you. The entire system was also protected by a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Source) so that the servers would never experience failures during a power outage. An Emegency Warning is current for a large bushfire on the Tasman Highway, Bicheno, near the Coles Bay turnoff. The second line of storms developed over eastern Colorado and southern Nebraska, trailing the first line of storms and hitting southwestern Michigan at about 10 a.m.
GenerLink™ was designed by utility engineers and ensures that power from a portable generator can not feed back into the utility's electric distribution system, by automatically disconnecting from the grid when it detects a generator is operating. In most instances, you can not run you home's central air conditioning system or electric heat pump even with a 15,000 watt portable generator. You may run other loads in your house by simply turning off the breaker to large usage loads. In most instances, you will want to purchase a generator with a continuous rating of 4400 watts to 7200 watts.
These engine generators do not have sufficient engine durability to power your house during an extended power outage and many have poor power quality output that can damage expensive electronics such as home office equipment, and furnace controls .
We also have a small, screened in pavilion for our guests to use, with table and chairs and a log-burning fireplace. The back-up power redundancy was imperative due to all of the 67 county seats within the commonwealth taht report into this system. Generators produce carbon monoxide, and if used indoors will cause a build-up of fatal fumes - fans or open windows and doors won't provide enough fresh air to keep you and your family safe. By catching these problems early, we can fix any potential situation before it becomes something much worse. With GenerLink™ and a generator with a continuous rating of 4400 to 7200 watts, a homeowner can run virtually any appliance in their house - just not all at the same time.
If your using a hot water heater, for example, turn off this breaker once the water has been heated, and turn on breakers to other loads you want to operate.
Our cabins are not equipt with cooking facilities; however, there are grills out side of our cabins for you to use.

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